Reviewing Breakfast On Broad

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I want to hate BOB. I tried really, really hard to hate BOB, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Do I love him? No. I’m not even sure I like him. But I don’t hate him. We’ll see where this goes.

I spent more than two weeks watching Breakfast On Broad, partly because I wanted to give it a chance to iron out early cobwebs. Also, there was no way I was getting up at 6 a.m. to watch the full two hours, meaning that this review is based almost entirely on the 7 a.m. – 8 a.m. hour… which I’m sure is quite similar to the one before it.

In truth, I think the concept of yet another morning show – this one focusing on local sports on a network few people ever watch (Comcast Network) – is more flawed than its execution. So I’m going to judge each criteria independently.



Comcast-NBC looooooves morning shows. I have no idea how many they have, but off the top of my head, tomorrow morning I can tune in to the Today Show on NBC, the awful show with Kathy Lee Gifford that comes after it, Squawk Box and Squawk on the Street (with Jim Cramer!) on CNBC (my usual choice), Morning Joe on MSNBC, and now, locally, Breakfast On Broad. I’m sure there are others I’m not even aware of. Most networks do this. Why? Because morning shows, award shows and sports all lend themselves to live viewing, which means people watch commercials. What’s more is that morning shows can repackage interviews and other segments for later broadcasts and online viewing. They’re also a great promotion tool. They’re money-makers, too. So, NBC, I get it. I get why you just had to produce a two-hour(!) morning show focusing solely on local sports and debut it during a time when three of the four teams in the market stink and the other is in the hands of a delightfully chubby madman.

But I’m not sure it’ll work.

The difference between a national variety (Today) or niche (Squawk) show and a local niche show is huge. By virtue of being a local anything (newspaper, TV show or blog), you’re forced to deal with a limited subject matter and audience without proportionally limited production and human costs required to broadcast a show that needs its own set and branding and a dedicated crew that wakes up at God knows what time. In other words, it’s an undertaking, one made even more arduous by the prospect of having to fill two hours with compelling content on a daily basis (I think Breakfast on Broad was on to cat pictures – not athlete cat pictures, mind you… just any cat pictures! – by Day 4). FOX’s Good Day works because some days it’s all news, other days it can be all sports, and most of the time it’s easy-to-digest viral stories that you can watch while brushing your teeth. As much as BOB presents itself as more than just sports, it’s always going to be just sports. I’m assuming most viewers have no interest in what hardened local sports guru Rob Ellis or former NFL player Barrett Brooks has to say about the latest viral meme. I’d rather get Matt Lauer’s take, if that’s what I was looking for.

So that’s problem #1: they’re going to run out of content. Problem #2 is the Comcast Network.

I can’t tell you how many times I inadvertently watched the Today ShowGood Morning America or Good Day because I had the TV tuned to NBC, ABC or FOX the night before. I suspect that’s the case for many people. No one in BOB’s target audience watches CN the night before, unless it’s on one of the rare occasions when the Phillies or Flyers get bumped over to the sister station. Therefore, you’re asking people to make the conscious effort, in their half-consciousness, to flip over to a channel they don’t know to watch the show. Which means BOB has to be better than what viewers are already looking at– probably Lauer, Robin Roberts, Mike Jerrick, or Scott Van Pelt.

So, is it?



Not awful.

Like I said, I really wanted to hate this. It had the potential to be historically bad, especially when you consider that three of the four co-hosts – Ellis, Brooks and Sarah Baicker – have limited on-air (TV) experience. But the show is surprisingly watchable, even though Jillian Mele is the only true TV person in the group.*

*And it shows. She’s very good, and great for this format. I have little doubt that she’ll eventually hold a similar role on a larger, potentially national show.

