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The Draft

10:21 p.m.: Eagles draft Nelson Agholor– a wide receiver who compares to Jeremy Maclin (and much cheaper). I’ll take it.

8:54 p.m.: Being a Philly sports fan:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_08-54-24_PM

8:52 p.m.: Jeff Darlington: Titans GM Ruston Webster: “We’re not trading him.” …Sorry, Chip. Looks like it’s time to accept this reality.

8:36 p.m.: Need a beer. Several.

8:31 p.m.: I mean, how does this get done? The Eagles reportedly already offered two number ones, a three, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Boykin, Mychal Kendricks and potentially Sam Bradford. If that doesn’t get him, what does?

8:26 p.m.: Do the Eagles still try to trade for him? Probably. But if the Titans didn’t take that MASSIVE offer, not sure what it’ll take now unless someone Titans really want is still available when Eagles can pick. This is not good.

8:21 p.m.: Goodell screws up his name. Amazing.

8:18 p.m.:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_08-19-13_PM

8:17 p.m.: Shit.

8:16 p.m.: Titans taking Mariota.

8:14 p.m.: Jeff Darlington says they’re not trading the pick.

8:13 p.m.: This is it.

8:06 p.m.: Goodell totally did that outside so the boos weren’t as noticeable.

8:05 p.m.: Rapppppppports that the Eagles threw Same Bradford into that deal, too. Still didn’t work.

8:01 p.m.: La Canfora says the trade can still happen AFTER the Titans take Mariota.


8:00 p.m.: And that can’t get it done? We’ll see.

7:57 p.m.: Rappppppppporporting that the Eagles are offering two number ones, a number three, Fletcher Cox and others. I can see the headline now: BIG BALLS CHIP TRADES HIS COX TO DRAFT MARIOTA.

7:56 p.m.: Jeff Darlington reports on NFL Network that Titans are in discussion with Bears. Total smokescreen. Trying to milk Chip for all he’s got.

7:50 p.m.: Jason La Canfora has been beating this drum for a whileEverything I’ve heard is that Philly’s offer to Tennessee is very substantial. Still seems like the sweet spot to me

7:41 p.m.: I’m literally walking around my house talking to myself, laughing. Wife concerned.


7:32 p.m.: If Eagles don’t get Mariota, there’s a chance #PhillyIsBaltimore crowd mixes with #DoTheDeal crowd. Godspeed to everyone out there.


Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_07-28-56_PM

7:00 p.m.: Chip is going to trade everything in Philly that’s not connected to the ground. Hold on to your mothers.

6:57 p.m.: The Titans and Eagles are just having it out through the media right now. NO YOU BLINK FIRST. NO, YOU!

6:56 p.m.: Mark Maske againSource says Browns are hopeful they’ll land a QB tonight, whether it’s trade-up for Marcus Mariota or Sam Bradford in deal with Eagles.

6:55 p.m.: Albert Breer: Titans fielded offers, but nothing worth for moving yet. They’re ready to draft Mariota at 2. And not real interested in a pick after 15.

6:51 p.m.: Bucs writer Rick Stroud says Bucs are committed to drafting Jameis Winston. I’m convinced Eagles are trying to strong-arm Titans by talking to Bus.

6:49 p.m.: Mark Maske of the Washington Post stating what’s become the obviousOne NFL source says Eagles are “as determined as it gets” to trade up for Mariota. But that’s a long, long way to go from No. 20.

6:40 p.m.: This is a Big Balls move right here. Titans, you don’t want to do business? Well, maybe you will now lest we leapfrog you.

6:39 p.m.: Holy fuck. Ed Werder now reporting Eagles have contacted Bucs: Unable to make deal so far with #Titans, I’m told #Eagles have inquired with #Bucs about the No. 1 pick, presumably for Marcus Mariota.

6:09 p.m.: Ed Werder also noted that, as of an hour ago, the Bucs hadn’t heard from the Eagles.

5:59 p.m.: Ed WerderOne reason #Bucs have not confirmed Jameis Winston to be pick: Colleagues told GM Jason Licht he will be surprised how many offers come late. Oh em gee.

5:58 p.m.: As long as they don’t take our roast pork:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_05-58-11_PM

5:53 p.m.: The belief all day has been that the Eagles’ road to number two would be through giving Bradford to the Browns, but Jim Wyatt suggests that the Titans “don’t hate” Bradford, and he could be part of a more straightforward swap.

5:39 p.m.: With the number two pick looking more and more unattainable, Mike Florio posits that maybe the Eagles will make a run at the number one overall pick. If they don’t have enough to shake the Titans off of two, I don’t know how they’ll knock the Bucs off of Winston, but that would be the craziest possible outcome of tonight.

5:06 p.m.: Jamies Winston has a red carpet at his draft party. Marcus Mariota, I think, is watching it at his high school with his Ohana.

5:00 p.m: Sal Pal literally all over the place right, talking to Jamie ApodyESPN’s Sal Pal also tells me the potential suitors for Mariota have fallen off given Tennessee’s high price tag. #Eagles last in the game. Just hours ago Sal Pal called it an “impossible situation.”

4:49 p.m.: Yep, this isn’t real life anymore.

4:46 p.m.: Today might be my undoing. Mentally, at least.

4:43 p.m.: My dog, Hayley, is just sitting here, staring at me. I swear I just heard her ask, “So, are they gonna do the deal? Ruff.”

4:37 p.m.: ESPN right now:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_04-37-07_PM

4:33 p.m.: NFL Network reporting fire alarm just went off at NovaCare Complex. Aggressive negotiating tactics from Titans. I kind of respect that.

4:24 p.m.: Mike Florio says it’s gonna be the nuclear option:

The key to putting the various pieces together could be the 12th overall pick, currently held by the Browns.

It would require the Eagles to strike a deal with the Browns, which would send Bradford to Cleveland and the 12th pick to Tennessee.  Presumably, the Eagles would have to give up even more to Cleveland — and possibly would have to assume the contract of quarterback Johnny Manziel.

What do bloggers dream of, when they take a little blogger snooze.
Do they dream of mauling writers, or Jeff Carter in his ass-grabbin suit.
Don’t you worry your pasty blogger head we’re gonna get you back to page views and your cozy blogger bed.
And then we’re gonna find our best friend Marcus and then we’re gonna give him a best friend hug.
Marc, Marc, oh Johnny, Marcus and Timmy too
But if he’s been murdered by draft pick demands,
well then we’re shit out of luck.

4:18 p.m.: Jason La CanforaNothing out there getting the Titans to bite just yet, but fully expect offers to rise as we get closer to the pick. BONERJAM 2015.

[For real, I’m losing my mind. By 8 I’m going to be typing exclusively in expressive Anime characters and Emoji. Absolute soup, my brain is right now.]

