Yep, Eagles Writers Bitched about the Birds Playing in Detroit on Thanksgiving

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The Eagles will play the Lions at 12:30 on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the second year in a row the Birds will play on Thanksgiving, and predictably, the scriptuals aren’t too happy about it (nor is Derrick Gunn, who lamented about his holiday plans endlessly on Breakfast on Broad this morning). Quite frankly, I don’t blame them (I wouldn’t want to go to Detroit on Thanksgiving… or ever). But this provides a nice illustration of the difference in mindset between fans and reporters. Fans see: OMG another Thanksgiving Day game. AWESOME! I love football and the NFL sooooo much. Writers see: FML. Goddamn schedule makers are out to get us. I’ve always hated football on holidays. When will they end this charade? Me? I love the prospect of flipping over from the 6 ABC Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade straight into EAGLES FOOTBALL! I’m gonna need my stuffing and then maybe a little bit of that turkey gravy poured on top… yep, just like that. Thanks!


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  1. It’s their fucking job. Most would be grateful to have a cakewalk “job” like they do. Why are we even giving them the time of day to read their whiny-ass tweets.

    1. Football & baseball writers should unite about these unfair working conditions.

      Christ, baseball reporters have to withstand daily 15-minute sun showers during those back breaking weeks covering February exhibition games in sun soaked back water towns like Clearwater and Bradenton.

      Ooohhhh the humanity.

    2. These ASSCLOWN writers should SHUT THE FUCK UP!! It`s not like they`re digging pits or working in a ER for 18 hr shifts, They`re watching FOOTBALL!! Get over it, everyone works on holidays nowadays, it`s not the 70`s anymore. I`d like to sit and write about football for a living, Your blessed..You all should be ashamed of yourselves…POMPUS ASSCLOWNS!!

    1. exactly. i wonder what real reporters that work for cnn etc. who will be spending thanksgiving in afghanistan, or syria, or wherever the fuck ever have to say about this bitching

  2. I can’t believe how wrong you are.

    I mean, really, who the hell watches the Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

  3. I’m pissed because I’ll have to cut my thanksgiving goose hunt short this year to watch the game.

    Thanks Obama………

  4. Did you ever notice how I repsond to tweets that Im not even included? If someone tweets tony I feel its my job to reply. I guess my new job it twitter responder when not included.

  5. Who pissed in their cheerios? Fucking grumpy ass old men. If you’re a fan of the Eagles, you should be very happy they’re playing on Thanksgiving, not bitching about going to Detroit. Oh no, I have to go to Detroit on Thanksgiving because I’m going to get paid to go stay in a nice hotel and write words about sports! Douchebags.


  6. with all this Thanksgiving talk I just ate an entire Turkey – and a stick of butter, of course.

  7. Hard Hitting Stuff here!

    BTW, remember that article bashing the Met’s rotation a few weeks ago?

    1. OMG! Kyle is so cool now with this apple watch. I broke up with him because he wasn’t cool anymore. I want him back!

  8. An important reminder of the ungodly stress football beat writers have to go through a full 20 games per year….counting exhibition games. Fuck all you coal miners & ironworkers!

  9. I’m sure all of you deadbeats work on Thanksgiving. At least these guys produce something for a living. You fucking dudes spend all day on CB with your dick in your hands waiting for a Jillian Mele or KC pic. Losers.

    1. Yes I do work Thanksgiving. I literally had to leave my family’s dinner table last year to haul my lazy ass off to work and my usual 12 hour shift. I didn’t get to see last year’s Eagles game. I was too busy saving lives douche bag.

  10. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad for the writers at all. I have worked the past 15 years on Thanksgiving and have never posted or tweeted a comment about how I have to work it. Suck it up and go watch a game on Thanksgiving. Do your job or quit!!!!

  11. 1) Tell that to people that have to work for minimum wage on thanksgiving because of corporate greed (I’m glad I work a real job now)

    2) You live in the Philadelphia area, but complain about having to go to Detroit ON BUSINESS. No one asked you to live there, or on Zugg Island. As I see it, Philadelphia is basically the same as Detroit. Unemployment is similar, crime is similar, house blight is similar. If you can handle Philly, you can handle Detroit.

  12. It’s funny because IF you were ever invited to an eagles game with press credentials you would be SO excited… but on the other hand, if you were invited to EVERY Eagles game with credentials, you certainly wouldn’t want to be in Detroit for Thanksgiving either.

    It’s like how you were in highschool and you said “It’s cool, i didnt want to go to that party anyway..” you know, all the parties you were NEVER invited to from Malvern…

  13. Another reason why print media is going under… How about the unemployed workers out there would jump at the opportunity to have a fully expensed trip to watch an Eagles game in return for writing the same redundant garbage the guy next to you is writing!

    It’s Thanksgiving, be thankful you still have a job because when the next generation grows up…you won’t!

  14. Hey Les, if you and the rest of the bitchy brigade don’t want to go to Detroit for Thanksgiving, I’ll do it, Hell, as long s your papers all pay my expenses, I’ll do ALL your fucking jobs on that day, I’ll be glad to , if for nothing else, to remember what it was like to do that when I would cover the annual Turkey Night Grand Prix out in LA. Not like I had plans with my wife or anything, hell, if you all agree to let me do it I can bring her along as my “Personal assistant,” and we can slpit the money you would have made that day, you lazy ass hacks

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