Larry Brown Explains His Reasoning for Drafting Larry Hughes over Paul Pierce

Photo credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Brown, the old man winter of basketball who has a real problem with the way Sam Hinkie is running things around here, explains why, in 1998, the Sixers passed up an opportunity to draft Paul Pierce and instead took Larry Hughes with the number eight pick:

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The next two picks after Hughes were Dirk Nowitzki and Pierce. But please, Larry, tell us more about how Sam Hinkie should be doing his job.

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19 Responses

    1. That, and taking Mutombo off the floor when Shaq fouled out at the end of Game 3. Cost them the series.

      1. I think it was game two. And also, I think you have to give a little credit the how LA, after they woke up from their “We’re going to go 16-0 now problem” complacency, totally dominated the Sixers in Philadelphia.

        But, hey, you got Iverson stepping over that NBA Legend Tyrone Lu. So, all’s good.

        1. June 10, 2001, NBA Finals, Game 3, Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers. With the series tied at 1-1, the Sixers were down 89-88 with under a minute left. Brian Shaw found Horry in the corner, he hit a 3-pointer with 47.1 seconds left to give the Lakers a 4-point lead. Horry, who had been a 44% free throw shooter in the playoffs to that point, also made 4 free throws in the final minute to seal the victory. The Sixers never recovered.

  1. Why would you promise a 18 yr old kid you would draft him if he’s not #1 on your board!!!! Larry cost the sixers a title with that bone head move !!!
    Promise wtf!!!!!

  2. As much as I don’t like Larry Brown taking shots at Hinkie, I don’t like people now who are monday morning QB’ing Larry Brown’s regime.

    No doubt, some of his draft picks were suspect, he presided over the team the last time they were revelant in this town. Sorry, but I haven’t been able to get anyone to talk about the Sixers with me for 10+ years, and the Brown/Iverson years were the last time they did.

    Hopefully Hinkie can turn this ship around and they are relevant again where the casual fan cares, because 2001 was such a fun ride.

    1. Don’t worry Dave,me and my twin towers sidekick Nerlens Noel along with D’Angelo Russell will once again make the Sixers relevant,and give you diehard fans a reason to spend your hard earned money at the Wells Fargo Center.

    2. The only real reason they were “relevant” during the Brown years was because of his tumultuous relationship with, arguably, the biggest star in the NBA at the time. Besides his relationship with Iverson, what is he most remembered for here? A trip to the Finals with a group of over-achievers? Put Pierce or Dirk on that 2001 team and you have a legit shot at a title. Larry Brown’s time at the helm of the Sixers is more than worthy of a Monday Morning Quarterbacking session when looking at his entire body of work and the amount of time he spent with the Sixers.

  3. I actually like Larry Brown a lot. He’s like your sad old uncle, he can teach some life lessons if the cadence of his voice (and the tone) doesn’t put you to sleep first. I like that he loves AI. AI was troubled, but his badassery was unmatched.

    1. you’re an idiot. anyone who’s liked the 76ers even a little bit knew that this was a bonehead move from day 1.


      1. Yeah, the Sixers have been pretty successful through the years. And basketball players are probably the softest athletes I’ve ever


  4. I don’t believe this for a second. Dude is and has always been a liar. He made a horrible pick on is coming up with some stupid

  5. I have hated larry brown for 10 years…boring, overly analytical old fart that thinks he knows everything…..when he comes on bitchinelli’s show to get his ass kissed there is nothing worse except maybe the Sal Pal mutual BJ’s that happen 2x per week.

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