Dave Hakstol: The Basics


Dave Hakstol is the new Flyers coach. Ron Hextall, in the introductory press conference, described his “tireless work ethic” and “extremely high-level” knowledge of the game. But what else do we know about Hakstol and the way he coaches beyond GM speak about the guy who was just given one of the most high-profile jobs in hockey?


But the #FireHakstol hashtag has been pretty active over the years. Here’s an example:


In his eleven years at the University of North Dakota, Hakstol’s teams have never posted a winning percentage lower than .605, and though he led his team to the NCAA Frozen Four seven times, they only advanced to the Finals once.

College Hockey writer Chris Dilks told Broad Street Hockey what they need to know about Hakstol:

Hakstol has a reputation as a very intense, super-serious guy. It’s very, very rare to ever see him crack a smile. His teams play a tough, very physical style of hockey. Offensively, he wants his guys to get the puck to the net from anywhere and then grind out rebounds, tips, etc.

He had a ton of success at North Dakota, but with the money and facilities they have, they’re also getting the cream of the crop in terms of talent. There was some frustration in Grand Forks from fans that he was never able to win a national title, but a lot of it was that the NCAA’s goofy playoff system. It’s so rare to see a coach go from the NCAA to an NHL head job, so I really have no idea how he’ll do. I think he’s a pretty good coach, but so is everyone else at that level.

And for all of that #FireHakstol stuff, Broad Street Hockey explains it like this: “North Dakota fans are the New England Patriots fans of NCAA hockey. They are insufferable and think that nothing short of a title is what they, the truest of the true college hockey fan, deserves.”

Back to the press conference: Hextall said Hakstol was the number one target all along, that he “gets the most out of his players,” and that his lack of pro experience is the only box he didn’t check with Hakstol’s hiring [editor’s note: I suppose that box is pretty large].

Howard Eskin asked Hakstol what he thinks his adjustment has to be to coach pro players. “I believe in what we do and I believe in the things that I do and I’m not gonna change that,” Hakstol replied. “I’m not gonna pretend that I do [have experience at this level], but … one of the most important things is communicating with and getting to know these players.”


When asked about choosing a rookie coach, Hextall said he’d take a guy who has been a head coach in college for 11 years over an NHL assistant every time. Hakstol, when asked about the fan base, the city and media, said, “the history and tradition of this organization” was one of the real exciting things about taking the job.

The most popular question asked of Hextall — more than once, in a few different forms — was how many candidates he interviewed/who else he talked do/what about Babcock/etc. Hextall refused to discuss the process, but said Hakstol is “the right guy.” By going outside of the usual candidates and processes, Hakstol’s hiring puts a lot of pressure on Hextall.

Flyers chairman Bernie Lomax Ed Snider pretty much deferred to Hextall on the hire:

I'm alive, maybe

It remains to be seen if Hakstol will be a good coach at this level. But it’s immediately obvious that he has great, no nonsense hair:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-18_12-22-06_PM


The Hakstol era begins.

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  1. The NFL is buuhhhrillient, they have us talkin bout it 365 days a yeeeaaarr.

    I regret every time I give this show a chance. MCW is a total airhead and Jon Marks is invisible.

      1. Come on hun, don’t let them get to you.

        Why don’t you come on over and have some of my Italian Diablo. It’ll make you feel better.

  2. 4 posts in a row basically saying the same thing. Okay guys, we get it. The Flyers hired another guy who will undoubtedly retain the bully namesake as required by Crazy Eddie. His contracts are insane!!!

  3. Let’s see we have the Flyers hiring a new head coach and the nba lottery in less than 48hours(Sixers hustle 4 D’Angelo Russell)and the Phillies on a 5 game winning streak with Maikel Franko hitting his 1st homerun and what will Mike Missanelli focus his show on you guessed it,Chip Kelly and more Eagles nonsense.

    1. Actually Missanelli focused on the Flyers coach, the phillies and the Iverson documentary. He hadHextall, Aaron McKie and Ryne Sandberg on the show. No Eagles talk at all. Was a very good listen as opposed to Innes soliciting lesbians. Boy that’s an original bit. At least he has a Robin. That’s basically what Bruno has become. Innes’s Bitch.

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