The production quality isn’t half bad. It’s not the Today Show, but it’s good enough. The graphics and overlays, while maybe slightly dated, are original-ish and clean, without all the NBC-ization that’s on most of CSN’s programming, and present information in a clear and concise way (though they sort of remind me of Al Michaels Hardball III circa 1993). The set is friendly without being cheesy, but looks like a Dicks Sporting Goods inside Ben Franklin’s living room with a table borrowed from Buffalo Wild Wings. Still, it… works. I like that no one wears a suit and tie– I hate it when sports people dress like they’re going to a high-finance meeting. The branded Space Grey iPads are predictable for a hip-ish TV show, but a nice touch. [I noticed that Mele seems to have to switched to a Macbook or some other laptop, which loses her points because it kills the uniformity on-set.]

One issue is that the set is too small. All news sets are smaller in person than they look on TV. But this one looks small on TV. I imagine that Brooks, who’s gigantic, feels like he’s in a dollhouse. They sometimes use the vast expanse that is the CSN studio to their advantage (hey, it’s right next to the Sportsnite desk!), including during one genuinely entertaining, morning TV-ey segment where Mele and Brooks performed a rugby scrum with some rugby players I’ve never heard of. But most of the time it’s just three or four people sitting around that cramped Buffalo Wild Wings high-top which doubles as a ball storage unit talking sports or something tacitly related to sports, which is one of the problems with the show.

Morning TV shows need variety. The audience is sleepy or half paying attention and needs either really compelling content or something shiny, preferably in motion. There’s little motion on BOB. Segments run together often with no visual cue that the topic has moved on from talking about an Instagram post to, say, Chip Kelly’s offseason hijinks. What’s worse are the transitions. Ellis, whose instant sports knowledge recall is second to none, has the unfortunate ability of stopping a genuine yuck-fest dead in its tracks.

Voila_Capture 2015-04-21_06-43-35_PM

Sarah and Jillian will be laughing, perhaps at Brooks’ expense, and then, boom, Ellis will transition into some serious topic like worldwide genocide and leave the rest to fade out their smiles at their own pace. He’s obviously got someone in his ear or a teleprompter telling him to move it along, but there are two hours to fill– let things breathe. I need more Franzke and less McCarthy from Ellis. It was bad the first few days, but it has improved as everyone’s seemingly gotten more comfortable. [As the owner of a perpetual frown and having done a little bit of TV stuff, I know this can be harder than it looks. I’ll feel like I’m laughing inside, but when I watch it back, I’ll realize I looked like I just saw a small baby get kicked by a homeless guy.] For Ellis, part of it is just that he has a serious demeanor, but then again, even frigid Matt Lauer manages to attempt a warm smile every now and then. You can fake it sometimes. This isn’t meant to be a shot at Rob, because he’s often right in there joking around and laughing, but he fades to black way too quickly, and he’s not helped by the fact that there is no wipe (TV term?) or other visual cue to indicate that the subject is changing. It’s jarring. Sometimes I don’t even know what they’re talking about because they transition so damn fast. It’s the morning– I need big graphics and loud noises (I can’t believe I just requested that).

The content itself is fine. Not great, but fine. I love the fact that they have interviews that aren’t just repurposed clips from press conferences and media scrums the night before. So far the guest list has been impressive. Scott O’Neil, in-studio(!) on Tuesday morning, was predictably terrific. Jim Cramer was great. Chase Utley, on Day 1, actually showed signs of being a human when he talked about his son. It’s nice to hear from different voices, on a wide range of sports topics, to start the day.

However, leaning too heavily on live (or recorded) interviews presents a problem. The guests the first week were big names, but can that trend continue that over the long-term? I have no doubt that Comcast called in a few favors for a sit-down with Chase and a few other interviews during Week 1. By Week 2, though, I was watching some guy from a financial services company hawk his business during a segment that was supposed to be about Under Armour (it turned out to be somewhat entertaining… but no one is watching for that guy). Week 3 featured an excruciatingly long, 20-minute or so segment with Derrick Gunn breaking down every. single. Eagles. game. What’s more, many of the interviews are over the phone, on the Broad Street Line, which means viewers get a bunch of camera pans of a still image and wide shots of the set for five minutes or so. You don’t see this as much on the national morning shows because their reach is large enough – providing a benefit to the guest, or just a once-in-a-lifetime experience – that people are willing to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to go in-studio or appear live via satellite. Being on a morning TV show is… an effort. You have to get up at a time you didn’t know existed, drive to a studio, do a five-minute segment, and then drive back home, usually before 8 a.m. Getting people to come in-studio, or be alive enough to want to appear in front of a camera – even if it is Skype – at 6:30 a.m. is a tough sell… especially for athletes.

