Three More Reasons Why Jonathan Papelbon Is Awesome and or a Huge Jerk

pic via Rob Larsen
pic via Rob Larsen

Exhibit A

As you may have read last night, Jonathan Papelbon, well, he hates Philly. Here he is speaking to the Boston Globe:

Three days into the season, Jonathan Papelbon was still pulling things out of a box, getting his locker in order.

He had his Ric Flair action figure flexing on the shelf and a World Championship Wrestling belt hanging from up top.

He pulled out a pink “Nature Boy” robe, purple feathers fluttering out, Flair’s autograph in black magic marker on the back and hung it next to the belt.

The setup was essentially an upgraded version of the shrine to Flair that Dustin Pedroia made for himself in the Red Sox clubhouse in 2011 and, in a way, it made sense.

“The Red Sox are a part of who I am, man,” Papelbon said. “I don’t really feel much like a Phillie.

“Boston’s where I was born and raised. It’s kind of like that, you know. It’s the city you were born and raised in.”

“It’s been a tough transition over here,” Papelbon said. “I’m not going to lie. It’s been tough. Tough getting used to the way it is here. It’s two totally different organizations.

“The way they’re ran, the way they’re coached, the players that are on them. Two totally different styles of baseball. I don’t know if I can honestly tell you if I’m even used to it yet.”

“So if you ask me, what runs deep in you, the Red Sox still run deep in me. It’s where I’m from. It’s where I grew up, it’s who I became as a pitcher. So that will always stick with me no matter what.”

And from ESPN:

“I’ve never been embraced here, from day one,” Papelbon said after saving the Phillies’ 4-2 win over the Red Sox, narrowly avoiding catastrophe when Hanley Ramirez’s deep drive to left with the bases loaded in the eighth was caught by left fielder Ben Revere when off the bat it looked like it might be Ramirez’s second grand slam in two games.

“It’s not antagonizing,” he said. “It’s speaking the truth. When I get asked that question, I give you the truth.

“I don’t say anything to piss anybody off, piss the fans off, by any means. I’m honest, you know? I’m a Phillie right now. I play for the Phillies, but there’s a big part of my heart that lies with the Red Sox, you know what I mean?”

What a guy. He did, however, have nice things to say about his bullpen mates. So… there’s something.


Exhibit B

I was holding off on posting Exhibit A last night because I was trying to confirm the little tip I got about Papelbon telling Jim Salisbury to “fuck off” and go back to his “dick-sucking hole.” And yep, that happened. Here’s audio we obtained– listen closely in the background, after the Rick Flair “Wooo!”:

“Gonna see some shit explode this year, brother. Fuck off, Salisbury. Go back to your dick-sucking hole… fuck… you’re standing in my face.”

You like how we pulled that Nature Boy lede full-circle? You don’t get this anywhere else. Full, 360 coverage here, baby.

It’s hard to tell if Papelbon was joking – you hear a laugh in the background – or if he was being serious. He seems to have a weird rapport with Salisbury. Last month, Salisbury did pushups at Bright House Field after losing a bet with Papelbon over Mississippi State football. So I think Papelbon may have been joking here. Still, you’re not gonna get this shit on CSN.


Exhibit C

After getting Hanley Ramirez to fly out a cold miserable night knocked down Hanley Ramirez’s sure-fire, go-ahead grand slam to end the eighth inning, Papelbon gave the Red Sox dugout his trademarked crotch grab. Not tonight, boys:


Classy guy. But honestly? We’d probably love him if the Phils were even halfway decent.

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33 Responses

    1. Overpaid how? He’s one of the only members of this staff doing the job they were hired for. He’s only overpaid because the Phillies are a farm team with lower pant legs and his saves are all for naught.

  1. At least someone in the locker room is standing up and calling out the Phillies org for being a steaming pile of shit. Good for Papelbon.

