Here’s What You Need to Know about Nelson Agholor

Photo Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

For many casual Eagles fans, the team’s pick of Nelson Agholor in last night’s first round meant rushing to a computer to google “Nelson Agholor.” A-G-H-O-L-O-R. So here are a bunch of things you should know about him:

Here he is posterizing some poor, small, ginger kid:

The people who find the need to immediately give a rating to a pick before he even puts a helmet on actually approved of Agholor. even made a bold prediction:

Poor Agholor will have the distinction of being “Not Marcus Mariota” in Philly, but that doesn’t matter. He’ll be a great fit for Chip Kelly’s offensive system. His return game is not to be underestimated either, and he’s a picture-perfect replacement for Jeremy Maclin. Don’t be surprised if he has the most catches of any rookie wideout next season.

According to CBS Sports’ scouting report, Agholor “shows good quickness and balance as a route-runner and is asked to run a variety of routes in USC’s pro-style scheme … [he] runs hard and picks up speed as he goes, showing surprising toughness as a finisher to get every yard he can.”

Here’s an interview from his USC Pro Day, and a his combine presser to get a grasp for his personality.

And he predicted the future about 11 weeks ago:

Better than most of the mock drafts out there…

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12 Responses

    1. Do not insult thy patrons of thee P&P! If the hack scribes predict outcome x, then also predict outcome y, which is the mutually exclusive opposite of x, represented as y=1-x, and one of these two predictions come true, then by decree of the hack scribe ego code, these hack scribes must be geniuses! Bow to the hack scribes of Philly for they are the holders of all wisdom and knowledge! Repent you fanatic fools!

    2. Faux Steve Mason is just sad. You must be one bored and lonely boy. I’m actually starting to feel bad for you.

      1. I agree. It’s like this faux Steve thinks I log on every day, multiple times a day, with several names and just repeat myself day after day, month after month.

        Hey fanboys – I told you there was no way they could get Mariota. It was all you fanboys believing the hype of sports talk radio and blogs. I also said if they did get him it would be bad for the Eagles. Then I repeated that for months….every day. All day. Faux Steve is just mad that I was right. Of course, I set it up so I couldn’t be wrong. Then I repeated myself. And I repeated myself. Then logged on and agreed with myself.

  1. Here’s What You Need to Know about Nelson Agholor…..

    He’s not a franchise QB

  2. “Don’t be surprised if he has the most catches of any rookie wideout next season.”

    But that assumes we have a worthy QB. Right? Boy do I hope Bradford works out because I really don’t think Sanchez is that guy.

    1. “Don’t be surprised if…” is basically throwing shit at the wall. If you’re right, you’re a genius and if not, “I said IF”

  3. Can’t get off press coverage. WR’s will be getting jammed all day every day.

  4. Did anyone tell Agholor that Barkley is as good as gone now that Jesus Tebow Christ is here??

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