All that said, the show is surprisingly watchable. I use the does the wife stop and watch as she’s getting ready for work test, because that’s the target audience– people getting ready for work. She gets up, goes downstairs, takes the dog out, makes coffee, brings me a cup, showers, gets dressed, passing in front of the TV the whole time… all while I lay in bed and read my iPad and watch TV because “I’m working” (husband of the year right here!). If she stops to watch a segment, I consider that a win for the show. And lo and behold, she’s stopped a few times to watch a full BOB segment, although that’s partly because she’s a fan of Mele from her NBC 10 days. But there’s enough variety on the show to hook her in. [I can assure you that she would never stop to watch a Sportsrise segment.] And I truly like the fact that there’s now a show that can quickly get me caught up on the goings on in Philly sports that I may have missed overnight. Instead of 30 minutes, BOB will give you all you need in short bursts, which is a good thing.

But, as with most of the positives in this review, there’s a potential downside to the lightness of the exchanges. The target audience, presumably, is hardcore sports fans. If it’s not, they’re doing it wrong, because anyone who’s not a hardcore sports fan and wants light morning fare will find it elsewhere. So there has to be a delicate balance between lightness and in-depth sports convos. Rob can hold his own. Sarah can with hockey. Brooks can with football. Mele mostly knows her stuff, but she’s not really a sports person. Put them all together and there are few instances where they can combine to have a truly insightful sports conversation that’s above and beyond what you can get on local news broadcasts, and I feel like that could turn off some of the hardcore sports fan audience. Again, I’m not sure there’s a solution – because a morning show should be light – but it’s a potential issue, one that speaks more to the concept of the show than its execution. And that’s the takeaway here: Comcast has done a nice job of producing a watchable morning show, and there appears to be some actual chemistry between Ellis, Mele, Baicker and Brooks, but I’m still not convinced there’s a market for it.


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  1. The show is awful. Barrett Brooks is clueless and knows nothing about sports. Sarah Baicker seems to know a little about hockey, but her face is so awful that it is hard to concentrate on the show. Jillian Mele is the only positive on the show. Although, she is hot and has a nice rack, I would like to see more cleavage shots, otherwise I can’t continue to watch the show.

  2. I think the the problem is BArrett Brooks. Seems like a nice guys, but not meant for that cast. They girls are there for visual effects, Ellis is hte “sports guy” and they last guy needs to be a big name to attract viewers. Barrett Brooks isnt that name. I am not sure who that preson is, but they need to be an athlethe with some flair. Jeremy Roenick come to mind, not that he would do it…but someone of that caliber.

      1. Oh shit, you made me spit my soda out of my nose. I was trying to figure out if he was typing with his screen off or something.

    1. Jeremy Roenick showing up at 3/4am to film a show that airs on TCN? haha!

      Brooks is the best you’ll ever get in that time-slot. I don’t know how Mele agreed to do something like that unless she’s using it as a spring-board into something better.

      I’m sure Ellis already regrets not just taking the 6-10 shift at WIP, or not purposely turning his crossovers with Innes into shit shows just to prove a point.

      I hope these hosts are going to bed as soon as the show ends or they’ll end up like all of the other morning shows where the hosts DO NOT watch the games because they are in bed by 7pm (Angelo).

