UPDATE: Floyd Mayweather Wants a Rematch with Manny Pacquiao, And I Want a Class-Action Lawsuit

Photo credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather texted his personal reporter, Stephen A. Smith, and said that he would love a rematch with Manny Pacquiao after Pacquiao recovers from surgery on a torn rotator cuff that apparently impacted his fighting ability during what was billed as one of the biggest fights of all-time, between two of the best of all-time, and cost $100 to rent.

There are now countless stories about how Pacquiao, who was apparently legitimately hurt, kept his injury from, well, everyone, including the Nevada State Athletic Commission when he filled out a questionnaire the day before the fight and failed to disclose his serious shoulder injury. It wasn’t until two hours before the fight that he let them know, when he requested permission (denied) to take a painkiller.

Barry Petschesky at Deadspin wrote about the implications of Pacquiao’s nondisclosure on legal (and illegal) gambling operations. But what about the fraud perpetrated on the millions of people who ordered the event? Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports writes about the potential legal ramifications:

Have no doubt that there will be lawsuits filed by fans who paid extraordinarily inflated prices, which will not only make Mayweather and Pacquiao rich but which lined the pockets of the promoters and the casino, as well.

They’ll argue they didn’t get what they paid for, and they have a point. That said, injuries are a part of sports and the small print on all boxing sales posters says “card subject to change.”

Bullshit. Injuries are a part of sports, but in almost every other instance, the viewer or fan goes into the event knowing that they could play a part and affect participants, whether team or individual sport. Boxing is different. The whole point is to determine which finely-tuned athlete, who has spent months training for an event, is better. The expectation is that there are no major injuries, otherwise a fighter, like Pacquiao, who ostensibly was competing to win a title (but really just for the money), would postpone a match until they were at or near 100%, an option not afforded competitors in sports with more traditional and fixed competition schedules. There’s also the fact that other sporting events are typically available to most fans through basic cable packages, not to those only willing to pay $100 for a one-hour (max!) fight.  There’s got to be a different standard there, especially when the event is billed as “the best fighting the best,” as Mayweather put it, and competitors reap a reported nine-figures(!), each. I’m not really a boxing fan, but, like many others, the allure of watching two of the sport’s best made the decision to rent the fight an easy one. But we were sold a bill of goods. In other sports, even when certain events are hyped as a showdown of the “league’s best” or “sport’s best,” the viewer is still presented with what was advertised– a fair competition. And though injuries and other unknown factors come into play all the time in sports, the expectation is different in prize fights. Mayweather-Pacquiao was akin to the Masters being a one-day event between Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, only if organizers forgot to tell people that McIlroy had a broken leg but still charged viewers $100 anyway. It was a fraud, plain and simple. Yet the fight’s promoters still have the balls to threaten legal action against platforms and individuals who live-streamed the fight. And now comes the inevitable drumbeat for a rematch, which undoubtedly will cost the same, if not more, to rent. No thanks.

UPDATE: And yep, there’s the class-action lawsuit.


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  1. This is amazing. Not only did this overblown hype-fest not live up to the billing, it was so bad that people are threatening to sue. Hilarious. I can’t believe people actually paid $100 to watch a fight between two guys in a dinosaur sport that no one fucking cares about.

    You’re bitching about wasting money on this fight? Why? You let yourself get suckered by the boxing promoters into thinking this was going to be anything other than a typical boring ass boxing match. The best part is that when the inevitable rematch comes along all you idiots will still pay $100 to see the “real” match.

    1. or you’re just really cheap. it was a $100 investment in a fight people have been waiting 6 years to see.

      1. Not me. I wouldn’t have watched that fight if it was on network TV. Because boxing is something I have zero interest in, so I wouldn’t have watched it no matter who they had fighting.

        My point was that people who didn’t give a damn about boxing got played by the promoters into thinking that this fight would be more interesting than a typical boxing match and worth the $100 price tag. But then when it didn’t live up to the hype (which it wasn’t going to), they got pissed and want to sue someone. I have no sympathy for those people. It would be like someone who doesn’t watch soccer buying a ticket to a soccer match that was supposed to be “the best soccer match ever” and then being pissed when it was a normal soccer match.

          1. Fair point haha. I was trying to use an example of something most people don’t watch on a regular basis. Not trying to advocate watching soccer. Not at all.

    1. Who fucking cares? And fuck Screamin’ A lying fucking monkey Smith…why the fuck doesn’t someone write a story about how he got fired from the Inky for making up stories and sources then suing them for racial discrimination. If he wasn’t a spook he wouldn’t even have a career. FUCK HIM.

  2. I am suing on behalf of anyone who slipped and fell while watching the fight.

  3. If you ordered this thing, you are a fucking moron. no more no less. Even if Pacman didn’t have a bum shoulder, it wouldn’t matter, Floyd was going to hit and run like he always does because that’s how he wins and nobody is better than him. Pacman had a decent chance 7 years ago when he had a little hop in his step but he’s been in more fights than Floyd and is a shell of his former self. Consider yourselves suckers for buying this

  4. I guess you’re not allowed to post with certain handles now. Thanks Kyle. Enjoy watching tentacle p0rn on your iwatch.

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