The Eagles Aren’t Going to Trade for Dion Jordan Because Dion Jordan is Suspended


Over the past couple of days, rumors that the Eagles were (again) interested in Dion Jordan, maybe in a swap for Marcus Smith and some other things, were surfacing. But now, any potential Jordan deal is dead thanks to a season-long suspension for substance abuse. Adam Schefter reported that prior to the suspension, the Eagles were close to a deal with Miami for yet another former Oregon Duck. Looks like he’s not a #culture guy though.


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  1. Who needs Dion Jordan when we have Brandon Graham and Marcus Smith on one side and the soon to be double and triple teamed Connor Barwin on the other side.

  2. On a scale of Sopranos finale to All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab legs, how disappointed will the idiots who call in daily will be disappointed when Mariota is officially not a Philadelphia Eagle?

  3. 11 fucking minutes.

    That’s how long it took Missanelli to blame Baltimore looking like Beruit on “White Ignorance”.

    I’m out. Time to put Physical Grafitti on and clean the yard.

    1. And the only thing surprising about that is it took him 11 minutes. I’m surprised the j-ass didn’t make mention of it in the first 30 seconds.

  4. Yes, Mike please go away. Wait, if you go away what will I talk about on my show?

  5. who dont give a shit about school or improving themselves, make babies, rob and shoot each other, collect welfare, act like assholes to the cops, and then blame their situation on racism/police/the system.

      1. No one said every fucking one. I’m talking about the ones who do stupid shit (like looting stores and burning cars) and then blame institutional racism for their bullshit behavior. There are plenty of black people who don’t act like assholes and don’t blame the world for their problems. I’m talking about the ones who do and who get guilt-ridden liberal enablers and apologists to take up their cause.

        Jesse Jackson said the other day that “we are not the problem and more police are not the solution. Job training is the solution.” Aren’t high schools, vo-tech schools, and colleges about preparing people to enter the workforce? If assholes won’t avail themselves of those opportunities, that’s their fault. It’s not like it’s fucking hard to get a diploma or an associate’s degree.

        Police abuse is a problem but so are reckless, ignorant black people who terrorize their own communities. People who assault teachers in schools, kill delivery drivers for a few bucks, and threaten law-abiding “snitches.” There is a pathological culture of criminality and anti-aspirationalism that has its historical roots in institutional racism but which is now self-perpetuating. People who grow up ignorant and reckless will raise children who are ignorant and reckless. Poor/non-existent parenting and the culture that glorifies criminality and deviance are as much to blame for black people’s problems as are the police and racism. New policing policies and more scrutiny of cop behavior is justified but the larger problems of unemployment, under-unemployment, and criminality will continue until the assholes accept some responsibility and change their behavior.

        1. These last 24 hours have been difficult for me to reflect on all the anger and turmoil I witnessed while reporting the riots of Baltimore.

    1. Baltimore PD paid out over 5 million dollars in settlements over claims of police brutality in the 2011-2014 period alone.

      Some of the victims included a 26 yr old pregnant woman and an 87 year old grandmother.
      The settled claims are only the ones that made it to court. The Freddie Gray incident was just the lighted match that rekindled a long-smoldering heap of embers.

      Does a pattern of police brutality and abuse justify the destruction of an inner city by an angry mob? Of course not. All the rioting did was obscure the root issue that needed to be addressed, which is police abuse of power. The rioting citizen mob took the focus away from the government sanctioned mob.

  6. But our GM doesn’t value draft picks. He gives them away to teams for QB’s who will never play a down. In the end that second round pick will be a high pick because this team won’t win 7 games.

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