Scott O’Neil Uses CEO Speak to Oversell Nerlens’ One DPOY Vote

oneil wrong

You know, technically he’s not wrong. He’s just missing some words in that sentence. “Nerlens Noel finished 3rd in voting for Defensive Player of the Year on the ballot of Jason Jackson of Sun Sports.” So technically, Noel did finish third “in vote,” but not “in voting.” The overall results looked like this:

total votes

While we commend Noel for an impressive season, it looks like O’Neil put on his CEO hat and spun “one DPOY vote” into that not wrong, but also not totally right Tweet. That hashtag game is on point though. #spinmaster

Kyle: Kind of impressed by this. Not gonna lie. That sort of PR chicanery doesn’t grow off trees… except maybe the ones in the arboretum at Villanova.


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  1. Let Jim be a big boy and post without Kyle’s “Editor Note”. Let’em spread his wings.

  2. How was the Roast? Did anybody from the site go? Saw some pics, are Susie Celek and Smokeshow a couple? Love to be a fly on that wall.

  3. Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t believe this is “CEO speak”. I’d guess he was misinformed and jumped the gun on his post.

    1. That’s how I read it at first but he’s a smart guy, technically isn’t wrong because of how he worded it, and I think he’d know 100% if dude actually finished 3rd.

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