Well These Philly Sports Emojis Are Fantastic

Cole Hamels
Cole Hamels

The folks over at Billy Penn created a bunch of Philly sports Emojis (that I seriously wish you could somehow import into your phone’s keyboard). The Cole Hamels one is expectedly good looking, and I think I will print out this Ruben Amaro one and yell at it all season long as a coping mechanism:

Ruben Amaro
Ruben Amaro

I can only imagine that this one would be formed by typing 8FU( on your Emoji-enabled keyboard.

Check out all of them here. There’s a Mo’ne Davis one for those of you who need more Mo’ne Davis. I wish there was an irreverent blogger one. Imagine how much sharing would happen if the folks over at Billy Penn made these for bloggers. Just saying…


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  1. Wow! A blog that creates unique content? Awesome!

    1. Kyle is cool because he doesn’t care about being cool. He’s like super cool. Becky told me his uncle is going to let him borrow his Civic for prom and that Kyle is going stag!!! He is just so irreverent!

  2. So, Gargano is about to sit in with Missanelli.


    I don’t get it; 97.5 finally fires one moron in Brace, just to hire another moron? And yes, I get that the Gargano hiring has probably been in the works for a while.

    Can’t wait for the first Avalon Brian call.

  3. Oh, boy, now Raider Jack can go around crowing about how he was the first loo…I mean caller to the “Cuz” on 97.5.

    Also, 97.5 just blocked me on Twitter for ripping Gargano… no profanity; no ethnic slurs, unless you count “fake South Phiily guy nonsense” as a slur; nothing too over the top.


    p.s. my real name shows up when I tweet, so I was not just flexing twitter muscles.

    1. If I am going to rip, I have to give credit.

      Emailed 975 about the twitter block and Nehagian got back to me pretty quick. had a good phone conversation with him. Seems like a decent guy. Knows there are as many detractors for Gargano; Brace; etc. as fans. Well, maybe more detractors for Brace. Anyway, unblocked.

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