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This is what happens when you have 428 owners. They’re all rich and old and will die someday. But the season-long patch thing feels like overkill. If someone was private enough to not want to be known by the fans at large when they were alive, then why on Earth would they want to be “honored” on something as visible as the front of a Major League Baseball jersey for 162 games and the Postseason after they die? This will be the third patch the Phillies have worn since 2011 honoring recently passed owners, including three Bucks. In 2011, a “B” patch memorialized Alexander and John Buck. Last year, a “CB” patch paid tribute to Philly’s best sports blog honored Claire Betz. And now, Sally Buck. Am I an asshole? I don’t know, probably. But if you put a patch on your jerseys and one of the most knowledgable fan bases in the country doesn’t know what it means – and believe me, there will be countless Tweets this spring and summer asking what SLB stands for – then why do it? It’s not like a black circle on jersey is the only way to honor someone. There are alternatives to this very specific method– perhaps a video montage, a wreath, or an eternal flame dancing above Ashburn Alley.

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It’s not just you, Dave. Cheerio!

Side note: Phillies Twitter trolls are going to be all over me for this one by about, say, 10:46 this morning.

Side note 2: Only (@Phillies) would hashtag Phillies in a Tweet about the Phillies. They’re like your mom commenting on Facebook pictures and not realizing it’s public. Here’s my credit card number, son, can you order me those towels from the Amazon? Will they email them to me?