The Phillies’ Lineup Today Will Make You Sad


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    1. Overheard at P&P: Delicious Termini’s baked goods and South Philly cheesesteaks are being served in the Press Box though. Gotta feed the scribes so they don’t bash the Phillies too much! No one tell Aramark that we cater in food from outside the ballpark!

  1. I don’t know who any of these guys are.

    I’m not even making a joke about how I don’t know anything about sports. I really don’t know who these guys are.

    By the way, I’m fat.

  2. The good thing about Phillies afternoon baseball is that Josh Innes’ insufferable voice will only be heard for less than two hours,which means he’ll be whining bitching and moaning about Phillies baseball usurping his bullshit show.

      1. to what? Mikey Miss whining and bitching about how Nick Foles doesn’t have functional mobility>? Oh wait, Foles was traded….hey, does anyone know if Mikey Miss is still on the air?

  3. This could possibly be the worst lineup ever fielded based on a combination of past/present and future ability.

  4. Anybody know what they charge for parking at CBP? With this lineup it should be included with purchase of a ticket.

    1. You are missing the point Robert.

      We all know the veterans are not producing but this team is so mismanaged that the horrendous bench players are a down grade from Utley/Howard/Ruiz sub .200 club.

  5. Everyone has been bitching about playing the declining vets and why don’t they give the new guys a chance. Well, that is what they are doing. They may not be much better but playing Utley is not going to make a difference.

  6. My mortgage rates are better than this dreck

    Did youze guys listen to the CUZ yet?

    He has a new morning show.

    He has a new sidekick

    She is MCW

    See youze guys at Primos

    1. The new morning show on 97.5 the fanatic,along with espn radio on 610am is it for me I’m sorry but 94wip is terrible seriously who the fuck wants to hear Hollis Thomas and his creepy uncontrollable laughter.

    2. Like I really need to know that Little Ant ate an entire ball of mozzarella and hasn’t been able to take a dump for two weeks.

  7. It’s on the new or should I say same old fan attic. Nothing better than a prime -0- hoagie with sharp provolone. When I was kid back in the fifties there was nothing better than going to Marcuss Crook and picking up one of those delicious, mouth watering baloney and white bread sandwiches.

  8. When you take the payroll cost of this roster into account, this is by far the worst team ever fielded by any franchise.

  9. Joe Nathan just tore his UCL, out for the season. What are the odds that Ruben is NOT able to parlay this unfortunate turn of events into a trade with the Tigers?

    1. Hello, friend. My name is Joakim Soria. I’m actually closing for the Tigers right now and doing a very good job. I have five saves so far this year and haven’t even walked a single batter. Joe Nathan only pitched one inning so far this year, and he tore his UCL while in a rehab game. I was already gonna take his job anyway even if he did eventually come back.

      Maybe my team could use some bullpen help in the form of a lesser reliever, but we really aren’t in the market for a closer. Especially an overpaid douchnozle like Papelbon.

      Next time, why don’t you try gaining a little knowledge yourself before jumping on here to critcize Amaro. You look just as stupid as he does with your lack of knowledge. Thanks for playing.

  10. Kyle since the conventional media in this town gives Phillies ownership a free pass in this town can you please bury them for this relentless 3-4 year long slopfest despite signing a $5 B TV deal.

    The Dodgers payroll rose from $110 M to $271 M after they signed their TV deal. The Phils payroll went from $175M down to $145 M and they would have cut another $75 M if they could have traded their vets.

    the Forbes report spells out how ridiculously stupid this ownership group is.

    Start getting real + nasty.Nobody else in teh media will do it.

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