The Sixers Should Lose Tonight

Photo Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

There’s one big reason why the fans (and front offices) of both the Sixers and Heat won’t want to win tonight’s game: Miami’s first-round draft pick.

No matter tonight’s outcome, the fate of the pick will not be totally sealed. Miami is locked into finishing 10th or 11th from the bottom. Period. Nothing can change that. And the lottery has many tricks up its sleeve. But here’s what it comes down to: If the Heat finish with the 10th worst record, the Sixers have a 9.1% of lucking into their (the Heat’s) top-10 protected lottery pick. If the Heat finish 11th, those odds jump to 97.1%, and it’s up to the lottery to screw the Sixers over.

So why would both teams want to lose? If the Heat lose …

  • Miami is locked into the 10 spot, giving the Sixers only a 9.1% chance at getting their pick.

If the Sixers lose and …

  • The Magic beat the Nets:
    • Miami and Brooklyn will tie for the 10th spot in the lottery.
    • Both teams will split the balls for the 10 and 11 spot, with one team winning a coin-flip for one extra ping-pong ball and who would draft first if neither team jumps into the top 3. If the Heat were to lose that coin-flip, the Sixers would have their 97.1% chance at the pick.
  • The Knicks beat the Pistons:
    • The Sixers and Knicks will tie for the second spot in the lottery.
    • The Sixers gain up to 22 more ping-pong balls and have a better chance at jumping up to the first or second pick.

So let’s go Sixers… but also also the Heat and the Magic and the Knicks. The association!

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17 Responses

  1. Since we all know Pat Riley will force the Heat’s coach to sit Dwyane Wade,Luol Deng and Hassan Whiteside,Sam Hinkie needs to inform Brett Brown that he needs to sit Nerlens Noel,Robert Covington,Ish Smith and Jason Richardson.That puts the Sixers at the mandatory minimum of 8 players available and increases their chances of losing tonight because the Miami Heat will be in full tank-mode.

  2. Miami will try to intentionally lose and the Sixers will not. Miami will have enough sense to sit their starters in hopes of losing the game, while the Sixers will play everyone, win the game and piss away everything.

  3. What are the Sixers?

    Anyway, coming up next on the Afternoon Zoo with Josh and Tony….STRIPPERS!

  4. Let me tell ya something Ok. Today was a record. Turned on Harry Mayes show this morning , and Eytan went 8 seconds without mentioning Marcus Mariotas name. That broke the record by 5 seconds .

    Okaaay Okaaay.

  5. Most impressive tank job by Miami. Like 2 weeks ago man they were in the 18 spot with 8 teams to jump and they somehow did it.

  6. It does not matter who wins the 76ers/Heat game.

    The Nets have the Magic tonight who are in full tank mode. Easy Brooklyn win.

    The NYK is not stupid enough to Win tonight and lose a slot at the top of the draft.

  7. What the Sixers are doing is a disgrace. They have no end plan they just keep pushing progress back further. Hinkie is a moron. Im getting so upset Im going to body slam Eytan Sandler through this effing glass.

  8. Eunice stop tripping you dope. Lets see how your middle of the road Celts and their joke of a front line(Brian Bass,kelly Olniak,Cody Zeller) do next year verse Embeast,Nerlens and Karl Anthont Towns.

    Stop Plaaaayiiing y’alllllll

  9. Formerly Phil From Mount Airy

    97.5 Can you get me some more hours. Its getting rough out here in the hood.

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