The Phillies Still Aren’t Totally Sold on Dom Brown

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a fun little game. When were these things said about Domonic Brown?

“From what I’ve seen, I don’t know that he’s ready for major league pitching, or to come up and really give us some punch with the way things have gone for him there.”

“We don’t think he’s ready to do it … There’s still a question whether he’s ready to come and play on a regular basis.” “We’ll see if he can hold his own and handle it.”

That first one was Ryne Sandberg yesterday. That second one was Ruben Amaro (with a little Charlie Manuel thrown in) in May, 2011.

Ryno is currently wondering if Brown can come up and contribute, post-injury, to a 8-12 team with a combined batting average of .220, but it’s just the same conversation we’ve been having since Brown first came up in 2010. What’s the point in keeping him down in Triple-A for more at-bats? Other than his All-Star year in 2013 — and really, All-Star month — he hasn’t shown a whole lot. Is he really better than how he’s playing on his rehab stints? Has he ever been? All of these questions sound like I’m advocating for keeping him in the minors, but really that’s useless. I know he’s not great, and he’s been nothing but fading potential for four years, but if he can’t crack this lineup? That’s a new low.

At least his Tinder game is still strong.

UPDATE: And yep, Brown was assigned to AAA today.


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  1. The Phillies don’t handle prospects as well as the St. Louis Cardinals do, my favorite team.

    I also like LSU.

    1. Josh has only touched a baseball bat two times in his life. Once, for the 94WIP promo pictures and the second was when he wanted to see how many inches he could insert it into his ass. You know which end first.

  2. why would a team that’s rebuilding and not going to be competitive until 2017 play sizemore or francoeur over brown?

    1. Brown is batting .193 in AAA with a .167 SLG %. He wasn’t too much better in A ball either.

      1. francoeur .200 ba, .364 slg, sizemore .133 ba, .167 slg are tearing it up too. these 30 somethings should not be on a team that is rebuilding.

        amaro should be gone yesterday!

        1. I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just saying this is why. At the major L level he’s even worse right?

  3. Not only is Mikey Miss the #1 show, but he has the hottest girl by his side.
    Great pull by him on Catalyn Roth.

    Even if his show drops to dead last, he goes home to her – as opposed to well Mr. I mean Miss R0bin, Innes girl who looks like a bowl of pasta.
    Unless one of them pulls in a Meele or Parveen – then there is no contest.
    I’m hearing Phil from Mt Airy is creepin on Sue Seri0 since she is into the dark meat.

    1. when they finally bring brown back up, they will option ruf to triple a instead of releasing sizemore or francoeur.

        1. Maybe, but so do Sizemore and Francoeur. I’ll take my chances with the 20-somethings rather than the 30-somethings.

  4. Making a big move in the NL East. Howard and Ruiz carry the team to an NL Wild Card spot.

    1. I am 98% sure this is sarcasm ha, but you reminded me of a few delusional fans who called into the radio shows during spring training seriously believing that this team would make a run. It’s one thing to stick by your team through the hard times and another thing to be a complete moron who thought this team could contend for a playoff spot, let alone eclipse the 70 win mark.

      See all the bandwagoners back in 2020…

  5. I wonder if the players have told the WAGS to just not even bother coming anymore. It’s too brutal.

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