The Crowd Tonight Is the Smallest in Citizens Bank Park History

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The paid attendance tonight – Friday night, opening weekend, against the Nationals – of 19,047 is the lowest in Citizens Bank Park history, eclipsing the 19,182 figure the Phils posted against the Rockies on April 26, 2006. Ryan Madson was the starting pitcher that night. The Phillies and Nationals thank you!

That screen grab is of Gregg Murphy while he was delivering his incredibly useful Major League Notebook, which, it seems, has lost its sponsor– Gwynedd Mercy University. Poor Murph, not even a middling local college wants to attach their name to the pile of feces that is Phillies baseball. Meanwhile, T-Mac said it looked like Murph was standing in front of a green screen. No, Tom, that’s grass, and it’s literally the exact same view you have 162 games per year.


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    1. No you didn’t Brian. You lined the politicians pockets and your butt boy, David Cohen hosted a fundraiser at his home two years ago for Obama to secure favorable legislation to prevent ala carte selection of cable channels. Every cable package has Comcast Sportsnet with its all day garbage all including the Phillies, Sixers and Flyers. All subscribers pay whether they watch it or not. If subscribers had the option, Yes, you would have overpaid and Comcast would soon be filing for bankruptcy. Your securing this legislation concedes the fact that the channel is garbage.

  1. The Phillies spend more money on announcers and broadcast personalities than they do on their minor league scouting. Greg wont have a job if this attendance keeps up, no but wait they will fire an international scout instead. We need to keep the MLB Notebook! Phillies culture. Its gonna be a long, empty year!

    1. Can somebody please tell Hollis Thomas to stop laughing at things that aren’t even remotely funny OKAY OKAY!

        1. I am pretty sure all the fields in MLB are green. Don’t try so hard. You end up looking dumb. Kyle was right. They will see that green 162 times.

  2. Losing that first spring game to Univ Tampa began this downward spiral

    1. Signing Ryan Howard to a $150 million contract was the beginning of the spiral of death.

      1. No, trading Cliff Lee for 3 scrubs so they could pay Joe bloated was.

        1. No hiring Ruben Amaro to run this team did. And get back in your shirt or you’re grounded.

  3. So my girlfriend left me because the Fanatic no longer gets me free tickets to the games. I think I have reached rock bottom.

    1. Nah, that’ll be when you steal the change out of the ashtray after you detail Mikey Miss car.

    1. Sorry I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on watching this horrible abortion of a baseball team. If being a smart fan by not supporting this crap makes me a “frontrunner” then sobeit. I’d rather be a “frontrunner” than a broke, hopeless lemming to a horrible franchise. What does BD stand for anyway, being disabled?

      1. “Hard earned money”

        Tickets cost next to nothing right now. Its actually cheaper financially to support the team when they are bad.

        J-Roll was right. Nobody gave a fuck about the Phils in this town until they started winning, and nobody gives a fuck about them now that they are losing.

        1. Because we’re different from any other sports city anywhere in the world? You show me where they sell out every game for a team that is going to have the worst record in the league. Why would anyone support what this team has become? The only way to get it to change is to stop going. Sad thing is, I bet the Phillies will still be in the top 20 as far as average attendance with the worst record.

        1. You can call it being a “frontrunner” all you want, but really it’s being a smart fan. If people continue to go out and support a team that’s horrible, then what’s the incentive for management to change (see the Chicago Cubs). But I guess that’s tough to understand if you’re mentally disabled.

          1. My only point is don’t be mad when someone calls you a frontrunner if you’re a frontrunner. I don’t care what your reasons are.

          2. The Phillies were competitive to elite for 12 straight years. After 2 bad years you’re out. Frontrunner.

          3. “The Phillies were competitive to elite for 12 straight years.”

            Try 5 years (2007-2011).

          4. I’m done arguing with this dude, he’s brain dead. I care about the Phillies and want them to be relevant, so why support a gm that has been running this team? But BD (brain dead) can’t wrap his head around that.

          5. I’m sorry, but he’s right. You admitted that you wont go to the games because the team is bad. That is pretty much the definition of a frontrunner. Are your reasons for not going valid? Sure. Does that change anything? No.

      2. But they’re 6-4 and they won that night, and the next night.

        People are so lame with their BS. Support the team or don’t support it. If you only go when you expect a win, then you might just be a front runner. Own it.

        I was at the last Flyers game of the season, stayed until the end of a loss and then the Phillies later on. It was cold and windy. While I was there I was thinking the people who didn’t show might just be smarter than me.

