Cody Asche Has (At Least!) 10 Days to Learn Left Field and Then Start There for the Phillies

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Things are going great.

Yesterday, a couple of days before the Phillies give out the “Sports 4 All Cody Asche Wiffle Ball and Bat Set,” they sent Asche down to Triple-A. Why? To learn a completely new position, of course. He’s got to stay there for at least ten days. The move is being made because, for one thing, the Phillies need outfielders. For another, according to Jim Salisbury, they’re planning on bringing Maikel Franco up as early as the end of the week (waiting until Friday will delay his eventual free agency) and feel he’s the future at third.

It’s gonna be awkward for Asche up in Lehigh Valley, though. I can imagine the pitching change conferences in center as Dom Brown comes in from right:

Dom Brown: Hey Cody, what are you doing here?

Asche: They’re giving me ten days to learn left field and then probably calling me back up.

Dom: Cool, cool. Wait, what?

Things are going great.

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19 Responses

  1. Jim you’re an idiot. Stop talking about baseball. Stick to fawning over Hinkie’s hoarding of 2nd round picks and sweatpants style advice you two bit hack.

  2. Why teach a guy with no power playing a power position (3B) a position where you usually stack players with even greater power (LF)?

  3. Anything insight on the patriots and Tom Brady? Did you hear that Chuck Bednarik died also?

    1. Do we need insight on Brady? Pretty sure every outlet has exhausted it at this point. And move on from Chuck – did you even see the guy play a fucking game ? Before our time – plus he openly cheered for New England against us in the Super Bowl. RIP, that is all.

        1. Incorrect. Kyle will get on here and defend the fact that I rarely take his side.

  4. Why not move him to second base ( his original position). Oh I guess he hits to high for average.

    1. He doesn’t have the range for 2B…he’s not even a good enough fielder for 3B. He’s a super utility player at best. He’s posting a -0.2 WAR at 3B and is striking out a higher rate than Howard (with only a fraction of the power). If anything, move Galvis to 2B when Crawford makes it to The Show.

  5. What a disaster. Hard to believe amaro is still GM but then again, it’s the phollies. Wow.

    1. Clearly Chip is infecting the other teams with his blatant racism

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