  3. The show is just pointless. Jillian Mele should stick to traffic as her opinions about sports have zero value and zero insight. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to hire Barrett Brooks, he looks like a slob. Baiker has some worth for hockey, but she does not have the right look to be a TV host. Rob Ellis should have stuck to the radio. I don’t know how this show will make enough money to support a full staff, that is not cheap. Lastly, that set looks like it took about 20 minutes to put together and stuck whatever leftover memorabilia they have on a shelf. What is with the basket of footballs in front of the desk?

      1. That pic you posted shows exactly why she’s 3 pennies short of a dime.

        1. I’m with you bro, the tit freckles and moles freak me out. They are all over the whole chest including the tits. On top of that, all these comments about titty-fucking her? 1. Get a fuckin life, chodes. 2. She doesn’t have tits! Gimme some of what you’re smoking! Asshole!.

        1. Exactly. And the 1st couple days they weren’t hiding it so well. She looked a LOT better 3 minutes at a time in a long shot on the NBC10 traffic report than she does closeup on BoB.

  4. I have been watching the show, typically about 35 mins when i wake up as I get ready. It serves a better purpose than Sportsrise on the main channel because I know what happened the night before with the game.. I don’t need to see the highlights again. I don’t need them to “tease” me about how the 9th inning went of a game. I look at it as a step down from sports radio until i get in my car. Rob Ellis carries the show and he is definitely the most knowledgeable . Sarah, can only carry her own with hockey, but seems with time she can learn the other sports. Once you have working knowledge in one sport, with time and study you can talk, some-what intelligibly about others. No way she will be an expert, but maybe with time can add something to the conversation. Despite what most people think also her body is an 8 her face is about a 5. Mele, doesn’t seem like she knows too much about sports, she needs to show more skin. She does has kyle said, have the tv experience and it shows. She should be more of the host then Rob, to help with the transitions and then back off the conversation and let Rob take it away. Brooks doesn’t talk much, which is good, because he is not. You would think with the vast amount of ex NFLers in the area they could have come up with one with some more personality and knowledge.

  5. Haven’t watched one second of this show,and have no future intentions of watching this show.

    1. I imagine this guy walks around all day with a permanent, nasty scowl on his face while telling the local children to get off his lawn.

      Hows that handle working out for you? Must have annoyed the hell out of you to watch Mason have a career year and carry that shitty team in so many games they had no business being in. Wonder what he would like behind a competent defense.

  6. The problem with the show is its on from 6-8. When your targeting mostly a male viewership who the hell is going to wake up and turn that on. Most blue collar guys are waking up showering and heading right to work.

    I also agree brooks doesn’t fit in with the show. He barely even talks from the few times I have seen a replay of the show. 4 people is too many.

    Can we stop with that god awful theme song as well?

    Bright spot is Jillian, hot, and seems to be able to chime in on any topic.

    That said when will we see ratings for the show?

  7. I don’t talk anymore since I’m with the Cuz but I have to talk about this. This show is BRUTAL! Ellis is garbage. Baicker has the face of a mole. Brooks looks like he’s scared and the other chick is just eye candy. This show has NOTHING to offer. I look forward more to a quadruple root canal than watch this junk. Thanks! I’ll shut up now

    1. All of Philadelphia will be eternally grateful if you can manage to turn Gargano into Silent Cuz. That being said, I’d rather just mute BOB and check Jillian’s rack. Beats the hell out of another boring ass story about Little Ant, Maximo, or whatever stupid name Ant’ny is calling his lumpy kid today.

  8. Jillian looks like the type of chick that would pull a Britt mchenry. I remember when she had her panties in a bunch starting a Twitter cat fight with Adam Joseph over a weather pic posted

      1. I would love to sniff them after a long morning on the set it Bob

  9. That interview with Utley was terrible. Rob Ellis is the worst. Who the F asks a 13 year veteran what his career would be if not baseball? More than a 3rd of this guy’s life has been playing professional baseball, not to mention HS, College, and minor leagues.

    It’s a question to ask a rookie or a guy at least within his first few years.

