Jason Kelce, Everyman

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Today in Jason Kelce, Everyman, we find the bearded wonder taking in the St. Denis fair in Havertown, which might be the most everyman thing a human in the Philadelphia area could do, just short of picking up a hoagie at Wawa on their way to a birthday party at Pica’s.

Meanwhile, for contrast, the last time we heard from LeSean McCoy he was hopping a private jet to Vegas to eat hot wings out of the cleavages of a harem of wannabe socialites:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-15_09-15-18_AMVoila_Capture 2015-05-15_09-15-30_AM

Side note: I’m passing no judgment here. If I had LeSean McCoy’s money (or Kelce’s, for that matter), I’d be encircled by so many rings of handlers and PR consultants that my pictures from the tarmac wouldn’t be Gram’d out until I was safely on final to my private island. Which I suppose is the sort of temptation that makes Kelce’s normality all the more impressive.


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  1. Peoples of Philadelphia, now wat you see heer is an attemp by the awfur to make Shady look bad and the big cracker look good. When I’m electriced Mayor I’ll bring Shady back to Philly with his tribe of lady bitches and make them ambassadors to the childrens – Vote for Milton

  2. Looks who’s showing off… All the black people!!

  3. I don’t mind at all casting some shade on Shady. What you see is Kelse posing with fans, Shady posing with hurs that will take his money.

  4. You know that poor c0cktail waitress at the pool didn’t get tipped more then a couple cents.

    Also shocked most of the chicks in that pic are black

  5. Typical racist Kyle Scott; praising the white athlete while simultaneously demonizing the black athlete which in turn encourages other white racists to follow suit and rip the black athlete.Kyle you racist piece of shit your day is coming.

        1. It jest took awhile to git over laughin’ at Shady, all his bling, and the pile of chicken bones on de table.

        2. Yup. Kyle is the reason everyone hates nigg#rs. It’s not their violent crime, their welfare dependence, their illegitimate offspring, their anti-social attitude, and their complete lack self respect and civic responsibility. It’s all Kyle.

    1. You should consider that Reading is Fundamental and consider reading what was said in the the article. I will give you props for spelling demonize correctly. Although, in this case, it was incorrect. As are you.

  6. Really?? You just a RACIST. You just wanted to SHOW the DISPARITY between the BLACK MAN’s picture versus the WHITE MAN. YOU like CHIP KELLY are racist!!! at the END of the DAY Shady is just living a normal life for a EDUCATED BLACK ATHLETE and you can’t handle it. -StevenA (ANNUNCIATING LOUDLY)

  7. I’d take my wife of 25 years over any of those ladies…….OK, my wife left the room. Way to go, Shady! Even though you annoy me. and way to go Jason! There’s room for everything in this world. Lighten up everyone. You too Robinson. I scored, didn’t I?

  8. whats this philly obsession with shady ? He’s traded…. gone. He needs to move on, and Philly fans need to move on.

    I would rather focus on next years talk of the NBA….. Your town… Your Sixers !!!

  9. Look within, use 2nd level thinking. Don’t be a bigot lil’ skip.
    I understand the brothas, Shady is just chillin’ poolside with some fine sistas. Kelce is just a big lummox, obviously he can’t play.

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