DeSean Jaccson: “I can’t understand, why would you get rid of your best players on the team?”

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DeSean Jaccson was in-studio on SportsCenter last night to promote his new reality show* on BET (a sentence I fully expected to write at some point) and of course was asked about LeSean McCoy’s comments about Chip Kelly and race:

“I’m mean, honestly, I’m further along than that. It’s been two years since I’ve been removed from the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m just excited where I’m at. I don’t really want to get to caught up in what’s going on over there in Philadelphia. LeSean McCoy is one of my great friends and he’s a great running back – he’s one of the best in the league – and I look at myself as one of the best receivers in the league. So as far as being removed from there, I can’t understand, why would you get rid of your best players on the team? It’s their loss. Moving forward, the teams we’re with now is the team’s that’s winning, the teams that’s gaining more of a respect of having them type of guys on the team.”

The Redskins were 4-12 last year. The Bills were 9-7. The Eagles finished 10-6 each of the past two seasons.

*He calls it “non-scripted” documentary series… which some might call, a reality show. Tomato… tomato.

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  1. Agree that you do not get rid of your best players. You need to add, not subtract to win a SB

    1. Yes but Chip feels he is adding by subtracting by getting rid of those two. Did Eagles really miss Jackson last season? Don’t think so. Will they miss McCoy this season? Maybe but it’s Chip’s show. He gets to say who stays and who goes. McCoy’s comments yesterday were bs. He should be thankful he got a new contract. I wonder if Buffalo is having any second thoughts about what they are getting in return.

  2. Remember when the Eagles man handled them to lock up that playoff berth? Ohhhhh, wait…..

    Please list the playoff records of each team for the last 6 years. I’m pretty sure they’re the same. 0 wins.

  3. There is a typo in the headline!

    His named is spelled “Jackson”. It’s “ck”, not “cc”. Even a basic spell check should catch that. It’s pretty obvious.

    And yea, Washington was 4-12 last year, but DeSean Jackson pretty much eliminated the Eagles from playoff contention with his performance during Week 16.

    1. It’s a play on his twitter handle, you jaccass. Do you homework.

      1. His twitter handle is

        Desean JacksonVerified account

        I really don’t know what you mean.

        And, no. I do not work on homes. I’m not sure why you selected this venue to look for a general contractor. Try Yelp or Angie’s List.

        1. Ok, let me slow this down for you. If I’m speaking too fast, please let me know and I’ll slooow downnn. Or if you want a diagram. I’ll see what I can do.

          Your “homework” insult? was horrendous. Let’s get that out of the way first.

          Kyle’s spelling of Deseans last name is a running joke. (No, the joke doesn’t have sneakers, or run marathons) He uses 2 c’s in a row as a shout out to his gang connections. They don’t use c + k together in a word, because it reportedly has been confused with “crip killers”.

          In other news, one of the Eagles wide receivers was caught on camera using a derogatory term toward a certain ethnic group.

          Mmmmkay??? You all caught up???

          1. Aren’t jokes usually funny?

            And those gang connections have never been proven.

      1. How would you feel if people called you Kyke Scott? Stop with the Jaccson you dickhead.

  4. Shut your mouth Desean! I will climb this fence and fight every n!@@$r here!

  5. “the teams we’re with now is the team’s that’s winning”

    Winning what?

    1. I think he was referring to himself (or hisself as they say) as winning in contract money, same for Shady. Winning football games, not so much..

  6. Everybody is a racist when something don’t go their way. Chips a racist for not wanting Andy & howie players who don’t buy in to his way of doing things

  7. Chip just doesn’t like players who’s parents ruined a nice Irish name like Sean

  8. As-salamu alaykum my brothers.

    Brother DeSean, would you kindly call into my afternoon radio show? Please and thank you my brother.

    1. Thank god we have you Mikey miss as the voice of reason. Your so young, hip, and in touch with the issues that surround us today.

  9. Remind me of how many playoff games and super bowls with Jackson and McCoy?

    These players were not winners. Especially Jackson. Sure he had talent, but replaceable – Maclin put up better numbers.

    McCoy could be harder to replace, but who cares, like I said they won nothing with those guys.

    Lets move on.

  10. I don’t think Chip is racist but he and the team created this problem by feeding race airing stories to Eskin when DJ was let go. “He’s going to be arrested”, “Wait until the other shoe drops” , “He’s a thug gang member”, Etc. Used the Skip Bayless of Philly to distract from them cutting a Very good receiver. After all that, they keep a shitty racist Cooper. Chip created hi

  11. the redskins didn’t eliminate the eagles from the playoffs, the ealges still needed the cowboys to lose…which they didnt.

    Eagles could have beaten the redskins and giants and it would not have mattered because they didn’t have the tie breaker

  12. Yo “ah’m mean, honestly, ah’m further along than dat. It’s been two years since ah’ve been removed from da Philadelphia Eagles. ah’m just excited where ah’m at. ah don’t really wants ta git ta caught up in what’s going on ova dere in Philadelphia. LeSean McCoy iz one o’ muh motha fuckin great niggas an’ he’s uh great running back – he’s one o’ da bomb in da league – an’ ah peep at myself as one o’ da bomb receivers in da league. So as far as being removed from dere, ah can’t dig’, why would you git rid o’ yo’ bomb players on da team? It’s they loss. Moving forward, da teams we’s’re wif now iz da team’s dat’s winning, da teams dat’s gaining mo’ o’ uh respect o’ havin` dem type o’ pimpz on da team.” Don’ make me come ova there bitch…

  13. DeSean does not understand this ???

    We will just add it to the growing list of things…

  14. Jaccson and Shady were all about themselves. Shady went after Chip Kelly on the sidelines last game vs Giants because he was at 99 yards and Chip used Polk. Duce had to drag Shady away. Bill Parcells used to get rid of all “the stupid guys”.

    Racial tension is used to incite the masses. it’s an old trick.

  15. These dummies crying about big bad racist Chip are just confirming what selfish, immature pieces of shit they are.

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