        1. There’s a difference between being a frontrunner and boycotting the team until this joke of a general manager is finally booted the hell out of here. I don’t go to games anymore because I’m demanding change in the front office. The team was driven into the ground by that moron and he’s still employed here. I’m not supporting that by handing over my money.

  4. Hire Bruce Jenner to shoot ping pong balls after his sex change.

    Comcast loves the Kardashians.

  5. See youze guys tomorrrow with Ant and me at Primos

    We can refi your home too

    And dont forget BOB on TCN with my man Robbie E.
    He is as stiff as my drink!

  6. Would it be worth it for the Phillies to aquire a big name slugger like Bautista or Puig just to fill seats? Economically speaking, I think it would be more profitable for the Phillies

  7. I understand the 35,000 plus that did not show up. My question is who are the less than 10,000 idiots that did?

      1. You’re a pathetic loser troll. What team do you support? Duke, Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers? You sound like a total tool.

  8. There’s a minimum standard a team has to meet to be able to demand interest from the most loyal fans. Many teams are bad; the Phillies are hopeless. They are bad with no chance of getting better.

    Two facts comprise the situation: Fact 1: The team has been bad. The record is the record. Fact 2: Their roster the last couple years has been comprised of guys who *will only get worse.* That’s not a rooting judgment or pessimism, it’s mathematical. Players pushing 35 do not get better. They get worse. 100 times out of 100.

    Add to that, the guy in charge of replacing those players is unintelligent. Not “he made some bad moves fire him.” Actually unintelligent, like “he should be a janitor or deported” unintelligent.

    Add to that, even if they had the 29th smartest GM or better, the contracts in place have been suffocating. And the players holding them have too much cache to be benched for anything less than a phenom, so you haven’t been able to bring players up freely to season them. And also, you have no such players; see the GM, above.

    There’s finally a little logistical daylight this year, but you can’t expect the fans to see that yet. All they know is that RAJ is still there. If they could remain at .500 for a few weeks, fans can be expected to give a shit about the random names starting to filter into the lineup.

    1. Hi my name is BD (short for brain dead), I have nothing better to do than troll phillies fans and say that they’re front runners. Good thing I can do this anonymously because I’m a closet Mets fan and I go to all 81 home games even when they’re horrible, which is every season. You guys should be like me and support horrible organizations. Don’t try to reason with me because I don’t understand normal thinking. See ya later you front runners.

      1. Hi. I’m the multi-named poster who is the biggest cuhnt-shit loser that has ever walked the face of the earth who has nothing better to do than to trip over herself and respond to every post that she thikgs is “trolling” typical shytehead Phillies fans.

        Too easy.

  9. Holy shit, Kyle got rid of that fuckin Wah Wah Radio toolbar . . . he really must have been losing money/pageviews . . . but he’ll never admit it. Go jerk off to your fantasy where someone buys a fuckin BLOG for $1.6 mil.

  10. Won’t someone PLEASE respond to my unhinged,uninteresting and unoriginal political posts? It fits with my 100% unfunny handle. Please? ANSWER ME!!!

  11. This site is an absolute joke now. Literally the worst I have ever seen. Homepage with cold cache:

    835 requests | 10.5 MB transferred | 49.43s (load: 9.84 s, DOMContentLoaded: 2.88 s)

  12. As an Italian from south philadelphia, I am and will always be a 4/4 guy. I don’t care if the team is all white, black, or PURPLE! I go down and support my boys cause in the end all we do is bleed red. I think a bunch of you need to realize this fact.

    1. Um, yeah. I think if the team you were rooting for signed a purple free agent you’d be just a LITTLE bit concerned, no?

  13. This is a football town. Every other sport only gets attention when they are winning. Jimmy Rollins was right. Flyers fans are hockey fans, so they’ll always go, but the whole city doesn’t embrace them until they make the conference finals, etc like in 2010. Sixers and Phillies get poor attendance when they are avg to bad. This city proclaims to be a great sports town, but Boston, New York have way more intelligent fan-bases and are better sports towns.

    1. Have you ever spoken to anyone from MA or NY? The asshole quotient is much, MUCH higher.

  14. Lexus vs Bentley in a fight to the finish.

  15. It’s not fair that people are calling me brain dead. I am a diehard Phillies fan through thick and thin, and will support them no matter how bad they get. It’s our duty as Philiadelphians.

  16. Baseball made me wretch when they went on strike. I hope it all collapses. The players could give a shit about the fans. The players are worried about which bently to buy black or white. Good riddence. Cant wait for football to start!

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