4:17 p.m.: Rappppppppppppoporting on NFL Network that the Titans are hearing from the Bears, Rams, Jets, Browns and Eagles, but “gonna want too much for anyone to come all the way up and go to number two.” That smells like posturing to me.

4:12 p.m.: Titans writer Jim WyattContinue to hear the #Eagles making a serious bid for No.2 spot. Can they convince the #Titans to trade it? NFL Draft starts in 4 hours. TALK TO ME, JIMMY!!!!

4:08 p.m.: Chick with hard-to-spell name on NFL Network says Mariota Ohana will delay press conference after he’s picked because he could be traded.

4:02 p.m.: Adam Caplan not feeling itOn trading up for Mariota: “it remains a long shot. Tennessee wants so much for the #2 pick”

3:53 p.m.: Rick Neuheisel is singing a song about sitting in the green room on the NFL Network. This is literally the reason the terrorists hate us.

3:51 p.m.: NFL Network’s Aditi KinkhabawawaagowallaodwallaTexting w/ NFC team exec. Says Mariota-to-Eagles a pipe dream, that Mariota “the real deal” and will take too much to get him #sorry

3:48 p.m.: Jason La Canfora in his latest mock draft is MAKING. IT. MOVE.:

But I decided to do a modified version of Wednesday’s mock. In that draft I had the Titans drafting Marcus Mariota and Chip Kelly pawning Sam Bradford off to Cleveland, but the Eagles and Titans not quite consummating their Mariota trade before the picks were made. I’ve decided to just ahead and do one with the Eagles landing Mariota at the second pick, and dealing picks 19 (obtained from Cleveland in the Bradford deal) and 20 this year, plus a future first-round pick as well as players (including Mychal Kendricks and Evan Mathis). That now means the Titans are picking at 19 and 20, and I don’t see them going the same route Kelly would have with those picks.

Been saying for months he’s going in this spot whether through trade or otherwise, and the Eagles have too many trade chips and too much interest in doing this. Chip Kelly goes ahead and gets his man. Ken Whisenhunt gets a bounty of players and picks and rolls with Mettenberger.

3:34 p.m.: Sal Pal says the Eagles don’t think they have enough ammo to get up to number two, called it an “impossible situation.”

3:32 p.m.: Adam Schefter said on NFL Live that it is “unlikely” the Titans find an offer enticing enough to leave the number two spot and they will take Mariota for their own.

3:15 p.m.: Mort has been reporting that all along. Schefter hasn’t said that. It looks like it’s gonna be the Eagles or nobody moving up.

3:13 p.m.: Jake CielySchefter just said on NFL Insiders that Mariota “is not going to Cleveland.” Said Browns don’t have pieces they want to spend to move to No2 Meanwhile, Mortensen is saying the Eagles don’t have what it takes either.

3:12 p.m.: Eagles are the favorites to draft Mariota:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_03-11-27_PM

2:50 p.m.: Rapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppoport on the NFL Network says now many teams are calling the Titans… including: “We know that Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles have also been in contact about moving up to number two.”

2:46 p.m.: Charlie Campbell of, making me sad:

The Titans need a franchise quarterback, and I knew Mariota made a favorable impression on the brass in Tennessee going back to the preseason of 2014. Some of the staff with the Titans rave about Mariota. Throughout the draft process my sources with Tennessee have said to stick with Mariota.

Ow, Charlie. That hurt!

2:44 p.m.: Just realized I haven’t eaten today.

2:36 p.m.: Rotoworld’s Evan SilvaSchefter/Mort/Polian all saying it’s currently “unlikely” any team will pull off trade up to 2. That could change, but currently unlikely. I DON’T LIKE THE WAY THIS IS GOING.

2:17 p.m.: Dave Spadaro, misdirectingI do not think the #Eagles will trade up. I think they don’t want to give up draft picks, if possible

2:04: I believe at this point the Titans are just trying to get the Eagles to do something stupid. And that’s fine. Just give me my Marcus.

2:01 p.m.: Radio host and draft guru Benjamin Allbright, whose track record is unknown, saysTitans steadily letting the Eagles bid against themselves. Chargers, Jets and Browns have been out for awhile. When all said & done #Eagles may just get there to #2. Looking at the price tag, it won’t be worth it. Why you don’t give HC, GM power. You know what? I don’t even care. By Saturday the Eagles might not have enough players to field an offensive line… but they’ll have Marcus Mariota, and really, that’s all that’ll matter.

1:41 p.m.: John Clayton said on ESPN that Tennessee is turning away anything that doesn’t include at least a top 16 pick this year.

1:12 p.m.: Rappppppppoport also says the amount the Titans are asking in return for the second pick makes other teams think they just want Mariota for themselves.

12:57 p.m.: RappppppppoportCould #Browns trade for Sam Bradford? Well, he doesn’t want to do an extension & wasn’t thrilled about Cleveland when they last inquired. THE BALLS after two ACL surgeries.

12:56 p.m.: Jim WyattIn addition to Browns and Eagles, I’ve heard the #Jets (6th pick) and #Rams (10th) have also been in discussions with #Titans.

12:51 p.m.: Sal Pal called today the most anticipated day in a generation for Eagles fans on ESPN. He also said the Mariota camp believes the Eagles are a “serious contender” in the Mariota sweepstakes, but they haven’t heard the right offer yet.

12:44 p.m.: This thing is going to have so much sweat on it. So much sweat.

12:41 p.m.: Conor Orr of NFL Network:

There also exists the real possibility that Marcus Mariota, apparently the apple of Farmer’s eye, is taken with the No. 1 overall pick instead of Jameis Winston. The seismic move could throw any of these discussions out of whack and render them useless.

The new Pangea.

12:29 p.m.: Normal resting rate is 62. #anticipation #croppedoutfuckedupthumb

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_12-29-58_PM

Wheeeeeeere does my heart beat now, Marcus?

12:13 p.m.: Jay Glazer, stumping for TitansTitans telling teams inquiring about number 2 pick it’s going to take a HUGEEEE value to pry it away

11:57 a.m.: Bob HoltzmanWas just told by a league source that Titans have talked with Browns, Jets and Rams. Not sure if there were offers made or just talking. Titans and Browns conspiring to fleece the Eagles in three-team deal?

11:45 a.m.: Some thoughts: You do everything you can to get Marcus Mariota, if you believe he’s your guy. Chip coached him, he knows him. If Chip feels that his coaching career will be inextricably linked to Mariota the same way Bill Belichick’s is to Tom Brady and Mike McCarthy’s will be to Aaron Rodgers, then you do the deal. It doesn’t matter if it takes a big Cox and a whole bunch of draft picks. Now, there’s a question as to whether Mariota is the guy, sure, but if Chip feels he is, then he has to get it done. The Eagles don’t have a good quarterback right now. They have no one to build around. This is their chance. You have to take it.

