LeSean McCoy Blatantly Calls Chip Kelly a Racist

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LeSean McCoy, talking to ESPN The Magazine:

You told The Philadelphia Inquirer in April that Chip doesn’t “like or respect stars.” What was the problem with you and Chip, and how did that relationship end?

The relationship was never really great. I feel like I always respected him as a coach. I think that’s the way he runs his team. He wants the full control. You see how fast he got rid of all the good players. Especially all the good black players. He got rid of them the fastest. That’s the truth. There’s a reason. … It’s hard to explain with him. But there’s a reason he got rid of all the black players — the good ones — like that. [Editor’s note: The Eagles declined to comment on McCoy’s statements.]

How many other players have shared that thought with you?

Oh, man. People have heard it. I mean … Stephen A. Smith has talked about it. Other players have talked about it. But that’s one of the things where you don’t even care no more. I’m on a new team, ready to play. So it’s nothing to do with Chip. I have no hatred toward him, nothing to say negative about him. When he got [to Philadelphia], I didn’t know what to expect. When he let DeSean go last year, I was like: “C’mon. DeSean Jackson?” So it is what it is.

A good counter to this RIDICULOUS perception of Chip, and McCoy’s completely absurd comments – which display what a genuine douche he is – would be a pictorial of the Eagles’ drat picks:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-06_10-57-02_AM

Or their biggest offseason signing:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-06_10-59-36_AM

Or their second-biggest offseason signing:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-06_10-59-55_AM

But yeah, Chip Kelly hates black people. Right, Kanye?

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  1. he basically calls him racist, and then says he has nothing negative to say about him.

    i love/d lesean mccoy, but god he is an idiot

    1. TYPICAL NI99ER MOVE!!!!



    2. Thank God I don’t have to watch this piece of $hit constantly lick his fat lips anymore and I hope our defense cripples him like Michael “Crackhead” Irvin when we play them.. I hate Shady because he is a N-word. I love Dawkins because he was the heart and soul of the Eagles who led by example.
      If anyone had a right to voice frustration over being allowed to walk, it was BDawk. He didn’t have to say a word. The fan base was screaming on his behalf.
      When racists blacks stop acting and talking like N-words, then we will stop having a race problem in this country.
      I hate not using the real word, but I don’t want my post deleted.

      1. You should have used it.

        The world would be a better place if it had been deleted.

      2. In spite of how many non-whites any coach may add to his team, the fact that one white player who marginalized and demeaned a segment of society is still–two seasons later–on the team more than trumps any window dressing.

        Can all of the so-called negative black guys, yet refuse to move on the racist offender?!

        What message is being sent here?

        Spin it anyway you want, but there is a problem with double standards, no matter how many people of color now don your team’s uniform. Something is fundamentally wrong with retaining a stench like Riley “I’ll fight every…” Cooper. Period.

  2. Please address this from bleed philly:

    “Matarese went at R h e a hewes pretty hard, which is something of a nono in local media apparently. Any time I’ve heard someone take a shot at her, whether it be a roast or not, someone’s always come to the defense of her or the person who said something about her quickly change their tune. What power does she hold? WHAT POWER, I SAY?”

    1. Did Bolaris really fuck Susie Celek that night of the roast ??

    2. Yea, I always wondered if old field hockey face (she looks like she’s taken some sticks to the face) was someone’s illegitimate daughter or something. Her holier than though local philly girl schtick is sickening and everyone’s defense of her on anything combined with, in my opinion, compeletly unearned gushing praise as journalist is a telltale sign that she is dead weight.

  3. If you are using what SAS says as proof to back up your opinion then you lost the argument.

    1. So, Riley “I’ll fight every…” Cooper’s retention doesn’t matter?!

      What message is being sent when he is able to marginalize and demean a segment of society, and then is retained instead of shown the door? The problem here isn’t Desean, LeSean, etc…the problem is when a defining moment presented itself to Coach Kelly he fumbled away an opportunity to demonstrate some leadership, and send a clear message to the team, the organization and society as a whole. Unfortunately, the message he sent is also his undoing (it’s okay to marginalize and demean a segment of society on his watch).

      1. so one white guy didnt actually lose his job after saying something he shouldnt have and you’re mad! How many Black people have said things they shouldnt have and still have their jobs???????? all of them!