  10. The show is awful Rob Ellis is the quinticential sports dork who can remember every name number and stat but so can an I pad there is absolutely no chemistry among the cast and could they get Brooks some clothes that fit him

  11. Your such a fraud Kyle you only wrote a favorable review because you are dying they let you on for a 30 second spot. All that being said I skimmed your article it was too long but I assume you kissed ass because you always do, because you got one foot in the door and one foot out in this towns sports media.

    1. yeah this show isn’t remotely interesting, knowledgeable or entertaining with a cast of C-list Philadelphia sports media ppl.

      Ellis failed at radio so a great progression is upgrading to TV?! I like Backier just because seeing her means the conversation isn’t going to be about Tebow/Mariota all of the time, but i still don’t see what she brings to the other sports. Still don’t know who Brooks is, and they rounded it out with a traffic girl who’s good at TV but doesn’t have the sports background.

      I still can’t find TCN without using the Xfinity guide, and that’s exactly where this show belongs in a live setting.

      also surprising that people watch tv in the morning. I’ve only caught this show on CSN over lunch. Who gives up sleep for this stuff? I wake up at the last minute possible to get out the door. Occasionally i’ll put on the news for 5 minutes while getting ready to see if there are any accidents/apocalypses/weather.

  12. Jillian is no better than a 7.5. She’s benefitting hugely by sitting next to Baicker and that’s not really fair.

    Baicker has joined Mt Rushmore of Philly Media broads with no business being in front of a camera: Rhea, Apody, Dei Lynam and now Sarah.

    Baicker provides nothing outside of hockey. Liked to prove how cool she is by tweeting pics of bands that you’ve never heard of and proving she’s hip by drinking beer with Reuben Frank at Kraftwerks. Going to be a long summer with her on panel looking for every opportunity to crowbar in Flyer talk when nobody cares.

    Brooks doesn’t even know NFL. It’s sad. Maybe they should put him on a diet and then we can monitor his progress a la Biggest Loser. I’d tune in for that.

    I watched Lynn Doyle’s train wreck of a show on this network purely for comedic value. BOB is so boring I can’t even bring myself to poke fun at it. What a snore.

    1. I don’t tweet pictures of bands … I post them on Instagram though. Thanks for the follow 🙂

      1. Television in general, has not been the same without the Lynn Doyle Christmas Special, filmed on location at her fabulous home. It took 15 minutes before I figured out I wasn’t watching an episode of Saturday Nite Live. #comedygold

  13. Jillian Mele – I’d shred that P like Slash on a Les Paul.

    Sarah Baicker wouldn’t be bad if she had her nose chopped down a bit.

    Rob Ellis and Barrett Brooks have about as much personality as a roll of toilet paper.

  14. Thanks, Kyle, for the fair review (seriously, I really do appreciate it) although my cat segment WAS mostly athletes and cats! And the Internet loves cats, come on.

    Thanks, commenters, for all the fair criticism! I will do my best to get a face transplant ASAP 🙂

    (And a heads up … Yes, it’s me. And yes, I read the comments.)

      1. What, like about the Flyers’ coaching search? Or why it’s frustrating that Steve Mason is still getting as much criticism as he is, even after posting better numbers than his Calder season? Or do you just want the lingo: icing. backcheck. five-on-five.

        Don’t forget to go hard in the corners, Dr.


      1. That supposed to be a metaphor? C’mon kiddo you can do better.

        I would totally bake you cupcakes though. I’m nice like that.

        1. I always put a couple biscuits in the basket, yo.

          Nice chatting with you, Baicksy. It’s nice to see a TV personally with a sense of humor.

          You can always stop by my office, sug. Don’t forget to bring Jillian too.

    1. People who judge another person’s performance based on physical appearance aren’t worth anyone’s time. Any guy on here making ignorant comments about you knows deep down they’d have a hard time pulling a woman half as attractive as you. But you know this. Keep doing your thing. Those of us who matter respect you for your knowledge and professionalism. Everyone else…Fuck em. (Not literally of course)

    2. Well played throughout these comments, Baicker. You seem cool.

    3. Gasp. You mean you are the REAL Sarah Baicker??? Never thought you’d grace us minions with your presence here.

      How you are on this show is beyond me. A glorified fan, nothing more.