11:29 a.m.: Forbes reporter and Philly native Maggie McGrath, who shares, apparently, an internal conversation among Forbes writers:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_11-29-01_AM

11:23 a.m.: Howard Eskin, who has made a career out of pouring water on your bonersThe tweets and stories won’t stop on Marcus Mariota. No question #Eagles will try to trade for Mariota BUT reality, so hard to move up. BTW.. Other teams ahead of #Eagles in draft also trying to move’s almost over.

11:02 a.m.: ESPN reporter Josina Anderson#Browns source said as of 8a no calls fr #PHI re: Bradford to deal up. RT @KingJEazy: Jo do u think #Titans trade 2nd pk &/or draft Mariota.

11:01 a.m.: Philly Soft Pretzel Factory:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_11-01-10_AM

10:59 a.m.: Rapppppppppppppppppppoporting#Titans in a prime spot. #Eagles, #Browns & others have been in contact for the No. 2 pick. Worst case? They simply take their franchise QB

10:56 a.m.: Titans reporter Jim WyattIf #Titans end up trading pick, it’s not going 2 be bc they conned every1 into thinking they like MM & wanted picks all along. They like him

10:52 a.m.: The NFL Network just ran a commercial for the NFL’s 10 new Pinterest boards. I can only assume they consist solely of little football cookies– laces out.

10:46 a.m.: Mary Kay Cabot, whose name sounds like a tasty treat you’d buy exclusively at Easter, says#Browns Mike Pettine told NFL Network’s Andrea Kremer: “Opinions on Marcus Mariota in this building are varied.”

10:13 a.m.: This could clear the way for some things. According to Browns beatwriter Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns “do not want to surrender their first-rounder in 2016 to land Marcus Mariota.” That could take them out of the Mariota sweepstakes and put them right into the Sam Bradford sweepstakes.

9:57 a.m.: Mel Kiper in his final mock draft:

While a trade for Mariota seems close to impossible … it’s still the Eagles.

9:45 a.m.: Here are five players Eliot Shorr-Parks thinks the Eagles could take if they stay at number 20. BOOOOOOO, ELIOT. BOOOOOOOO.

9:42 a.m.: Look at Dave Spadaro toe the line like a perfect little spokesperson:

Will the Eagles make the move and trade up for Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota? As the hours melt into late Wednesday and into Thursday, that drumbeat continues, ignoring the several references that both head coach Chip Kelly and vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz have made about “not mortgaging the future” for any moves. So will the Eagles give up multiple draft picks and possibly multiple players to get to picks 2-6? The perspective here says, “no,” but it comes with the above disclaimer and the caveat that nobody can rule out anything with Kelly, certainly not after the way this offseason has gone. The Eagles are really pleased with Sam Bradford at quarterback. He’s at the NovaCare Complex every day in the offseason program. He is working hard. He is going to be an outstanding fit in this offense when he gets healthy.

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the Eagles pass on the quarterback position in this draft. I think they’re pleased with what they have here. Bradford and Mark Sanchez are 1-2 — Sanchez will compete for the starting job and that’s a fair mindset for him to have — and then Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley are battling for No. 3. G.J. Kinne is in the mix as well, and he’ll try to earn a roster spot any way he can, even if that means he’s a special teams, jack-of-all-trades player.

9:34 a.m.: Dick HOOPS Weiss checks in with this cryptic Tweeteagles,stll salivating over oregon qb marcus mariota in nfl draft but its not happening. OK, Dick.

9:33 a.m.: Adam Schefter reports that the Chargers are not trading Philip Rivers and ergo are out on moving up to draft Mariota.

9:32 a.m.: Pete Prisco:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-30_09-28-27_AM

9:06 a.m.: Worried about cap space getting in the way of destiny? Poppypoop– Eliot Short-Parks notes that the Titans and Browns – $26 million and $23 million in cap space, respectively – have more than enough room to take on Bradford’s $13 million salary.

8:55 a.m.: Jeff McLane, who also thinks the Eagles-Browns-Titans thing, on Cox:

Since two first-round picks won’t get it done, the Eagles will have to include their 2016 first-round pick and possibly an impact player from their roster. Defensive end Fletcher Cox would be the most valuable. The Eagles picked up Cox’s fifth-year option, which would allow the Titans to have him under contract for two years, but his 2016 salary-cap number is a pricey $7.8 million.

Me thinks picking his option up wasn’t for the Eagles– it was for another team.

8:48 a.m.: I have almost no doubt that if a deal gets done today, it’s going to involve Fletcher Cox. Albert Breer of the the NFL Network reports that the Eagles keep floating him out there.

8:41 a.m.: Chris Mortensen on Mike and Mike“I don’t think the Philadelphia Eagles will be able to trade up to get Marcus Mariota.” Keep in mind, Mortensen the other day reported that Bradford wouldn’t sign an extension anywhere else but Philadelphia, so he seems to be getting information from someone working against this deal… or negotiating (the Eagles’ willingness to walk away?) in public.

8:40 a.m.: Mike Florio, same thing:

Per a league source, the Eagles are “doing all they can” to make the move from No. 20.

Bradford, the 20th overall pick in the 2015 draft, Philly’s first-round pick in 2016, and maybe another second- or third-round pick could possibly get it done as a three-team deal, if the Eagles can get the No. 12 pick from Cleveland and deliver the 12th pick, the 20th pick, and a 2016 first-round pick to Tennessee.  Perhaps the Browns would need Bradford and another second-round pick to give up the No. 12 pick.  Maybe the Titans would want another third-round pick in addition to three first-round selections.

8:37 a.m.: Peter King thinks the same Eagles-Browns-Titans thing is possible:

What a stunning turn of events it would be if the Eagles were to get him. Seven weeks ago Kelly traded starting quarterback Nick Foles to St. Louis for a package that included quarterback Sam Bradford. To get the second pick in the draft, the Eagles would have to do one of two things: ship Bradford to Tennessee as part of the deal, or ship Bradford to Cleveland to get a first-round pick, which Kelly would then flip to Tennessee as part of a deal for Mariota. It would take two first-round picks plus something significant, most likely, to get the Oregon passer. Would the Eagles be willing to include their 2016 first-round pick? Or more?

But there is this X factor, not to complicate this too much: One NFL source in Chicago late Wednesday night told me Cleveland believes it has a good chance before the draft to deal for Bradford. So there’s that. If we’ve learned nothing about the draft over the years, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Such as, there’s a real chance Mariota could end up on a team other than the Titans by nightfall today.

8:34 a.m.: Todd McShay: Mock 6.0 (FINAL) done. Mildly surprised how many teams still legit interested in moving up. NYJ, PHI, CLE to 2 (Mariota). ATL, NO (edge def)

8:29 a.m: Lots of rumors overnight and no time to waste today. Starting now, all day draft coverage and rumors.

