The Sixers Will Have Sleeved Jerseys “Eventually”

sleeved jerseys

Sleeved jerseys look terrible, but if the NBA is gonna push them (and all of the major market teams do) there’s no reason the Sixers shouldn’t. I’m sure a lot of Sixers fans are less than comfortable with the tank.

Kyle: Not me, baby. Couple of pythons hanging off this frame.


6 Responses

  1. I won’t be able to see their muscles in those things!

  2. Idiotic Hinkie truthers need to look at how much worse this team was in year 2 of this moronic charade. They should give out blindfolds and purple drank next year to keep the sheep stoned and blind to the fraud.

  3. This screen grab indicates you’re not following Scott O’Neil? I’d expect that from Kyle; you’re supposed to try to give CB an air of legitimacy Jim.

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