Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a fun little game. When were these things said about Domonic Brown?

“From what I’ve seen, I don’t know that he’s ready for major league pitching, or to come up and really give us some punch with the way things have gone for him there.”

“We don’t think he’s ready to do it … There’s still a question whether he’s ready to come and play on a regular basis.” “We’ll see if he can hold his own and handle it.”

That first one was Ryne Sandberg yesterday. That second one was Ruben Amaro (with a little Charlie Manuel thrown in) in May, 2011.

Ryno is currently wondering if Brown can come up and contribute, post-injury, to a 8-12 team with a combined batting average of .220, but it’s just the same conversation we’ve been having since Brown first came up in 2010. What’s the point in keeping him down in Triple-A for more at-bats? Other than his All-Star year in 2013 — and really, All-Star month — he hasn’t shown a whole lot. Is he really better than how he’s playing on his rehab stints? Has he ever been? All of these questions sound like I’m advocating for keeping him in the minors, but really that’s useless. I know he’s not great, and he’s been nothing but fading potential for four years, but if he can’t crack this lineup? That’s a new low.

At least his Tinder game is still strong.

UPDATE: And yep, Brown was assigned to AAA today.