  4. What a pos as a human being this guy is. Using race card because your feeling are hurt is weak.
    Cheap racist

  5. Jesus, hey Shady get over your trade to the Bills. Trades happen. The NFL is majority black. Of course, most of the guys traded are black. Chip got rid of Foles and is willing to jettison anyone, black or white, when he thinks it can benefit the team. I hated seeing Desean and Shady go, but it had nothing to do with race. Shady is playing the race card because he’s still bitter. What he needs to do is shut his pie hole and get ready to play for the Bills, and stop being an A-hole.

  6. However, if a white player ever accused his black coach of being racist, that white player would be immediately forced from the league. Double standard.

  7. Shady proving just how easy it is these days to play the Race card.

  8. what is a “drat” pick?
    spell check not working this morning kyle?

  9. What lesean mccoy is actually trying to say is, chip doesnt want any thugs on his team. Thats one of my problems with chip kelly, character over talent. We’ll never have players like Dez Bryant or brandon marshall or even ray lewis. Its bullshit and no one will admit it. College minded.

      1. Did you not see Ray Lewis’ name in his post??? 2 Super Bowls

        1. So, 33 percent of his examples won championships. If that’s the number we’re going with, then Chip IS executing the correct method, that character guys win.

    1. good…those players are freaks of nature, yes. However, they are completely selfish, self loathing, all about themselves fuck heads. And I agree with Chip. Gimme some Kool-Aid.

  10. I always used to downplay the stories about Lesean being a douchebag when he was in Philly, just thinking that people were over exaggerating, but he’s done nothing but solidify this perception for me since he left for Buffalo. This dude is a straight up prick & now I’m happy that he’s gone.

  11. Chip’s draft shows racist tendencies the other direction. Where are all of your fine white players?

  12. So…He comes back to philly in December….We boo him because he’s an idiot and runs his mouth like this….Media interprets it as Philly Fans being Classless

    1. Maybe because only a classless idiot would boo him.

      Why would you boo him for saying Chip Kelly racist?

      You are that upset about him saying this. You sound like TO crying people attacking Tony Romo.

      “That’s my coach! “

      1. Well he does deserve it since it’s not only bullshit but also just plain wrong to toss that shit out there like that even if he had real evidence of his racism. McCoy need to get off Chips tip.

      2. NO. We are ALL upset because racist N-words use the race card on ALL OF US EVERY DAY and WE ARE TIRED OF IT.

      3. Only a dumbass would call someone a moron for booing an overrated RB whose best season was under Chip Kelly. Recess is over, junior.

  13. Kyle , is it your dream or goal to always dramatize a headline … I read the whole article & while I’m not a fan of Shady he never said Chip was a racist. He said , he gets rid of the good players , the black players. Please stop trying to make a story more than what it is. He was sour that Chip traded him , along that he didn’t personally call him like a man – his words. Who cares what Steven A Smith says.. I highly doubt any professional coach has racism in their body.

    1. 1. an indirect or covert suggestion or hint, especially of a derogatory nature

      2. covert or artful suggestion or hinting, as of something implied

      1. I own a dictionary…. The main point of his Headline was to make people read his piece… Kelly just likes certain type of guys… He’s not racist.. Shady is making himself look awful..

  14. Chip Kelly needs to “look within”. I am the self appointed race relations guru in this town, better consult with me to get his street cred up. That and start listening to alt music.

  15. Chip Kelly is not racist. He’ll smuggle the bone and gobble the goop of any Black, Asian, Mexican, or Lower Slovovian around!

  16. Hey Darin Ruff -Do you read this site? You doing anything tonight? Wanna hang out?

    Oh, one more thing, Del Zotto, if you are reading this you left you jacket at my place.

  17. Ohhh Boy..

    Damn, I might sound racist to McCoy. Allow me to rephrase.

    Ohh young man, isn’t this some shit? McCoy is just way off base here. The evidence says otherwise if you can count past 12. Maybe McCoy can’t do that? Or maybe it’s just an ingrained part of a person to need to pull out the race card when seemingly slighted? Maybe he should just do what he said he’d do and stop commenting on Chip Kelly. Does he even have a new coach to talk about? You’d think not.

  18. He’s going to love Buffalo. After November, everything in Buffalo is white.

  19. Amazing how Philly fans just realize what a piece of garbage LeSean McCoy is despite all evidence.

    Sends thousands of twitter followers to harass the mother of his child?
    “No big deal, that’s a domestic dispute that is nobody’s business.”

    Is accused of knowingly spreading herpes to women?
    “He probably got it from that gold-digging baby mama. Still. None of our business the gold diggers sleeping with him should make him use protection.”

    Pours Hawaiian punch over a woman’s head and physically kicks…KICKS…a woman off a party bus?
    “We weren’t there. We don’t know all the details. Probably overblown and exaggerated.”

