The Orioles and White Sox Will Play in an Empty Stadium Tomorrow

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In a somewhat surprising development, the Orioles announced that their game against the White Sox will be played tomorrow, but in an empty stadium. While extreme, the move is not unprecedented, however– the Phillies have been doing it all season.

[Thanks. Told you I was going to be here all week.]

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  1. Only ticket holders will be allowed at the stadium. There is typically an area open to the public, that area will be closed.

    1. Nein.

      This weekend’s event is the Kentucky Derby. Plenty far away, and the second leg of the triple crown is 2 weeks away. There’s no need for that.

  2. I asked a friend who is a partial season ticket holder and they said that they were told that they would be allowed at the event. They are just keeping it closed off to the GP, so no one could walk in off the street without a ticket.

    Incidentally, there would be no reason to not allow ticket holders into Camden Yards, because the curfew doesn’t start until 10 pm, and they should done the game long before that.

  3. If the riots had been here, Phils’ management would have a Protest Your Heart Out Night promotion. The Phanatic would act up and be hauled away in a paddy wagon. Anything to sell tickets.

  4. Its just Eric, Freddie, Tavon, and myself just hanging out. we dont have much going on, just chillin.

  5. Black Lives Matter. Now that im unemployed, I am one step closer to being a black life. Its always been my dream.

  6. I should see if they will let me do a remote from the game.

    The attendance will be like my ratings.

    1. Mike, you have to look within yourself as to why you listen to alt music. Get to the root of that problem so you can eradicate it.

      1. Missanelli has really being annoying lately. The badly aging gent pushing 60 trying to re-live his life thru alternative music , most acts that are 1/3 his age .

        And hes getting real lazy again with his on air shtick. Yesterday he spent 4 hours repeating himself like a broken record. Theme of the day -all day- Mariota will come back and haunt us forever.

        Today he mixed in his ridiculously ignorant views on race. Basically he says You people are too stupid to understand why hoodrats riot because you dont come from there background and culture.

        He’s flaming out imo. If He keeps this nonsense up he will have all the time in the world to go hang out and watch Band of Skulls with the 18 year old chickies

        1. He suffers from white guilt. He lives in the Main Line, belongs to exclusive country clubs that have that mostly have all white members. He flies down to Florida to golf at places on par with Sawgrass. He eats gourmet meals with wine that cost as much as most people earn in a week.

          1. Mike played basketball with a couple brothers at Bristol High. You know that makes him an expert on race relations right. You have no idea what those black gang members in Baltimore go thru on a daily basis. And You have no right to question why they riot.

            That A-hole needs to stfu about race. His stupidity has no boundary

        2. His white guilt act is old & tired. Even African Americans shake their head at that shtick

          1. 97.5 please get me some more hours so I can afford to move back to Mount Airy. Stop playing y’alllll.

  7. Has anyone heard the informative and well thought out opinions I’ve had on this issue?

    I’m just kidding.

    We would never talk about that BS. All strippers and chicks you want to bang and the St. Louis Cardinals and making fun of Marcus Mariota talk while still having Marcus Mariota talk. BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

    1. I’ve never understood the appeal of having strippers on a radio show. I mean, who gives a shit? You obviously can’t look at them so….whats the attraction? “Hey guys, have we got some hot chicks in studio today!!! HOLY SHIT!” Ok….great, good for you?

  8. I crafted a terrific article about Papelbon and how he has been worth the $50 million contract!! Enjoy my subtle dig at Hamels (talking about Ruben giving out massive contracts to stars)…

    “Others (contracts) went to unquestioned stars: Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee, streaky Cole Hamels, who has yet to earn a Cy Young Award or even win 20 games.”

    Right, because “Wins” determine the value of a pitcher Marcus. It’s sad that Cy Young Award voters include old time baseball people that need to see 15 wins pretty much no matter what. Hamels had a 6.6 WAR with a 9-9 record lol. Granted Kershaw was insane last year so not making a case for the Cy Young Award. Just hate when Hayes makes comments like that.

  9. This is exactly why I live in the suburbs. Well one of the very many, many reasons why I live in the suburbs.

  10. Who the fuck is this annoying chick with the little girl voice on the new cuz show??? Awful

    1. Yo, Bo, that’s Little Ant’s nanny. When he takes a dump, I just talk about it for half an hour on my show – she’s there to clean it up. And when Little Ant plays tee ball, I talk about it until your ears bleed, but she actually drives him to practice, Bo. And when I place my daily order for a Primos, as if my fat ass isn’t big enough already, and bore the hell out of my audience by telling them what’s in it- some prosciutt, a little capagool – who do you think runs over to pick up my order, Bo?

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