  15. The 4 hosts have no chemistry, as its a total train wreck. What you need to do is find a male and female host that have good chemistry, and are friendly but sarcastic towards each other. You need to differentiate these type of shows and when you just have 4 boring people talking sports, it doesn’t stick out.

    You need to find a male sports host who isn’t a dork like Rob Ellis who can go toe to toe with Jillian Mele, meaning he’s not going to fawn all over her for the 2 hours. Get a guy up there who thinks he’s too good for her (if they were dating) and that would be a good dynamic cause she is used to guys kissing her ass her whole life.

    1. If you can’t find a guy to go toe to toe with her, I’m more than happy to kiss her ass.

    2. Spot on. The only “chemistry” this group has is that they’re all bores. Show needs an alpha dog to take the lead and there isn’t a one in the bunch.

  16. Jillian Mele needs to show off her tities more & then maybe I’ll tune in for a couple minutes while getting dressed for work

  17. Kyle getting CB on CB Can only imagine the stench down there after hockey game

  18. The show isn’t bad. They just need to get rid of Brooks. He’s a load. I’d let Mele be the host and let Sarah and Rob fuel the discussions. I think if/when the show picks up more ad revenue/viewers they can get rid of Brooks and afford to get someone else with a brain. I’d recommend getting someone with a personality that is a former pro. Rob is great, but he’s not entertaining, which is why WIP was pushing him back to nights. Why do you think guys like Eskin, Missanelli, Innes, Cataldi run sports talk radio? They’re controversial and entertaining. Bring a guy in like that and unload Brooks. He’s awful.

  19. Nice fence-straddling review there, Kylee. They may be desperate enough to call you yet, if they don’t get cancelled 1st…

  20. Jillian Mele is that wholesome-suburban-sort-of-smart-girl-next-door-who’s-had-an-easy-comfortable-life-but-is-still-pretty-nice-and-likes-to-party.

  21. Right now most of the ex-Eagles announcers are pretty bad from Comcast/WIP/97.5, so I don’t know who they could get to replace Brooks? I think of Hollis Thomas and he’s terrible on WIP. Then you have Ike Reese who is OK on WIP, but nothing special. And then you have Quintin Mikell who goes on Philly Sports Talk during the season, and he has no answer for anything other then, “Oh…that’s a tough question….” I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head?

    1. I’ll do it if they let me Skype here in jail!

      Is anyone here holding?

  22. Sarah Baicker has a smoking hot body. 99% of you assclowns haven’t seen a vagina that wasn’t in a magazine. It’s like golem calling someone ugly. You trolls couldn’t pay a dime store hooker for a handy without a bag over your faces. Genital warts would be an attractive feature on your smegma infested chodes.

      1. Coming from someone who makes a handle referencing how many fingers he currently has up his butthole.

  23. Remember seeing Jillian down Avalon couple summers back partying hard. Actually looked coked up

  24. My fav is breakfest by a broad an don’t burn the toast. Chase if you were a tree what kind of tree would it be.

  25. The only thing more boring than BOB is this review. Anyone get past more than 2 or 3 sentences?

    I’M A WHORE!!!

  26. I work at local WaWa and had a dispute with an adult male over his order. The guy tried to tell me his daughter worked on tv and was a huge star and he was going to let her know my name and store to get me fired. When he told me it was Sarah Baicker I thought he was joking. He continued on and on about her major show and I would be sorry. I forgot about it until I read some comments from ms Baicker on the site. Well if your reading please pass the message to your dad to go F off.

