The Phillies Are Already offering Tickets for Half Price on Groupon

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Seven games. That’s what you should have put down in your poll for “how far into the Phillies season will they start offering tickets for half-price?”. Over at Groupon, you can get pretty good seats for the May 13th game against the Pirates (or pretty okay seats for the Mets on May 8th and the DBacks on May 16th) for half off of face value. The Phillies are currently 3-4, so I guess we can expect at least 75% off when they’re 30-40.


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  1. Guarantee Kyle told Jim to load the site with posts to drown out the Les post. Almost every commentor was bashing Kyle (mostly with valid points).

    1. Kyle Scott is the only blogger in town that will make a meaningless story out of a Les Bowen tweet.All it does is put light on the fact that Kyle is lacking quality content for his site,so now he’s dumpster hopping for material which is pretty pathetic when you really think about it.

  2. As long as that big piece of fucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkkk machine is on the roster they should fucking pay people to go watch. Fuck him, his whore white wife and fucking RAJ….you too Sandberg you pussy.

    1. Your boy Chase Utley is batting a putrid .091,but yet no criticism of him by you and drunken loser rednecks like you.


  3. Ryan Howard is on sale for 75% off and no one wants him. Maybe its because he goes 0-4 with 4 K’s against the Nationals?

  4. Wood Yi, youre not too expensive for my “minor league” if you know what I mean….. ==================D – – –

  5. They were already offering tickets at half price through various promotions way before the season started. Way to be on top of things.

    1. Who’s more pathetic: Sean Brace or the guy who makes fun of Sean Brace in the comment section on every blog post.

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