Jackass Keeps Nerlens Noel off All-Rookie Ballot Because He’s a Jackass


Yesterday is was announced that Nerlens Noel, who finished third in Rookie of the Year voting, was named to the All-Rookie first team. Somehow, five members of the media still didn’t put Noel on their first-team. Three morons left Noel off of their lineups altogether. One of those idiots is the voice of the Atlanta Hawks, Steve Holman. As you can see above, he said he left Noel off of his ballot because “record.” So let’s look at who made his two All-Rookie teams:

Wiggins, Andrew — MIN
Clarkson, Jordan — LAL
Bogdanovic, Bojan — BRK
Mirotic, Nikola — CHI
Payton, Elfrid — ORL
Exum, Dante — UTA
Galloway, Langston — NY
LaVine, Zach — MIN
McDaniels, K.J. — HOU
Warren, T.J. — PHO

Yes, he put K.J. on the list but not Nerlens. Those two guys in bold, Wiggins and Galloway, play for teams who ended up with worse records than Noel and the Sixers. There’s only one explanation: Steve Holman can’t read.


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  1. Just checking in guys.. Hey. What’s up? I’m good. Still really hideous to look at but ..you know. I keep it 100.

  2. KJ McDaniels? Seriously? Guy never got a sniff after he got traded. Hope his mom is miserable.

  3. TIL Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins play for different teams in Minnesota.

  4. thats ridiculous, has KJ even seen the court on Houston? i know he hasnt in the playoffs. all of his all-rookie stats came in Philly. guys team plays well for 1 year and he thinks he’s smarter than everybody else.

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