    1. Nice try. My dad isn’t a huge Wawa guy. … But hey, nice move trying to be mean to my dad on the Internet 🙁

      1. Nice try? Yea I’m sure I just pulled that story out my ass… I stand by the fact that he is a dick.

        1. Honestly, you call can call me ugly all day. This is the only comment that makes me sad, because it’s obvious you don’t know my dad and are making up a mean story. My dad is literally the nicest man out there. And he isn’t a Wawa guy (NOT A SHEETZ GUY EITHER FOR THE RECORD). Call me names, make jokes. Whatever. Please leave my dad out of this. It’s not his fault his daughter is a woman in sports media.

          1. This is not how you go about reasoning with people in the Crossing Broad comments, lady.

            Either insult them or say something about Josh Innes.

  27. Jillian is using a Dell laptop because apparently, she was falling off of her chair one morning and grabbed her iPad and it went flying. That’s what Sarah told me.

  28. Hey Sarah am I qualified to talk people’s looks?

    I’m not?


      1. That includes playing in traffic you fat fucking tool. Eat a gun.

  29. real talk tho — sarah baicker has a nice ass. id def like to give her the ol one-two

  30. If Sara is answering questions, lets do this

    1. On a scale of 100 to 100, how much does Rob hate Josh Innes?

    2. Does Mike Missanelli creep you out?

    3. Do you think Jillian Mele is hot?

    4. Hey what’s up girl

    1. COME ON. It’s Sarah. With an H. Get it right.

      1. I can’t answer for Rob. You’ll have to ask him.

      2. Nah. We’ve done plenty of shows together (With Kyle, too, actually — Great Sports Debate) he’s always been cool. Also, Jesus, I’m here. It takes A LOT to creep me out. A LOT.

      3. Jillian is gorgeous and awesome and smart and we’ve been friends since well before the show. Be nice to her.

      4. Oh you know. Not much. Having a beer, reading some comments, etc. How you doin’?

      1. Ya know, chillin at work. Wasting some time. What do you say we swing by gus from allentown wants to fuck rob charry’s house and have ourselves a party.

        1. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than swing by a CB commenter’s house for a party.

      2. Sarah, serious kudos from playing with the trolls. Your responses have been awesome. I now have a new favorite media person to follow.

  31. I have to say, it’s pretty cool that Sarah Baicker is reading/responding to the drunken ramblings of all of these maniacs and arsonists…though it does give me some concerns.

    A few weeks back I made a disparaging remark about Scott Baio…do you…do you think Baio is reading this? Oh sh!t…oh SH!T. You guys, Baio Gonna Get Me.

    1. I don’t know if “cool” is the right word, but I’m invested now. This is like a perverted version of an #ama, where I take abuse for a few hours in between beers for some reason I have yet to determine.

      That said, thanks for appreciating it.

      1. An #AMA hmm…well then, let’s get to it:
        – Hall or Oates:
        – If a song from the 1980s described you, what would it be?
        – Where are my keys?…seriously, I can’t find them.

    2. lol, arsonists.

      This comment section reminds me of the good old days. Candy would have loved this.

  32. -Least favorite sports media personality in Philly
    -Kyle: asshole or nice guy who is a jerk
    -Jim: seriously how does he have a job or lol nice sweatpants
    -FMK- Innes, Cataldi, Gargano

  33. Sarah, though I question your sanity in doing so, you’re a special kind of awesome for putting up with all this

      1. Amy Dafool would actually be the injection of charisma this moribund shitshow needs.

  34. i tried watching this show but, unfortunately, sara’s hips do not fit my tv screen. and i have a 50″

  35. “Also, there was no way I was getting up at 6 a.m. to watch the full two hours,”

    Gee, if only they made some kind of device where you can record TV shows and watch them at a later time for your convenience…

  36. I was got into a spat with one of the cohost’ wife. If you want it, just send me on email. YOU HAVE MY EMAIL FROM THIS COMMENT

  37. I watch BOB on CSN from 11 – 12 and for me it was must see tv, but now they have Philadelphia’s village idiot Mike Missanelli on regularly so I turn the channel when this moron comes on. By the way Sarah, I think you are beautiful.

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