Here’s a Bunch of People Saying Mean Things to Tony Romo on Twitter

After the jump, check out the best responses to Tony Romo joining twitter. Really, 90% of it is people saying “fuck you” or “you’re a bitch.” I thought it’d be more original. Sure, there’s some creativity in there, but for every “you bitch” I included, there was a dozen I didn’t. At least they’re being straightforward. Welcome to twitter, Tony.


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    1. Wet or dry ribs, fat boy? In downtown Memphis, I like dry, every else you can’t trust. How many bowls of beans and bake potatoes? From the looks of you, I guess two full slabs, two baked potatoes and three bowls of beans.

  1. Seriously?

    20 minutes ago you post an article telling everyone that Tony Romo joined twitter and “all you need to do is hit the reply button there and send him a big ol’ Philadelphia welcome.”

    Now youre writing another article reporting on what YOU told people to do?

    Way to create your own story

    You know people would have done this anyway and you could have reported on it then, but by telling people to do it, you forfeit the right to report on it

    1. still more creative than the morning and afternoon radio hosts of a sports talk station, calling into each others show daily to discuss their text message conversations from the previous night…

    2. Good work upholding the sanctity of sports journalism! Tell Walter Cronkite to get off your dick you butt spelunker.

      1. Enjoy reading a lazy blog that try’s to tell everyone to take it seriously

        If you want people to take you seriously, act in a professional manner

        If not, own it

    3. Shut up, you’re a bitch. Or Tony Romo, which means you’re still a bitch.

  2. I’m heading to the Preakness Saturday and hoping to suck some tits

  3. Hey GARGANO –


    not only am I dominating in the ratings. I am having a party in your old hood. South Philly Chickies and Petes. Come by and say hello you fat slob. Bring MCW, lots for her to do here.

  4. The most pathetic thing about Innes isn’t the fact that he’s fatter than 50 Chis Christie’s, it’s not that he’s obnoxious, unfunny and has the voice of a phony 50’s radio DJ, it’s not that his sports knowledge resides somewhere around the “Marcus Hayes” and “Jim Addair” scale.

    It’s his pathetic hard on for other sports radio hosts.

    Gargano and Miss could care less about him. Yes both have their shortcomings. Both are pretty crappy people, especially Miss, but Innes over the top insistence on calling them out and acting like the tough guy is so pathetic. He’s impossible to like as it is, and this only makes it worse.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. However, Missannelli did a pretty good job of calling out Eskin and the “other station” during the peak of his show. So he does a bit of a double standard.

    Either way, Innes is fat and that’s the way it is.

  6. When Greenberg from Mike&Mike started talking about tweeter, tweeting and tweeted for about 75% of his show, I knew this was not for me. That it must be for 12 yr old girls sitting in the back of their mom’s minivan. This confirms it. #growup.

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