The Sixers Probably Aren’t Going to Get Any of Those Other Draft Picks After All


I already feel the burn from the hot takes to come: It was ideal, but never likely. The Sixers could have walked away with four top-20 picks in this year’s draft. Now it looks like they’ll just get the one (their own).

With Oklahoma City’s loss last night, the Thunder are officially locked into the top-18 picks, and since their pick is top-18 protected this year, the Sixers won’t get it. The pick will come this way next year if the Thunder are outside the top-15 (likely) with the same protections in 2017. If none of those criteria are met, it becomes a Sixers second rounder in both 2018 and 2019, which is not nearly as sexy.

The Sixers aren’t completely out of play for the Heat’s pick, but it’s unlikely they’ll acquire that one without some real lottery luck. The pick is currently top-10 protected and if the season ended today, the Heat would be in that 10th spot. They can still win out (and have the Jazz or Pacers lose out and go to a coin flip to see who is #11 and who is #10). It’s top-10 protected again next year, and then wholly unprotected in 2017. There is still a chance the Sixers do land this pick this year, but that would require two teams with picks lower than the Heat’s to jump them in the lottery, which is unlikely.

And that Lakers pick. Oh, the Lakers pick. How badly we want thee. The Lakers are pretty much locked in to the 4th worst record in the NBA (unless the Sixers win out and the Lakers lose out), giving them a 17.2% chance of getting completely boned in the lottery and handing us their pick at #6. If that unlikely scenario doesn’t happen, the pick, which is protected top-3 in 2016 and 2017, and unprotected in 2018, stays with the Lakers this year.

So what now? The next thought is that these conditional picks just became great trade chips. That’s true, especially for that Lakers pick. While we’ll probably end up getting that Thunder pick at #20-24 and the Heat pick somewhere in the mid-teens next year, the Lakers could be a playoff team in 2016. Sure, with Kobe this season they were hot garbage, but Julius Randle will presumably be healthy and they’ll likely have a top-5 pick this year to add to the mix. Their conditional pick has TRADE BAIT stamped all over it. But Sam Hinkie’s probably running super secret simulations on this as we speak.


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  1. I don’t think Hinkie wanted all the picks in one draft anyway, he’s said multiple times that he wants a decade’s worth of sustained success. If he keeps getting to use two 1st round picks in each draft over the next five years, he’ll continue to be able to restock the shelf a couple years down the road when all these high lottery picks start looking for that 2nd contract. Hinkie can’t pay all these guys the 2nd contracts they are going to want, so if he can stagger the 2nd contracts over multi years, have two 1st round draft picks each year with dozens of 2nd rounders he somehow seems to grow in his closet, he’ll have cost certainity across the players he’s drafted and can try to allure the 1 big free agent he wants to a max contract. All just educated guessing, but if he had four 1st round picks next year, how would Brown find a way to play them all anyway.

  2. Lakers pick to OKC for Durant, as long as KD is willing to sign here.

    Works for us because we add the “superstar” we are missing to go with Embid and Noel, bring over Saric, and we still have our top 5 pick this year.

    OKC will be looking to move KD since his contract is ending, and they have a very good team with Westbrook and company, and will add another top pick with the Lakers pick we give them.

    We have the money and draft picks, this is what we have been waiting for.

  3. With our own top 5 pick and Joel Embiid suiting up next year,it’s not that big of a deal.What I would like to see in the off-season is the Sixers targeting either Spurs sf Kawhi Leonard or Chicago Bulls sg Jimmy Butler with a 4 year max contract.I know their respective teams can match any offer as both players are restricted free agents,but it’s worth the risk.

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  5. breakfast on broad is pretty good. keep in mind i watch 20 min before work, but they have good guests on. rob ellis is pretty good. The chicks are both doable. i give it a B.

    1. Oh they are doable? Good for them. You should drop them a line to see if they think you are doable.

  6. Wait, the Lakers COULD MAKE THE PLAYOFFS NEXT YEAR??!?!

    Dude, they’re HORRENDOUS. The West is one of the strongest divisions in ALL OF SPORTS. You mean to tell me this shit team could be one of the top 8 teams in the west with Julius Randle (who’s played maybe 100 minutes of NBA ball total) Kobe (who won’t play 30 minutes per game, and is old as fuck) and a lottery player (who needs to learn how to play in the NBA).


  7. I just want to know if there is another would-have-been-the-top-pick-in-the-draft, but got injured and will miss the entire 2015-16 season” player on the Sixers draft radar again.

    Some day it would be cool to actually get to watch Saric and Embid play for the Sixers.

    1. Mario Hezonja.. they can draft him and ask him to play overseas another year, and he can join the sixers with Saric in 2016

      1. Along with Dario Saric,Super Mario Hezonja will form the dynamic duo known as the “Croatian Sensations”.

  8. Yeah the odds were against us getting those picks this year, and even Sam Hinkie said he didn’t expect any of them, especially the Lakers’ pick, to convey this year. The top 10 picks seem pretty stacked, so I’d love another one, but we’re fine where we’re at. And the Lakers will suck next year, especially if Kobe plays. The player I’d like to see us target, especially if we don’t get a PG in the draft is Jeremy Lin. Make the Lakers worse, give us an offensive playmaker to work with Noel and Embiid and the wing we draft (Hezonja or Winslow) (if we draft a wing).

  9. I Still hate this team for trading vucevic and harkless for Nada. #Sixers still sux

  10. You knew the Sixers weren’t going to get those picks. The NBA draft is always incredibly rigged. Unless the NBA really wants the Sixers to succeed (which they don’t in any capacity) the they were never going to give them picks that could really help the team.

    1. The NBA draft is not rigged and as dumb as you are, JA is even worse

      “While we’ll probably end up getting that Thunder pick at #20-24 and the Heat pick somewhere in the mid-teens next year, the Lakers could be a playoff team in 2016.”

      OKC had the 2nd best record in both 2013 and 2014, they have the 16th best record this year with Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka missing ~90 combined games, over 3000 minutes.

      The Heat are more likely to have home court in the East next year than have a pick in the teens.

      The Lakers don’t even have cap room to sign a MAX player, they have a terrible coach, Kobe is awful, Randle and whoever they draft won’t be positive players next year. The Lakers are literally infinitely more likely to be the worst team in the league next year than to make the playoffs

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