    Leaves a 20 cent tip?
    “No big deal. The service was probably lousy and the owner is a bit of jerk. Shady is the best runner in football. A true Eagle great. You don’t sacrifice talent like his despite any off field behavior.”

    Gets traded.

    Makes ludicrous claim about Chip Kelly?
    “This guy is a POS. He’s human garbage. He was never any good anyway. DeMarco Murray (who we all called garbage and over-rated and loathed four months ago) is way better than McCoy and he has no ego!”

      1. And accurate. Extremely accurate.

        My stalker has returned. I missed you, buddy.

      2. I don’t see what your problem is with his comment, he’s right. But every fanbase in America does it. You’re willing to overlook certain “trivial” displays of poor character when they’re on your team, but I bet most Philly fans have long had a sinking suspicion that McCoy was a bit of an a-hole a long time ago. And who knows what it was like to be around this narcisstic, immature a-hole every day. Ugh. Good riddance.

  20. Wow, what a lowlife, piece of shit to just lob that out that because you’re feelings got hurt.

    What. A. Fucking. Pussy.

    (a seriously cheap fucking pussy, all things being equal)

    Here’s to hoping his career and stats completely fucking disintegrate in that shithole Buffalo, with that dipshit coach, Rex.

  21. Shady is a child masquerading as a man. We learned this with dumping the chick off the bus unto the NJ Turnpike and last year with the 10 cent tip. He’s still throwing a temper tantrum over being butt hurt the got rid of him.

  22. So, he only likes crappy black players? Perhaps he does not like players who happen not to have much accountability and blame other when things go wrong. He might not like players who don think they are replaceable. How about mouthy wide receivers with tons of off field issues or a running back who get try to get their twitter followers to attack the mother of his child. Or, it could be that he wants a one cut running back who cuts and goes like DeMarco Murry vs. a multiple cut running back who takes a sure 4 yard gain an turns into either a 2 yard gain or loss while trying to make is a 60 yard gain (Shady).

    But yeah, it is because Chip is Racist…

    BTW…Stephan A. Smith did not call Chip Kelly a racist, just ask him. He called that talk a “usual fabrication” but refused to answer what he was actually implying with his comments. Looks like Shady fabricated this out of thin air as well…

  23. “Stephen A. Smith has talked about it.” Well, that just about locks it up for me – when a douche like SAS talks about it, we don’t need to go any further. I wouldn’t use that dumbass POS as a reference if my ass was on fire and he was standing there with a bucket of water.

    1. Still cannot wrap your head around the real issue here, huh?

      Desean, LeSean and Stephen A. Smith didn’t fumble the ball away when a defining moment presented itself to Coach Kelly to address the Riley “I’ll fight every…” Cooper…it’s time we accept–however hard it may be–that Coach Kelly retained Cooper, not LeSean, Desean and/or Stephen A. Smith.

      All I hear them asking is why?

      What next avowed racist David Duke will get an open tryout at the Nova’? The deal breaker will be less about his athletic prowess as much as what epithets he can toss around at his darker teammates at camp?!

      Riley Cooper should have been sent packing within five seconds–if that–when this all mattered broke…he wasn’t, so let’s not blame LeSean, Desean and/or Stephen A. Smith for that.

  24. What is so hard to understand? Speaking to the media and some fans complaining about these guys being gone. It’s about $$$$$$$. DeSean was getting paid too much and wasn’t worth sticking with. He’s not a prototypical WR. He’s a burner that you can replace for cheaper money. Mccoy was traded because of his monster salary for a RB. In return we got 3 players for less money than Mccoy would be making. they didn’t let Maclin walk. Maclin took more money. The eagles offered a pretty sizable contract. All this race stuff is just people being bitter about it. And do we not forget that none of these players won anything?

  25. Shut your ass up Lesean. I will jump this fence and fight every n$%%#r here!

  26. If Susie is fucking john B, I have one of them ODing during the eagles bye week.

  27. I think Kelly’s off-season visits to African tribes to bring sporting equipment and supplies to villages over there and he help set up classes and boxing instruction classes for the girls over there to learn self defense alone proves he’s not racist. You don’t see many racists doing that.

    I’m sure McCoy’s done similar things for Africa, right?

      1. Blame Kyle. He is the one who coined the phrase.

        That mediocre dime a dozen goalie would never drive a Porshe anyway.

