Vote Now: PSMFO64 Elite Eight

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Vote after the jump. Through the weekend.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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32 Responses

  1. How did macnow make it this far with his boring burger pizza and promoting his bar talk? Guy is terrible.

      1. Didn’t realize Macnows main fan group (60+ year olds and terrible impersonators) knew how to use a computer. Nice to see you getting your grandson to type a reply for you.

        Maybe he is getting pushed through as a prank, because he is God damned awful on the radio. Seriously, I cant imagine anyone enjoys him reviewing 15 pizza slices for 15 weeks straight like he used to do. Then he just changes up the type of food and rinse and repeat the next year. I think we can all agree he knows nothing about sports. He’s like an older, less funny, incredibly less interesting Josh Innes with a Mike Missaneli holier than thou personality. He seems like he gets legitimately mad if you say you think his #9th ranked burger is better than his #4.

    1. I agree. The fact that McNow is even in this tournament is a mystery to me. It’s a disgrace if his votes get even close to missinielli.

  2. Brace and kayal are gone marks must be on the way. what killed brace was that he had no philadelphia connections and was an outsider not like a new York outsider, but a real one. Eytan schander is disconnected when he is on and only talks eagles when he was on It’s tough to listen Too nothing personal. When he was on wip one night he was on for big daddy graham he had a staged caller say how awesome he was and that he should take over for big daddy and they should fire big daddy graham for schander. Never heard schander on wip again.

    1. Shander is definitely the worst weekday host at the moment. Phil from Mt airy will always be the worst overall. But I don’t understand how Shander has a job in one of the best time slots. Like you said he’s only capable of talking eagles and even that’s a stretch. But seems like anyone with Harry fails. Baldy is good for football season only. Harry was really only good with Tony. Since Bruno left he’s gone through how many Co hosts? Can’t be a coincidence. He has knowledge but his constant twitter mentioning and gambling mentions are a little annoying. And without someone keeping things light like Bruno he’s just stale. Shander clearly tries way too hard to be over the top.

      1. Shander is ok but weekend fill in guys like Phil from Mt. Airy and that miserable sob Joe Staszak that keeps 97.5 in the toilet.What’s the deal with Johnny Marks?

    2. Fuck that “outsider” shit. Cataldi is from NY/NE and consistently gets great ratings in this city even though he just about openly says he could not give less of a fuck about how the teams in this town perform. In fact, he has said many times that when the Eagles are bad its good for his show because people get their bitch on about it. Stop with the parochial shit, Brace sucks, the fact that he was not born here has nothing to do with it.

    1. Oh, good. The handle stealing trolls are back.

      How abut you drink a Red Bull and come up with something on your own.

  3. I would vote for my Joshy Poo if I could only figure out how to work this Internet thing. He’s still in it right.

  4. “Awaiting Moderation”

    Jesus Christ, we can’t even say the last name of the female member of the WIP morning team in the text of a comment…with nothing offensive attached…without it getting zipped?

    Engage this, fucko.

  5. I haven’t listened to WIP or 97.5 for awhile, are they still debating whether Foles is a franchise QB EVERY day???? Oh wait, he got traded, so they must be talking about trading up for Mariota for the 78th day this off season … Those 2 reasons is why I stopped listening as Philly Sports Talk Radio is as bad as its ever been.

    1. That’s because the teams suck, and its low tide with baseball in the toilet, the dreadful Sixers and Flyers finishing and football over. It will ramp up in a week as the draft approaches.

  6. You see how the vote totals are steadily declining as Kyle milks this ridiculous “event.”
    Josh and Sean did both suck ass.

  7. As a somewhat neutral observer (I probably listen to about 4 or 5 hours of sports radio a week) and also as a person who doesn’t have such vitriolic distaste for the hosts as many people here do, these are my observations regarding both stations.
    1. Honestly, I could care less where the hosts come from.
    2. Brace was probably let go because he had been at the station for 7 or 8 years and NEVER improved his craft. I understand giving him a few years to figure it out, but he just wasn’t getting any better. He probably would’ve been better served hosting a late-night show for a few years until he got his feet wet.
    3. From top to bottom, the hosts at WIP are better than 97.5. The weekend and part-time hosts on WIP are better.
    4. Ellis got a bum deal. He’s better suited for his own show, by himself. WIP should’ve just kept him on the evenings.
    5. I don’t really have a problem with Gargano, though I understand why people would. But he can’t carry a show by himself. He’s at his best when he’s riffing with somebody else. It seems like WIP spent the past 4 or 5 years trying to find that person. I thought Macnow was the best out of everyone they tried.
    6. Phil from Mt. Airy is the only host I’ll bash. He is horrible. I’d have actually dumped him before Brace. He’s the only host on the 2 stations where I immediately flip the station when I hear him.
    7. At first glance, 97.5 should be licking their chops. WIP appears like it should be easily beatable in a ratings battle of 97.5 managed things right. It hurts them not to have a local morning show. But their programming from 10-2 is much better than WIP, in my opinion. It’s a shame they don’t have a lead-in.
    8. Obviously, the match-up everybody is watching is the midday battle. Hard to tell which way it’ll go. Just the way Innes’ style is, people will either really like him or really dislike him. I find myself listening to both shows about the same amount of time.

    1. Good observations. 97.5 is at a disadvantage because in morning drive and late night they carry national, not local programming. That said, WIP is extremely parochial. Cataldi and his teenage sex driven morning zoo is often unlistenable for me although I know he’s smarter than he puts out.

      Decamera is really smart and the football evening shows like Jaws and use of former Eagles and national ESPN guys is very informative. 97.5 forced WIP to start connecting to national reporters. Big Daddy is the only local alternative at night but I find him very good. So its basically only contested from 10-7. 10-2 is break even, I like 97.5 better. Missanelli tromps the unbearable Innes and Bruno and 6-7 is a wash. Kayal was OK. Hadad is new at IP. All rather bland past 7.

      1. Big Daddy very good?! Yeah, if you want to listen to his dumbass list of his favorite concerts – like anyone gives a fuck – his non-stop shilling for his appearances – like anyone gives a fuck – and now, appearances by his dipshit daughter – like anyone gives a fuck. How this brain dead, no talent imbecile ever got a show is beyond me. But hey, it’s Philadelphia, and he’s “one of us,” so it’s all good.

        1. You nailed it.

          He is an unfunny, no knowledge, no talent hack.If Cataldi and Conklin weren’t in his corner, he would not have this gig, or many others.

          As bad as Innes is and Brace was, Graham epitomizes why local doesn’t always mean “good”

  8. Hello Gentelmen,
    Clearly there is a disconnect between me and my contemporaries. My diction or lack there of. Is not because of a lack of higher education. But that was the philosophy of getting ratings and ultimately succeeding in the pit which is Philly telestrial radio. Please look for me at pitchers pub and DJ’ing at Delialaah’s den on big Breast Wednesday’s.

  9. Why is it every time i hear missanellis voice on the radio i get an uncontrollable urge to punch someone in the face? Innes and Bruno are an awful pairing and they try to hide it by playing music and singing all the time, but it will have to do until mike ‘mani & pedi’ missy has a heart attack or gets fired, neither of which is far off.

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