First up, Adam Schefter was on Mike and Mike (now on 610 AM!) this morning fanning the flames and said this, transcribed by Bleeding Green Nation:

So I think at some point today, I will not be surprised if the Philadelphia Eagles make that attempt. And if they do, the only way they could do it would be with the assistance of the Cleveland Browns, who are willing and able to aid their efforts to try to get up to No. 2. […]

So I think here’s the tip off today. If we get a trade today, with the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns, hold on to your seat-belts because that means that Philadelphia has got the ammunition to go up to No. 2. “



5:37 p.m.: The Eagles are reportedly trying to get a 2nd round pick in return for Mychal Kendricks, but teams aren’t biting. According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, something could happen, and that pick they get in return could be used to move up, because of course.

3:23 p.m.: ESPN sent Shelley Smith, who’s battling breast cancer, to Hawaii to cover the drafting of Marcus Mariota:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-29_03-22-29_PM

That’s awesome. Say what you want about ESPN, but in the few dealings I’ve had with them over the past few years – for varying reasons – have been nothing but pleasant and professional. Classy move here.

2:19 p.m.: Everyone basically said no.

image1 (1)

1:16 p.m.: Jason La CanforaBrowns willing to deal 12+19 for pick 2 would be just the starting point. It’s what else they’d part with that makes or breaks Mariota deal. Browns had already been offering up one of their 2 first rounders for Sam Bradford – 1st to STL and then to Philly. They want a new QB

1:11 p.m.: Some guy says the Browns haven’t made the Titans an offer yet, despite reports that they have#Titans source: #Browns have not made an offer for No. 2.

12:36 p.m.: Tim McManus thinks a Mariota to the Eagles deal is “far from” dead. “Kelly, it’s safe to say, thinks Mariota can be that guy — particularly in his offense,” McManus said. “I believe this is his ideal quarterback: A smart, quick decision-maker that can beat you with his arm and feet; a humble leader who will stay true to the cause and serve as a top ambassador of the Kelly Way.”

“Think he’s interested in acquiring a guy like that? Definitely. Can he pull it off? To be determined. But the closer we get, the more I believe that if he goes down, he’s going down swinging.”

12:33 p.m.: Joe Banner doesn’t think it’s impossible: No doubt in my mind Eagles will make a serious run at Mariota. Going from 20-2 is expensive, but let’s not act like it can’t happen.

12:13 p.m.: Talking head Mark May on 97.5 The FanaticMark May “Chip is really sold on Sam Bradford… I don’t think he’s going to sell the ranch to get Mariota.

11:14 a.m.: But Benjamin Allbright thinks the Eagles wouldn’t even have to move up to the two spot for Mariota. In fact, most teams aren’t that high on him, it’s just media and fans. Allbright said: Draft shaping up to have Mariota fall. Could fall right into teens. Most teams don’t have him in their top 15-20.

10:09 a.m.: Sal Pal on SportsCenter says Mariota’s camp thinks there are two teams in competition to move into that number two spot: the Eagles and the Chargers.

9:57 a.m.: Peter King thinks Mariota could be traded out of the #2 pick, but maybe not to the Eagles:

I think I heard this from a smart GM Wednesday night: “I know everybody’s got Tennessee taking Marcus Mariota, and that’s probably how it goes. But it will not shock me if Cleveland trades the farm to get him at two. [Owner] Jimmy Haslam has to be sick of the merry-go-round at quarterback, and he has to be embarrassed by the Johnny Manziel pick last year. How could he not want a squeaky-clean quarterback like Mariota to lead his franchise?”

9:51 a.m.: Beats by Dre knows their market

9:38 a.m.: The Titans, despite all their bluster about wanting to draft Mariota, are actively seeking out trades, according to Jeff DarlingtonDespite Titans’ praise of Mariota, 1 big reason this isn’t done: Titans aren’t just taking calls about a trade — they’re making calls, too. Titans want to be inside top “16 or 17” picks to insure they get impact player, so Eagles, for instance, will need to get cute at No. 20. So far, activity at No. 2 has been minimal, but as one league source said, that will heat up today. And tomorrow… Well, hold onto your…


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  1. Looks like winning that season-ending meaningless game against the Giants will come back to bite Chip Kelly in the ass.

    I wonder how the green kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly ass kissing lapdogs will feel knowing that the reason the Eagles can’t make deal is because they’re not in the top 16.

    1. Kelly didn’t/doesn’t want Mariota. He wanted Bradford. That’s why he traded for him.

      Also, however, the green Kool Aid drinking Kelly worshippers (two of which writer for this blog) will never think anything Chip does is wrong. When he leaves the Eagles for the NCAA next offseason they will surely hail it as some “out of the box genius plan” Kelly has to get the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

      1. I’m hardly a Kelly worshiper. I thought the team should have been better last year (and could have won more games had it not been for some coaching decisions) and I DO NOT fully see what his plan is here. There’s still so much time before this team even has to look like a team, but the Kool Aid tastes a bit off to me.

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  2. Here is a STICKY for you. Put this right at the top of your page.

    Marcus Mariota is not coming to the Eagles. Period. It was fanboy wet dream perpetrated by pandering sportstalk radio hosts and equally pandering fanboy bloggers in order to drive up ratings and page views.

    Sam Bradford will be the Eagles starting QB barring injury.

  3. Anyone see the picture of me and Bruno? On the WIP site.

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  4. The Philly media should be ashamed of this Mariota talk for the past 2 months. Now I am not saying there isn’t a story of Kelly wanting a player he recruited at Oregon, but the media is framing the debate that we actually have a real chance of getting him.

    The only way Kelly would be able to get him is if he mortgaged everything: Players, 1st round picks, 2nd round picks, 3rd round picks to get from #20 to either #1 or #2, and he’d be crazy to do that because as history shows they never work.

    1. Ego-maniacal sports talk hosts + desperate fanboy bloggers + desperate, moronic fanbase who will buy into anything= the Mariota nonsense for the past two months.

      1. So Steve sits around posting to blogs all day (every day) about bloggers, sports talk hosts and fans of local teams. Yet somehow little Stevey wants us to believe that he is above all that. Hey Steve – How is life? It seems everytime I read the comments, little Stevey is posting idiot stuff in an attempt to make himself seem superior, yet proving he is a hypocritical d-bag.

        Steve – “I spend endless hours commenting on the commenters.”


    2. Dave you’re 100% correct,just think the 1989 Minnesota Vikings trading multiple picks for Herschel Walker didn’t work.The 1999 New Orleans Saints trading away their whole draft to move up and draft Ricky Williams didn’t work and the 2012 Washington Redskins trading multiple 1st rd picks to move up and draft RG3 has been a total disaster so even if Chip is able to move up and get Mariota,more than likely it won’t work.

