That Sons of Ben Documentary Will Premiere in Philly on June 10

Way back in 2013, we spoke to Jeff Bell on the first edition of the Crossing Streams podcast about his documentary on the Sons of Ben, the Philadelphia Union supporters club. We spoke to him again yesterday (podcast coming soon) because the film is finally ready to be released, and tickets are now available for the Philadelphia premiere.

The film tells the story of the Sons of Ben supporters club, which predates the Union, their mission to bring an MLS team to Philadelphia, and their drive to help revive Chester, their adopted home. On June 10th, the film will screen at the Ritz East and Ritz Five in Old City, and in a Sons of Ben-only screening at the Trocadero. Additionally, there will be an after party at the Troc for the SoB, VIPs, and you (if you buy a ticket). Tickets and merch and more can be bought over here.


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  1. Jim, you suck. Sons of Ben? Nobody wants to hear about that. Why don’t take that ironic mustache, and tight sweatpants somewhere else.

  2. Revived Chester? Don’t they still have a curfew because they average a murder and a half a day. They revived chester so well that they won’t even play this nonsense documentary there.

  3. Out of all the things that have been going on with the Union, this is what you decide to publish? smdh.

  4. I’d rather run down broad street wearing nothing but my strap on than watch soccer.

  5. The Union suck royally. They are the worst team in MLS and haven’t accomplished anything or given this city a reason to notice they exist. The owner is cheap and intrusive. They are run like a small college team.

    So, naturally, let’s ignore that and write about a stupid student film about their hipster supporters. Thanks Jim, you joke.

    1. one of the more fascinating stories out there. their “top signing” big dollar goalie (that no one other than the owner liked) is benched for a rookie, Putrid teams losing games in hilarious fashion, inept offense that makes the Phillies outfield look powerful.

      One of the worst run franchises in the county with declining attendance while almost every other soccer team (including the Harrisburg City Islanders) has seen an increase in attendance.

      (ps i’m sure the producers of the movie paid for this posting)

  6. They are still very much on “their mission to bring a professional MLS team to Philly.”

    Wake us when that happens.

  7. Haters!!!!! Soccer’s been on the verge of becoming the most popular sport in the US since the 80s!!!!! One of these days, you just wait. Grow those neckbeards out now that way you don’t look out of touch when the Union is the most popular team in the area.

  8. Someone made a documentary about a teams supporters who can’t fill am 18000 seat stadium what am I missing

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