The Phillies Jersey Is One of the Best in Baseball, and You Can Win One That Won’t Make You Sweat

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The Phillies have one of the best, if not the best uniforms in baseball. The classic red pinstripes, the perfect script, the crisp reds and whites, and the only top in all of baseball with the number on the sleeve. It’s a classic — at least for the last 20-some years — look. Paul Lukas at Uni-Watch ranked the Phillies’ uni the second best in baseball, and while putting the Cardinals at number one in anything is the last thing that fanbase deserves, we’ll still take number two.

But today’s baseball jerseys aren’t just about looks, they’re about function. Long gone are the days of wool flannels. This is the age of breathability. And Majestic Athletic has been bringing new ways to keep players cool on the field with their Cool Base jerseys every year. This brand new 2015 Cool Base jersey has moisture wicking material, an improved fit, and some stretch in it. On the field, that helps when you’re chasing down fly balls, sliding into home, and racing around the basepaths. For fans, it helps when your section is just in the sun for like, half of the game, and those Crab Fries and South Philly Dogs are really filling you up. Different needs, but the same result.

And all of this jersey technology comes at a price: Free. Majestic, all hyped up about their shirt science, is giving away a bunch of new Cool Base jerseys to fans around the league. You can enter to win your own jersey here — and if at least 100 of our readers enter, at least one of you is guaranteed to win. So go ahead and enter at the link above, and be sure to select when they ask how you found out about the contest. It’ll really come in handy when you snatch up a couple of bargain basement priced tickets in the dog days of summer. Or, you know, you can buy one.

[Editor’s note: This post isn’t sponsored, but we’ll get a small kickback from that link to buy one.]
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4 Responses

  1. Everytime I purchase or receive a jersey of a current Philadelphia player, regardless of sport, that said player is no longer here within 6 months to a year.

    You need to rig this contest so I win a Rubin Amaro jersey…or maybe Howard. I’ll let you decide who gets got…then we wait.


  2. Looove philly sports..but this is one of the shittiest jerseys in baseball…the stars look like an eleven year old dotted her i’s. The day jerseys for biz person specials are tolerable and the hats on that day are cool as well. However, these pinstripe jerseys blow. How about just just white with an old font sytle P and maybe a detailed liberty bell on thr sleeves..christ use some imagination.

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