Dead Body Found in Cocoa Beans on Cargo Ship Coming from Africa

cargo ship

There’s no telling as of yet if this is a The Wire season 2 situation or just an accident, but it really gives new meaning to death by chocolate.

Thanks, I’ll be here all week, and nothing will continue to happen.

Kyle: The big loser in all this (you know, besides the dead guy)? Max Brenner. His inventory just ain’t gonna be right, I would presume.


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    1. That depends.

      Can you walk on your hands backwards with your pants pulled down?

  1. Hey, I know! How about Kyle starts giving us TMZ updates! I’m dying to know about Kim and Kanye. Don’t forget little old North West! Hew fuckin’ boy!!!

  2. The identity of the deceased has been confirmed as Mike Missanelli’s career.

  3. I was hanging out and had a tip that this is how Sam Hinkie was bringing in the new 76ERS Players in to save money..And i should know i give blowjobs in the airport to get information.

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