    1. I have no problem with anything he said. How’d you like to be playing out your last few good years on a sinking ship?

  2. Dude is pathetic. The Red Sox didn’t want you anymore. He is like the guy that keeps showing up at his ex’s house with flowers in a lame attempt to win her over even though she remarried and has kids with the new guy. If the Red Sox were human they would have a restraining order against him.

  3. As fans, we always say we want athletes to be more honest and interesting in interviews. Well, that’s exactly what Paplebon is. Love him or hate him, he’s pretty much the only entertainment we will get this year from a dog-shit Phillies team.

  4. what a tool

    born in louisiana, high school in florida, college in mississippi….but yeah born and raised in boston.

    Agree all this talk wouldn’t mean much if we were winning, but he’s an idiot who still thinks he can blow it by people. Gonna be a long year.

    1. He’s not a Philly guy like me, Al, and Macnow.

      Did you hear that great sports radio this morning with Macnow talking about the bacon food contest? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. The comment to Salisbury was just meh. Now if it had been delivered to Paul JOlowitz, that would have been AWESOME.

    Papelbon was fifth in saves last year (NL), and at the end of the season the bullpen had developed into a reliable unit. Why would the sports writers and some fans hate on the one bright spot of a weak organization?

  6. Well, on one hand, he’s right. Two different clubs…but at that same time, he needs to keep his fucking mouth shut about how clubs are run and the types of player on a team and all that shit….just fucking save games, would ya?

  7. Papelbon may be a jackass, but he at least he has produced over the life of his contract. How awesome would the Phils be if Amaro signed his first choice that off season – Madsen for four years at 44 million. He just threw his first inning since 2011 on Opening Day 2015. So yeah, he’s a jackass who’ll hold the Phillies career save record by May.

  8. Pap is the man. Speaks the truth and honestly is just pissed off he is on a shitty team. Wouldn’t you say anything you could to get off this squad?

    1. true dat. He will be off the team by the end of the week, I think….There was a closer that just went down on some team, cant remember who, but I know there are a couple teams that will be in the market. Hopefully RAJ gets this one right and ships this red neck from “Boston” (actually Louisiana) to another club and gets something in return.

  9. “We’d probably love him if the Phils were even halfway decent.”

    Incorrect. He got here when the Phils were still halfway decent (they went 81-81 in 2012), and I’ve despised this hayseed since day one…

  10. I actually like the crotch grab at the Red Sox bench. Shows the guy still has some fire even if it’s a joke. As long as the closer has some pride, an ego, and a ton of confidence, that’s what it’s going to take….Not for nothing, but being a closer, who has won and performed at the highest level, on an absolutely terrible team, has to be miserable. You’re basically playing to pick up a pay check at this point, so hell, I’d be frustrated too…

  11. Yea i think this guy is hateable no matter how the phillies are playing or however he is performing.

    He’s just that phony guy that tries to act wayyy way too cool, and constantly brags about himself and constantly needs attention, that is why he is hated here. Oh, also he takes random days off and im suprised he even came in last night in the 8th to get a four out save. Whereas Utley just is who he is, makes scrappy plays and stays out of the spotlight with dumb comments. I realize Chase is a shell of himself now, but i think that’s why he gets a pass now for his lack of play because of the way he always carried himself

  12. Don’t know about anyone else but have never told anyone to go back to their ” dick sucking hole” as a joke. Maybe that’s just me. Dude is just an immature rich kid who’s pissed off he’s here.

  13. More than I can say about Hamels and Utley who both want to be gone but pander to fans.
    No one and I repeat no one wants to stay with Phillies. They all want to be on contender.

    1. Actually, he said both – he said he was “born and raised” in Boston in the article, and said that he was from Baton Rouge on TV. In short, he’s an idiot.

  14. Papelbon is fine. He’s great. Leave the fucking guy alone. The ONLY guy living up to his paychecks.

  15. Another media created controversy. People that can’t do anything productive sitting at their computer attacking someone at an elite level in his profession. I hate the Philadelphia media. Why is everyone so concerned about the players personality? Just watch the game and enjoy it.

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