  5. Which of the following scenarios is least likely to happen?

    a) Ruben negotiates favorable trades for Hamels and Papelbon
    b) Eagles land Mariota
    c) Kyle gets a girl pregnant with Lil Stubby, the shy turtle who “doesn’t like coming out of his shell”

  6. That should be me blathering on from 12-2 about a deal that will never happen. Sadly, I sit quietly and wait for my Pitchers Pub shift to start

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        1. My phone auto corrected Sean. I will note to double check my insults next time, didnt realize you read them so closely. But I guess this means you do have a working knowledge of grammar, maybe we can work on your diction next.

    3. Go get me a beer!!! Do bartenders get dental insurance??

  7. Has MCW gotten through ONE news update without completely butchering a player name, a story or a sponsor? I didn’t think it was possible, but it sounds like she’s getting worse.

    1. Bring back the tall beautiful voluptuous blonde bombshell Meredith Marakovitz to Philly sports talk radio.

      GO DODGERS!!!

    2. I know the station didn’t have much money left over to pay someone with a speck of experience but this is ridiculous. Seriously, she couldn’t hold a job down at a college radio station.

  8. Well….if Peter King says he’s going to the Browns, that means there’s virtually no chance he goes to the Browns. No one has more access to the NFL and gets more things wrong than Peter King.

  9. Not sure what the big deal is about the draft. Players peek after college. The big deal is LSU’s recruiting class.

    Nice win by the Cardinals last night, too!

    2- Every single one of you people that go to Eagles games are IDIOTS ! $40 park $-200 seat, seat license, $12 beer, etc. You people are all retarded for turning your money over to Lurie. Stoooopit. HD, FRIDGE, LAZYBoy, climate controlled living room, ETC. OH, THERE isnt a WAITING LIST with 40 K names on it either. The Eagles put that crap out there to make you think you have something EVERYBODY else wants. GROW A BRAIN, PEOPLE

    1. I understand your point… gut I’m not poor so it doesn’t bother me. Get a better job.

  11. I’m really starting to hope Mariota drops to 20 and Chip passes on him, just to see every member of the Philly media lose their shit all at once.

    1. THIS, would be great. Or, Eagles trade the house: Kendricks, Cox, Murray, 2015 2nd round pick, 2016 1st round pick, 2017 1st round pick to the Titans to get to number 2 and then Tampa picks Mariota. Or, Eagles trade the same house above and Mariota becomes Tim Couch in the NFL and the Eagles don’t win more than six games a season the next ten years because this “genius” gutted his team for a gimmick QB to run his gimmick offense.

        1. When you can’t even spell the coach’s name correctly, and it’s a SUPER easy name, your arguments (no matter how dumb and shitty it is to begin with) lose all credibility.

          Try again.

          1. I correct a typo – then write “arguments (no matter how dumb and shitty it is to begin with)….

            Arguments is dumb……..apparently, so am I.

            I shouldn’t try so hard.

            Anyway – This gimmick offense won’t work in the NFL. The stats prove it.

      1. Well, if they pull the trigger on any deal with the Titans it won’t be until after Tampa picks. They’re not going to sell out for the pick and leave it up to chance whether Tampa takes Mariota.

      2. First off, they wouldn’t trade for the second pick before the first, that’s just dumb. Second, he already said he wouldn’t gut the team to get Mariota. Finally, if you really want to see him get Mariota just so the team tanks so you can say “I told you so”, you’re an asshole and not actually a fan.

        Quit trying to be the anti-Philly Philly fan. You’re not smart enough to do it well.

      3. Marcus will be drafted by the Chicago Bears, nobody is moving up for the guy. Steve Elite Goalie guy, all you do is blog, snort heroin and eat your moms cold cuts, get a life!

    2- Every single one of you people that go to Eagles games are IDIOTS ! $40 park $-200 seat, seat license, $12 beer, etc. You people are all retarded for turning your money over to Lurie. Stoooopit. HD, FRIDGE, LAZYBoy, climate controlled living room, ETC. OH, THERE isnt a WAITING LIST with 40 K names on it either. The Eagles put that crap out there to make you think you have something EVERYBODY else wants. GROW A BRAIN, PEOPLE

    1. Shut up, this comment sucked the first time. Stop spamming it and grow a brain asshole, no one gives a fuck.

  13. I’m moving back in with my parents, anyone want to take over the lease on my place?

    1. As tempting as it would be to live in Summit Park – where venereal diseases flourish and flat-brim bros go to spawn to the sweet sounds of Pitbull – I’m going to have to pass.

  14. Hope they get Mariota. But if they don’t I’ll still be happy not to hear the stupid Sal pal do the deal promo on the radio along with that rapist pedophile sounding guy. Seriously it as creepy as it gets.

  15. ok topic of the day, would u trade 8 first rounders for mariota??
    i need a job
    and a life

    anyone hiring? I am sick of making 50 bucks a night serving white trash their warm PBR’s

      1. Totally agree with you FACE, Sean Brace was the worst thing to happen to Philadelphia radio.

  16. Breakfast, shmreakfast. Look at the score, for Christ’s sake. It’s only the second period and I’m up 12 to 2. Breakfasts come and go, Rene, but Hartford, “the Whale,” they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

  17. All the Mariota talk is going to set this fan base back 10 years!! This site, wip, the fanatic, comcast sports net, and bob (which by the way Sara has much better tities than jillian) are all talking about mariota like we already have the second pick in the draft.. Guess what we don’t and we WON’T be able to get it.

    There are too many teams with better draft positions that need a qb including Tennessee which actually has the effing pick now!!

    But of course since all the idiots are saying we should get him because of Chip and Oregon everyone will be disappointed that we didn’t get them. everytime he does something good or when braford or whatever qb we have mess up.. it will go back to we should have gotten mariota.. its going to be a topic of conversation all the time.. what could we have done with marcus.. it doesn’t fucking matter.. we can’t get him…

    How come no one is pissed off we didn’t trade the farm in 2006 to get tom brady?? because he wasn’t available.. Neither is mariota, at least not to the eagles sitting at 20. Now if he falls to 20 and the eagles don’t draft him, fine, criticize all you want, but we can’t criticize not getting something we don’t have access too.

    FUCK OFF everyone saying we need to get mariota..

    The flyers should trade everything and get lundquist
    The phillies should trade everything and get trout
    the sixers should trade everything and get lebron

    If the other team doesn’t want your shit.. they aren’t going to give you their prize. But the fanbase will panties in a bunch on friday morning because we didn’t get him..

    1. I think people are more rational and realistic than you’re giving them credit for. I think they should do all they can to try to get Mariota. That said, I’ll be fine with staying at 20 and getting a quality player that will contribute next year.

      The thing that has people so crazy right now is the fact that without Mariota, Sam Bradford is the QB going into next year. Let me repeat that. Sam. Bradford.

