Jay Glazer Twitter Ranted About LeSean McCoy

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Chip Kelly was asked about LeSean McCoy’s insinuation that he is a racist during his presser yesterday. His response brought out a “son” and a couple of future inspirational posters, but Kelly also suggested that those were great questions to ask the players. And so, the players got asked. But the most vicious response came from Jay Glazer of all people, who took to twitter to rant [edited and unabbreviated]:

“I’m sorry man but you just don’t flippantly accuse people of this. I think it’s complete bullshit and irresponsible as hell to bring into the equation. When you accuse someone, that label stays with you regardless of truth. Wrong for [McCoy] to go there, don’t bring it into the equation. Didn’t they replace McCoy with DeMarco Murray? I’ve known and trained with Murray since college and I’m pretty sure, actually I’m positive, he’s black. Lecture over. Unless you’re sure about something like that don’t publicly label someone as it. You’re guilty no matter what and it’s wrong.”

It’s a topic on First Take today (of course), so I’m sure Stephen A. Smith with double (or triple) down on this and it won’t be out last post on it today.


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  1. Kyle, you guys need an Editor over there? All your posts have typos, bad grammar, etc. What the fuck? I’ll do it for you. $20/hr.

  2. Do another search for writers. Not saying go all Bleacher Report and make false promises, but who knows, maybe you find someone who can go 6 sentences without a fuck up…

  3. “It’s a topic on First Take today (of course), so I’m sure Stephen A. Smith with double (or triple) down on this and it won’t be out last post on it today.”

    Good god, Jim. You really, really suck at this writing thing.

  4. McCoy is a dickbag and a half for saying what he did. One thing it does show is Chip isn’t going to put up with primadonna assholes stirring up shit. I bet McCoy was whispering this type of shit in the locker room too. Enough to get shipped off to the tundra in Buffalo.

    1. Thank you for not writing ‘frozen tundra’ like most ignint sports writers.
      As you know, and I know, tundra means frozen soil.

      A nice surprise to see on this site.

  5. It’s very simple…Chip wants guys that “buy in” and don’t question him or actively challenge him in front of the team…Jaccpot and Shady had no issue undermining everything Chip was attempting to build. They were a complete problem in the locker room and neither of them really fit the scheme to begin with.

    People like to bring up the Riley Cooper situation…well Riley Cooper is a redneck who may very well be racist in his private life, BUT he doesn’t question or undermine his coach, he buys into the system, and he fits in the system because he is a really good blocking WR and he’s large.

    Shady and DeSean are not here because of their personality and their propensity to be completely defiant to authority figures. Chip isn’t having that shit. Their race has no barring on this issue. If they were white, they would’ve been treated no differently.

    Not sure why this is so hard for people to grasp that this story has now drug on for months…


    1. Think about it this way, if the boss of any company had an employee who constantly questioned him in front of the rest of his employees and didn’t buy into the culture that boss wanted to build, do you think he’d keep the employee around?

      1. True story. It applies in any line of work, really. It’s just sad that so many talking heads either in the media or just around football in general really buy into LeSean’s completely irresponsible comments. It’s pathetic. Lazy journalism at its finest.

        Has Marcus Hayes tapped into this story yet? I’d be willing to bet I know which side of the fence he’s sitting on…

        1. Not sure if you saw it or not but after Chip answered the Shady questions I clicked over to Sportscenter and they asked resident trolls Ryan Clark and Mark Brunell what they thought about Chip’s comments and Clark just said that Chip avoided the questions and threw out some one-liners that didn’t mean anything…….huh? He then went on to say that if he was a black player in the eagles locker room he would still be a “lil suspect” about the atmosphere in the organization. Just keep pushing that racial agenda ESPN! There really should be a huge social backlash towards Shady for all this, but there won’t be

          1. I didn’t see that. That’s despicable. That does make Clark look really dumb too. We all just heard what he said, and you’re going to sit here and tell me it’s NOT what he said? Logical…

  6. Racism…..white people are racists…..Floyd Mayweather…….Racism…….McCoy was right……Racism……DeSean Jackson was a victim….Racism……….Chip Kelly is a racist……Racism…..Racism….White people are racist

  7. Aww, Jim. You were SO close. You ALMOST had an entire post without a spelling error. Almost.

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