Did Chip Kelly Do Something Unconventional Today?

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Look at them knees, Chip.

Over at Sports Illustrated today, Greg A. Bedard’s profile on Chip Kelly’s offseason went online before its print date. It doesn’t contain many crazy insights we didn’t already know about the unofficial Chip. It does, however, contain a little passage on the kind of guys Chip Kelly likes, and why he likes them. For example, Chip wants his defensive ends to be at least 6’6″. He wants tall receivers. And he wants dudes with big knees:

“The most important characteristic? Knees with a circumference of at least 18 inches—an identifier of guys who are built solidly in the lower body and thus, the Eagles believe, less susceptible to injuries. At outside linebacker he wants long-armed players who, above all else, can set the edge in the running game; the ability to rush the passer from this position is very much secondary. And Kelly wants to man his secondary with tall, long cornerbacks because he runs a scheme similar to that of the Seahawks’ physical Cover Three. The Eagles didn’t give a sniff to elite shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis in free agency because they have no use for shutdown corners in their scheme. They much prefer having the length to disrupt passing lanes.”

Go ahead, I’ll wait while you track down a tape measure to figure out your own knee circumference (mine are a measly 15″).

But Kelly is not just winging it all now that he has personnel control. When he was at New Hampshire, he “regularly visited other colleges—places like Wake Forest and Northwestern—on his own dime in search of more information,” according to Bedard. “He even did a two-week internship in the CFL, where he picked up the influence of motion and using the entire width of the field.”

But a profile on Chip Kelly wouldn’t be complete with a story to build his legend.

According to Bedard, while Kelly was still at New Hampshire, the Oregon Ducks ran a play that Chip had originally run with his I-AA team. The play was a “fly sweep concept but from the shotgun, with a toss forward,” according to then Ducks coach Mike Bellotti. They ran it on the first play of the 2006 season. The receiver in motion dropped the ball, but “the play … was so new that officials initially ruled a fumble, recovered by [Stanford].” Bellotti used his first ever coach’s challenge on the first play of that season, and the call was overturned. The next year, Kelly was hired as the offensive coordinator at Oregon. So if this all ends up blowing up Chip’s his face, we’ve got the NCAA’s instant replay rules to blame.

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Side note: I guess having big knees as a result of swelling from multiple ACL surgeries doesn’t matter. The Bradford era.


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  1. Still some great drink specials this afternoon! Phils only down 4-zip in the third. Innes is hosting gay karaoke…which is redundant…not that there is anything wrong with that.

  2. If Chip likes guys who are less likely to suffer serious injuries, then why is Sam Bradford our starting QB?

    1. Or, for that matter, any of the other myriad players that Kelly acquired this offseason…

      1. I agree and may Josh Innes disappear from the Philadelphia sports scene forever.Praying that tub of goo gets swept away in those torrential Texas rains.

  3. For fuck sake Jim, we had to have this conversation with Kyle yesterday, and now with you. DESEAN DOESNT FUCKING PLAY HERE ANYMORE, LET IT GO. Good god, you guys talk more about him than a guy who got dumped 2 years ago but still checks her Facebook everyday and bitches to his boys about every pic/post she makes. Just fucking stop.

  4. “At outside linebacker he wants long-armed players who, above all else, can set the edge in the running game; the ability to rush the passer from this position is very much secondary”

    That’s great in theory, but that’s about the complete opposite of Brandon Graham, whom they just signed to a new contract. What good are his preferences on measurables if he deviates from them.

  5. Chip Kelly is a genius. He is the only coach to have a whole city brainwashed on how smart he is yet can’t win a playoff game. That’s the true definition if you ask me! Lurie just hands over the keys so he can play around for another year or two before cashing out and building a Ryan Howard style mansion in the Pacific Northwest.

    1. How many NFL coaches have won anything in their first two years after taking over a 4-12 team?

      1. Won anything? Well just recently off the top of my head Harbaugh almost got the 49ers over the threshold after a losing season as a first year coach. Chip can’t even win/get to the playoffs as a genius.

      2. Then if I actually do research I see that Tomlin won the SB in his second year. But he’s black so I guess he’s not a genius.

        1. “But he’s black so I guess he’s not a genius.”

          Hey you said it, not me.

      3. The Eagles were 3-13 when Andy Reid took over. He went 5-11 in his first year. In his second year, the Eagles were 11-5 and won a playoff game against Tampa Bay. In his 3rd year, the Eagles were 11-5 but made it to the NFC Championship Game, where they lost to the Rams.

  6. Why is there no mention of the WORST QB roster in the league?
    Bradford, Sanchez, Barkley, Tebow, Kinne….that’s a fucking joke.
    Have fun Eagles sheep baaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Shut the fuck up you pessimistic c0ckbag. Would Foles really have improved this team’s QB roster?

      1. Foles wouldn’t improve it but Bradford will. WTF?! Might as well bring back Vick and let him run around.

  7. Jackson’s knees weak as his rap-label. If he still has one and has paid his agent the money he “borrowed”.

  8. Hundreds are dying building soccer stadiums in Qatar but KKKyle and Jim are cool with making jokes on the internet.

    As my father would say, “Okay. Okay.”

  9. Hey Brother Kyle, thanks for providing these message boards for us to talk on Brother Kyle. Now let’s do what we do best and talk sports. Brother Kyle where has Larry Andersen been? Brother Kyle was he suspended for bad mouthing the Phils? Tell me Brother Kyle do you think anyone will notice my totally annoying style and let me host a radio show like Phil from mount Airy? Brother Kyle, surely I would be better than that hack Brother Brian Haddad. Put in a good word for me Brother Kyle, its degrading trying this hard. Thanks again Brother Kyle.

    1. Haha you’ve got his annoying style down to a science.

      GO DODGERS!!!

    1. putting C and K together in Jackson is not good for crips… Crip Killer (CK). hence jaCCson

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