      If Bradford as your week 1 starter doesn’t scare the shit out of you…well…

    2. There was no reason to be pissed off that tha Eagles didn’t trade the farm for Tom Brady, because Brady was a lucky sixth round find for the Patriots. The only people who knew anything about Brady were his parents and anyone from Michigan

    3. Actually Alex, I was available for the Eagles to draft in the 2006 draft. They passed on me seven times like most other teams did 🙁
      But it’s ok. I now have 4 Super Bowls. More money then I can count. A love child with Bridget Moynahan. And a Super Model wife, so I’d say things worked out pretty well for me.

    4. Yes Tom Brady was available to everyone in 2000, when no one knew him… not in 2006 when he was the best qb ever. I was talking 2006 brady not 2000 brady..

    5. I was with you until the Tom Brady comment. Then you showed you know nothing about football and everything else you said just seemed dumber by association.

      If only we could get Mariota in the 6th round…

      1. How is equating acquiring Tom Brady circa 2006 with getting Mariotta now dumb? Would the eagles have had a chance to trade for tom brady in 2006? No, just like they have no chance to trade for mariotta now… that is the comparison. Tom brady would have been great for our team in 2006, just like mariota would be great now.. but it doesn’t mean we can do it

        Holy crap people really aren’t too bright on here..

        1. Alex, you dumb fuck.

          A few reasons:
          -we all know you’re trying to cover up the fact that you thought Tom Brady was drafted in 2006, even if your not…
          -you’re comparing trading for a proven super bowl mvp to a guy who has never played in the NFL
          -I agree that chances are slim, but there’s a much better chance the mariota trade would happen before Brady would be available
          -once again, you’re comparing tom brady to mariota. you need to work on analogies.
          -you’re not actually dumb, you’re just not very smart

          1. When did i mention Brady was drafted in 2006? that would be pretty impressive that he won 3 super bowls while still in college…. it has nothing to do when he was drafted. It has to do with availability…. I am not saying mariotta will be as good as brady.. I am saying he is not available to the Eagles..

            All I am saying is just because someone would be great to have on the team does not mean we can get that person.

    6. You have no idea what the Eagles will be able to do. You’re a bitter, negative person and should feel bad about yourself.

      Also, the Flyers should trade their two picks and whatever it takes to get McDavid.

  18. Of course bradford being the starter week 1 or any other week for that matter is scary. bradford needs to have 3 consecutive weeks early on in the season, for me to be somewhat on board.

    1. Alex, hunny, your father and I were really hoping you would be a girl when you were born so that why you are named Alex.

      But we’re so happy to watch you whine and complain like a girl. Even your father said your attitude stinks like your pussy.



      1. Hi Mom,

        Wow very original.. a joke referencing a name that can be used for both male and female. You are too good, can you tell us all the joke about the priest, and the rabbi going to a bar, I am sure no one has heard it.

        1. Sure.

          A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar. They both thought you were an asshole. The Aristocrats

        2. Alex, honey. This is your real mother this time. Don’t listen to those haters. Now step away from the ledge. Slowly…

  19. 2:19 pm- Add Brandon Boykin and Kendricks to that deal, then ask again. If it’s still no, fuck it…throw in the 2017 1 or 2.

    That’s a good starting point though…

    1. Yes. Throw in 2017s and 2018s number 1 picks. Also, DeMarco Murray and Jim’s man crush Connor Barwin. Throw in Sanchez, Kelce and Matthews as well. And then when Mariota walks across the Pacific ocean to the Mainland we can all wave palms at the anointed one as he enters the city ready to lead a depleted team with no significant draft picks in the near future to a 3 – 13 record, followed by a 5 – 11 record followed by a 6 – 10 record, followed by Chip Kelly bailing for College Football.

      Great idea.

      1. See now you took it to a whole nother level. If we’re going to get the guy, it’s going to cost a good amount. I am not comfortable dealing a good deal of this roster, but players like Kendricks, Boykin, Mathis…these guys are in contract years, they’re Reid/Roseman holdovers, and none of them will sign here. If you can deal them in a package, then why not? No one is saying to deal the 1’s all the way to 2018, no one is saying to deal Connor Barwin and they’re damn sure not dealing Murray.

        If they want Chips guy, this is what it will take…or don’t. Or don’t do anything, sit on your hands, draft the best CB on the board, and pray that Sam Bradford is anything but what he has been for the last three years…irrelevant.

  20. Mariota stinks, Noodle arm, Fumbles a lot……..If the guy is so good, how come nobody wants him? I understand the whole system thing, but there are plenty of other guys even in this draft that chip could take and groom one year under Bradford. This is not the fucking pac-12 where receivers are running free because the Washington State secondary can’t get lined up. I’m really wondering if the people who want Mariota have ever actually watched him play and just listen to the sports media drivel

  21. I love how Whole Foods did a great thing and delivered food and water to the cops and national guard in Baltimore, yet the scumbag drains on society are complaining they deserve the food and water and can’t comprehend why they are left out….Fucking Animals

  22. We’re officially asking a 2nd for Kendricks. Kyle’s late to the party, as per usual.

  23. Got stuck in my chair in the WIP studios again today. Andy Bloom had to bring in the baby oil to squeeze me out.

    1. D R A N O gets a free ride to the Strip RFB so he can be on radio row and convince their minuscule audience to pay for match on close circuit.

  24. Former #1 here and I’m available. Kiper & Gruden thought I couldn’t miss, give me a call. I’m close too, in Baltimore “protesting”





    1. The Jets give up the 6 for Johnny (no can play) Football? You have to be kidding. The jets are a shitshow, but nobody’s that dumb.

    2. A few things:

      1.) You traded the same player (bradford) multiple times.

      2.) Chip Kelly will never read this. And if he did do you think he’d say, “wow briandawkins#20 just came up with this amazing plan! let’s do it!!”

      3.) The Jets would never trade a 6th pick for Manziel (a guy who was the 22nd pick the year before and has been a total disaster)

      4.) How you are not a GM of a major sports franchise is beyond me?

      5.) Dawkins sucks manc0ck. FACT

  26. 1st Trade: Bradford, Cox and a late round pick to Cleveland for #12 pick and a late round pick

    2nd Trade: #12 pick, #20 pick, 3rd round pick, next years 1st and Kendricks for #2 pick

    I think that gets it done.

    Other trades: Boykin, Mathis and Curry to make up for lost picks. Mostly 4-6 round picks back

  27. Give it up. Mariota deal is not happening. This is hype. All hype.

  28. obviously probably the least important piece of info from this post, but:

    mike & mike on 610AM? Isnt that still CBS?

  29. Dave Spadaro is an Eagle…. He is part of the team even though he doesn’t play or coach… He is on the team… So he knows what he’s talking about. Plus he is 2 inches fully erect….. And it’s thin too!!!

