Stan Hochman Passed Away Today

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From Tom Mahon’s excellent obituary:

Anndee Hochman said her father passed while wearing a baseball cap for the Miracle League, a charity for children of mental and physical disabilities, one of the many causes he championed in the pages of the newspaper.

“Readers, radio listeners and fans know the public Stan Hochman,” Anndee said. “But I’ve been privileged, as his daughter, to know the private man – the one whose eyes always grew teary when he read one of my essays or watched his granddaughter perform on the silks at circus school.

“His most joyous moments were when the five of us – he and my mom, my partner Elissa and me, and our daughter, Sasha – sat down to a dinner, one that he, of course, had cooked, and raised our glasses in a toast to love and life. He would glance around the table and say, ‘I’m the luckiest man.’

“But we were the lucky ones, to live side by side with his integrity, sensitivity, talent, humor and heart.”

He was 86.


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  1. Stan, would love to have you on the tony Bruno show. Please direct message me.

    Misss R0bin

      1. That was a shot at how clueless/useless Brunos squeeze is, not at the late great SH. Lighten up, Gay Bob.

        1. A shot on Tony Bruno’s squeeze in a Stan Hochman tribute? You’re just as clueless as the poster I responded to. It’s not “lighten up nonsense.” Bullshit. You probably know better/what I’m talking about.

          1. Did you know him? You seem to be taking this awfully personally. I on the other hand never heard of him. Of course I don’t waste my time reading dying mediums. What’s wrong bob? You take an elbow deep fisting last night sans lube?

  2. A true gentleman and a reminder of an era of sports reporting that is long gone, sadly. I thought he had been sick since he has not been on Angelo Cataldi’s show with his Grand Imperial Poo-Bah routine in ages. Rest in Peace Stan – you were a classic!

  3. I loved Stan Hochman, he was the best.
    Still waiting on Concrete Charlie’s obit.

  4. I hope the family has a few of his favorite bookies serve as pallbearers.
    Joe Vito will be there.

  5. RIP Stan. Shocking news, but not as shocking as Kyle not trashing this member of print media.

  6. He gets a write up from this idiot kyle immediately, but Chuck Bednarik got nothing? And kyle said it was because it was already reported everywhere. Do you have the market cornered on this one?

  7. The Grand Imperial Poobah was the only thing tolerable about the WIP Morning Show. Even during present time when “Journalists” are glorified Trolls, his columns never seemed stale or outdated. He will be missed.

    1. It was fucking jarring hearing an honest-to-fuck intelligent, literate commentator who could actually come up with the funniest (read: the only funny) parts of Angelo’s show, mostly ad lib.

      He didn’t stand out as much on CSN in my opinion because of all the wacky sports media personalities (way back when DNL wasn’t shit). On the other hand, he didn’t turn out to be a pedophile or make a career niche pretending to be a minority, so there’s that.


        1. Tell me you weren’t laughing as they were yelling at Lynne Abraham to wake up this week.

          Stan will be sorely missed. Rich Hoffman is good and Donnellon is ok, but the great sports writer really is a dying breed.

        2. We really like when he riffs on the homeless. Because living in a refrigerator box is SO hilarious! ⌂ ⌂

    2. Spot on Fonzo.

      Hochman was from way before my time but to hear him on WIP was the only bearable moments of that show I can think of. He knew his sports and unlike many of today’s sorts “journalists”, he actually wrote articles that weren’t TMZ style trolling to get page clicks. He will be missed.

    3. Well said. I never listened to the morning show…except Thursdays. I’d listen on Thursday mornings for Stan because he was GREAT. He was on top of his game until the very end. They don’t make them like him anymore.

  8. Stan the Man made a career out of protecting the Fix and playing Ramar of the Jungle.
    He and Wilt traded sloppy seconds.

  9. But I like to think of happy days like the day when Cataldi got a severe case of Diverticulitis.

  10. I saw the headline and felt uncomfortable because i thought that you would use this as a platform to douchbagedly talk about your take on the transition of media in recent history. i scrolled past quickly. thankfully you did not.

    best post ever.

  11. Always respect those who came before you.

    Do not speak ill of the dead.

    Nice segment on Stan during the Flyers game last night. Bill Clement remembering Hochman’s rant ” IT’S A DISASTER “

  12. I only occasionally read Stan’s column since moving to the area, but his writing reminded me of the great LA columnist, Jim Murray. It was like finding a long-lost manuscript of Murray’s columns, they shared a love of sports and weren’t afraid to lower the boom when necessary. I hope that he and my motor sports Mentor Shaver Glick, are pouring him a pint in the sports writer’s watering hole in Heaven.

    He will be missed, but more tragically. His kind will not be seen again in this profession, he was one of the last of a long line of great sports writers.

    P.S. To you mental midgets who thought it would be cool to be your usual douchey selves with your crass comments on an obit for a class guy, congratulations, you win the Skip Bayless “Biggest Asshole in the Universe” award collectively.

  13. It strikes me as funny that you, ostensibly a writer who would have possibly been influenced by a legend like Stan Hochman, wouldn’t add ANYTHING of a personal nature to your post. The guy was an icon in this city, and your contribution was “He was 86.” Kind of odd, I think.

  14. Stan Hochman was truly one of the best. A Philly legend. A smart writer with interesting and well thought out takes on various situations in city sports. He will surely be missed. An original. They don’t make ’em like that any more.

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