  30. I like the idea of waiting for Mariota to blow and be released in a few years and signing him then. And drafting the corner from mich st. He will be awful on the Browns or Titans, chip is the only guy who knows how to use him.

  31. I love how Kyle dismisses every national guy (and the handful of local guys) who basically say the Eagles have no shot of getting Mariota as being irrelevent, or “talking heads” or even working for someone who does not want the Eagles to do the deal. Which, yeah, I’m sure Chris Mortensen has a vested in interest in the Eagles not acquiring Mariota so he has taken to a smear campaign. Mortensen must be on Bradford’s payroll, or maybe he secretly works for the Browns, or Charger.

    But, every pandering Eagle fanboy writer (Jimmy Kempski, Tim McManus, Jeff McLane) are on top of things and have inside information.

    Kyle sucks

  32. God you are the worst. Its like you don’t remember how you were with Amaro. Every single trade he made and every rumor of one you would act exactly like you are now. Get it done get it done. OMG you have to do it. Then afterwards it’s ninja this and that. Fast forward a few years and he is the worst gm in baseball. Who makes the worst trades ever.

    Then you crap all over the Richards Carter trade. Fast forward a few years and your writing post about how they should do the same thing with giroux vorachek . You love every signing like that bum for TB then crap on it and the guy who made it afterwards.

    Now it’s Mariota OMG OMG get it done get it done. Big Balls Chip he’s the greatest. Hmm I wonder how you will react in a few years if the trade happens.

    When the Eagles, the team that struggles to crack .500 for the next 3 years, can’t stop the run anymore bc they have no interior d linemen and Ryans cant walk anymore. The team that can’t pass block or run the ball anymore either, bc old Peters and Mathis is gone, and the RG was never replaced all bc they didn’t have the picks to do so.

    This trade will kill the Eagles. Rivers and Brees are great but get no where bc their team suck. Manning was the best ever but couldn’t win a playoff game for a big part of his early career until he got a better team. Even that only lasted for 3-4 years before his d fell apart and he stopped winning again. Big Ben has been going no where with that d. Luck is awesome but its been 3 years and hes done jack bc he doesnt have the pieces around him. Same with Flacco, Ryans, Eli, Newton, Romo, and even Rodgers. Ever since his d went down the toilet 5 years ago he’s done nothing.

    Yea qbs a very important position but it doesn’t matter how good he is if he doesn’t have the help. If the Eagles give away these next 2 drafts and a couple of our best players, they won’t have a shot at a superbowl for at least 5 years. No Matter how good a fit Mariota turns out to be.

    Bradford and the team we will have after these next 2 drafts will have a better shot at a title then optimum Mariota and the team we’ll have after paying for him.

    1. Macjmcoy, can you start a sports blog? You’re one of the few people here who make sense.

      These idiots don’t realize that if the Eagles #dothdeal (get your cheap tee shirts at car dealerships with ties to 97.5 today!) the Eagles are sunk for the next three seasons minimal. And that’s assuming Mariota thrives in Chip’s genius offense against NFL defenses and not Pac – 12 defenses.

        1. Your definitely wrong there bud. Not the same person. Its funny though and is aweful telling. That seems like the automatic response when anyone on here, or on most comment sections for that matter, have no intelligent arguement to dispute what the person their accusing of talking to themselves is saying. But imagine if your wrong. Do you know how dumb you look to the two people your saying are the same person? We both obviously know your wrong, and because of that it’s like we have our own inside joke where it’s all about laughing at your idiocy.

          But what makes your assertion even dumber is the fact that we don’t completely agree. We both don’t think the Eagles should do the deal if it’s gonna cost mutual picks and players. But we differ in our opinion of if it’s possible. I think if the Eagles gave up Bradford Cox Kendrick this year’s 1st and 2nd and next year’s 1st, the Eagles could get the 2nd pick. I don’t think he does.

          So what would be the point of talking to yourself if you don’t agree?

          1. Help me out, it gets confusing being multiple people, am I talking to myself because Im crazy or because I want someone to kind of agree with me.

          2. Help me out, it gets confusing being multiple people, am I talking to myself because Im crazy or because I want someone to kind of agree with me?

  33. Chip Kelly sacrificing Bradford, Cox and Kendricks plus future #1 picks for an unknown entity is like Obama sacrificing our nation’s existence to Iran and their promise not to build nukes. It will happen.

    1. We are all in trouble if Iran builds the nukes. Their mighty navy and top flight Air Force will be all over us.

      Please hope something bad happens. Bad news for America is good news for conservatives. If good things happen we only get angrier.

      1. You do realize you don’t need a Navy to shoot a icbm at DC right? Or are you saying g that wouldn’t be a big deal because we could hurt them more? Thats like having a gun with a full clip and saying to a guy who wants to kill you its ok I won’t stop you from getting a gun and making a bullet because I have more and they’re a bigger caliber. I bet those extra bullets will make you feel real safe. Of course you could of just pointed your gun at him and told him not to f’n or you’ll blow his head off. Stopping him before he even had a chance to find someone to sell him a gun or to get the materials to make the bullet.

          1. Nice name, accurate too. Anyway just babbling about another guys babbling in response to someone else’s babbling. You know pretty much the same thing as everyone else.

    2. Are you ok? I feel like you must have pulled something stretching that simile out so you could bring up your stupid political agenda on a completely unrelated post.

    1. That’s minor league shit. I am still the only guy in America to receive triple anal!!!

      That’s 3 dicks in my ass at the same time!!

      No rubbers.

  34. “Some thoughts: You do everything you can to get Marcus Mariota, if you believe he’s your guy. Chip coached him, he knows him. If Chip feels that his coaching career will be inextricably linked to Mariota the same way Bill Belichick’s is to Tom Brady and Mike McCarthy’s will be to Aaron Rodgers, then you do the deal. It doesn’t matter if it takes a big Cox and a whole bunch of draft picks. Now, there’s a question as to whether Mariota is the guy, sure, but if Chip feels he is, then he has to get it done. The Eagles don’t have a good quarterback right now. They have no one to build around. This is their chance. You have to take it.”

    These are the words of a child with no ability for independent rational thought.

    1. I agree with the other me ^^^^^again.

      It takes true independent thought to spend months repeating the same thing over and over again like I (we) do. Fanboys can’t think on their own.

      I will repeat myself soon.

  35. Christ, Kyle, I thought that was your wife’s wrist at first. You ARE a fuckin’ wiener.

  36. Odds on Steve Mason poster being someone you would dump a beer on if you met him in a bar…lock.

  37. Just when I think you cant get any worse, you go and humblebrag about your dumb apple watch.

    Maybe I shouldn’t say humblebrag because that thing looks really stupid.

  38. As Barkass does of resigning his job on TV and Radio.

  39. If the Eagles trade two defensive pieces and picks for mariota then they will finally have their QB! Of course their defense will blow and has everybody forget that they have no receivers?

  40. fyi-if anyone in the manyunk/roxborough area needs a place to watch the draft, pitchers pub is hosting an event according to former 97.5 the fanatic host sean brace…

  41. SVP&Rusillio just went on an epic Chip Kelly rant, you should find a way post it

  42. It’s 5 hours of me today! Buckle in for my piping hot sports takes about your favorite teams I know nothing about!!!!!!!!

  43. Look at me, you peons. I have an Apple Watch! Now keep clicking “refresh” on my antiquated comment section that doesn’t show new comments so I get those page views and more money from advertisers like Godfather Locks. Muhahahaha. You morons are making me rich!

    Oh, and don’t forget to hook me up with a commission on all of your Amazon purchases for no absolutely no reason at all. $$$$$$$

  44. Seriously, who buys an Apple watch? Not only an Apple watch but one with a white wristband. kyle will look like such a dickhead

  45. Seriously how dumb do you have to be to believe this Mariota stuff?

    Dumb enough to follow DeMarco Murray’s plane all day? Yup.

    Kyle, you are basically the Angelo of the blog world. All entertainment and trolling and giving people a reason to listen/click. No substance.


  47. Why must you use all those P’s in Rapoport’s name? Is it really that hard for you?

  48. Watch Chip downplay this whole situation when it doesn’t happen. “You guys [the media] are silly and created all of these rumors! Bradford was always our guy. We weren’t going to mortgage our future for one player.” Blah blah blah lies lies lies

    1. What gives you that idea? I mean, it is the media hyping this whole thing up. The only thing Chip has ever said is that they’re not interested in mortgaging the future for Mariota. Its not like he’s been saying this all along and it won’t work out. This is all media created.

      1. I believe, behind the scenes, they’re trying everything they can to get Mariota. Nobody in their right mind would actually be content with Bradford as their starting QB next season.

        1. If that is true than Cleveland also wouldn’t want Bradford. And they definitely wouldn’t want to trade a top 15 first round pick for Bradford.

          I still contend this is all media hype created by Sal Pal and Angelo Cataldi (separately, of course as Sal did it on 97.5) and that flag has been carried by every thoughtless radio personality, blogger, Eagles reporter for the past three months.

          1. True, but the Browns, Bucs, and Titans are out of their minds and therefore might do a deal for Bradford…and that’s why they’re terrible franchises.

  49. I would call Tennessee’s bluff and let them pick Mariota or not. They can always negotiate after the pick is made if they do end up choosing Mariota or wait and negotiate with the Jags who have been rumored to want more picks.

  50. Tomorrow between 6:30am and 7:00am I am going to share with the listeners my new Weekly Reader. I love the Weekly Reader, it has lots of pictures and easy to understand words. I hope Aunt and John enjoy it as much as I do.

  51. Eagles just traded the memory of Randall Cunningham and the grave plot two down from Jerome Brown for a 7th round pick and an injured undrafted walk on tailback from Tulsa Culinary Arts Academy !

  52. Michael Sam was just traded to the Eagles for a first and a second because chip likes the name Sam!

  53. Barkass and Johnny Sunshine have been traded to Cleveland. More details to follow but this is the first step in securing the player we all want.

  54. It had to happen, she was eating crab fries all day and just had a wardrobe accident at the draft party.

  55. Kyle, it’s over buddy … Sadly the Titans don’t care if we get our guy. Chip tried his hardest after the fact ( traded starting QB Nicky 6 for Bradford & gave up 2nd round pick) now of course he’s going all the way. Guess we better get ready for Sammy B running our team …


    1. Hahaha, yea, the Eagles didn’t get Mariota!! Whats say you and me go celebrate with some raw dog anal while wearing our Romo jerseys! But please pull out, last time your semen made my ass cheeks stick together all week.



  58. Fuck the Titans. I hate the Vols, now I hate the Titans. Hey, the best qb in their history got shot dead by his gf. What a town.

  59. Kyle give it up you whine like a bitch.

    It was never going to get done. These trade rumors are bullshit. If kelly offered that to the Titans he should be fucking fired tomorrow.

    1. I and the other me ^^^^^Steve Mason^^^^^covered my bases. I said it was all hype and rumors, then said if they did make the trade it would hurt the Eagles for years, then said it was rumors and hype again, then said if it was true, Kelly should be fired. Basically, I babbled for weeks, using several names and then just repeated myself.

      I spend a lot of time commenting on commenters because I am above all this. I am nuts.

      1. Your disappointment and bitterness makes me so happy.

        Anyway none things are not mutually exclusive. The hype was made up and not real. You could tell because of how damaging the deal would have been if made. No coach would ever make an offer like that. But if he did he should be fired.

        God I hope I used the right username this time. Its so confusing.

        1. You got one thing correct. You are confused. I have never posted to you or about you, but for some reason you seem to always think I am talking about you. KOO KOO.

  60. “There has been a trade. The Eagles have traded the 86th pick to the Tennessee Titans. With the 86th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Titans select LaShangeron Muffin.”

    1. “It looks like the Titans got a good young buck right there! And Schefty is telling us that the trade was for disappointing quarterback Marcus Mariota. isn’t that ironic? Zoink!”

  61. I’m excited for BETs “The Coopers” a show featuring amari and Riley cooper, two unlikely friends with a common bound of loving football!

  62. Hey suckers, Now you know all this Mariota hype talk was set up by Lurie and company for you kool aid drinkers to call the sports shows the last foir months keeping the Eagles’ s name out front. I am thinking the Cow Chipper is now planning his exit out of town.

    The line at the top of the Ben Franklin is getting longer. Hurry up, a midnight jump is still available.

    1. As long as Cataldi is first in line; tomorrow’s (or tomarra as Angelo says) show should be a classic with Rhea trying to talk Angelo down from jumping off the top of the building.

  63. Kyle….just drink your Beast Mode and then see if you can trick your iPhone Watch into thinking your in afib by jerking off as hard as you can to pictures of a shirtless Mariota using your tears as lubricant. I look forward to reading about Tebow learning how to play football and Ryan Howard making an absurd amount of money for each time he strikes out until the NFL season starts.

  64. The very minute they traded what they did for Bradford the Mariota deal was not going to happen. Sports radio and CB have been keeping it alive because it drives traffic and listeners but it made no sense the whole time.

    Keep the pick and continue building that defense.

  65. Kyle! Where are the updates?! The draft is still going on. Where are the updates you weepy douche?!

    You getting your Beats by Dre to be like your hero Titans QB Marcus Mariota?

    1. What the fuck are you talking about? The Eagles had Ricky Williams ON THE BOARD and completely fucking blew it. This season is over.

  66. Wait did I miss something? ?? Did we just trade the 2nd pick in the draft for the 20th? I thought everyone knew we were getting Mariotta at number 2??? How come we didn’t have the second pick??

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