  28. I 100% disagree with Shady’s comments here, but until you have felt racism, you can’t judge him for thinking its a possibility. He should have kept these feelings to himself, but Tra Thomas made it clear that there is a sense of this floating around the locker room. I think the more accurate way to look at it would be, if you don’t buy in to his program, he will do what he can to remove you. Right now it looks like Desean, McCoy , Mathis and Kendricks are ones he has identified as not buying completely in. Lets not act like Riley Cooper isn’t a full fledged racist and is still on the team even though he is putrid. I am white, but I completely understand why the greatest running back in the history of the organization could feel this way. Again he did not choose his words very wisely but he has every right to feel that way, and until you have felt it, you shouldn’t judge him. He has every right to his own opinions.

    1. Well if his shoes are the issue, he shouldn’t have any problem getting some new ones given the new contract he got as a result of the trade.

      1. Don’t disagree with that, maybe Rex can help him out, he knows a lot about shoes!!

    2. He has a rite to his opinions…. Yet he should keep them to himself?…am I understanding you correctly? Fact of the matter is there is zero facts to back up shadys “opinion” and its convenient but untrue. Here’s my opinion…shadys ego is still bruised…stop crying.

    3. so just so we are clear, you would rather pay $6,200,000.00 to cut Riley Cooper instead of paying him $4,800,000.00 to be on the roster.

      Sounds like you should run the football team!

      That’s the only reason he is here.

      He was offered that contract after his 2013 season was comparable to any Jeremy Maclin season from 2009-13.
      Riley Cooper had 835 yards 8 TDs in 2013.
      Maclin averaged 863 yards and 6.5 touchdowns 2009-12 and was hurt in 2013.

      Facts hurt, don’t they.

      1. Did you just stick up for Riley Cooper? You were on board with that contract because of 1 inflated year where he torched the worst team in the league? If you want to talk facts, the facts are Riley Cooper is garbage, and may be the worst starting receiver in the league, and yet he was still paid handsomely because he clearly buys in to what Chip is preaching.

        1. “If you want to talk facts, the Facts are Riley Cooper is garbage.”…….thank you for that great insight.

    4. The black players aren’t having their butts kissed every second like they probably have by every white coach who ever handled them. They make sure these mama’s boys (raised by mommy) are happy by letting them be the little , well, you know……..how they act and Chip came in put his foot down. Lesean and Desean both said the right things but expected “wink, wink….I can get away with this ’cause I’m a star” treatment from Chip.

      I guess if the special victim-treatment of everyone but ONE SPECIFIC DEMOGRAPHIC that is so prevalent in our society isn’t extended to these millionaire mama’s boys they pull the tired RACE CARD.


      I HOPE MURRAY GOES FOR 2000 and erases YOUR RECORDS.


  29. Shady on be in something to a degree here. Look what he did to tra Thomas & d jack. Steven A Smith has inside sources too


    2. Steven A. Smith is a parody of himself.

      Inside sources?

      Is his colon speaking out loud?

      Because as usual, he’s talking out his assets.

      Once upon a time HOWARD GOT IT DONE.

    3. With or without inside sources, the fact remains that when a defining moment presented itself to Coach Kelly over this whole ugly incident, he himself chose to retain the individual who marginalized and demeaned a segment of society, not LeSean, Desean and/or Stephen A. Smith.

      What’s a reasonable person to think when their coach not only stands for such disrespectful language, but retains and then extends a contract w/a bonus too?! and, lest we all forget, this bad, insensitive decision wasn’t made by DeSean, LeSean, etc.

  30. I heard the major issue started when the eagle started having potluck lunch and all the black players never brought in anything but yet took all the leftovers home



  31. Fuck that whining pussy ass cry baby n igga! Typical n igga! I might put a cap in that other piece of monkey shit n igga SAS!!!




    6 lombardis later you can all suck an eagles dick!!!!

  33. WTF who give’s a shit what that bad tippin fuck say’s . Heard when he makess it rain he uses foodstamp’s at the strip club.

  34. LeSean, Chip doesn’t like loudmouth, inconsistent “stars” picked by the former bum of a coach. People like LeSean are used to having their butts kissed by the coaching staff.
    Desean and Lesean have always been loud, gaudy jerks who have between them, never won anything. These players, who happen to black, expect to be coddled as they probably have their whole athletic lives. He expects Chip to bow down because he had a couple of pro bowls. Chip owes him nothing. Like it or not, the Pats won 4 Super Bowls with tailbacks you’d probably have to google. Those two Da ‘Sean brothers were soft. Neither will ever win ANYTHING in this league. Add that wimp Maclin to that list as well.

  35. Just so disappointed today. Gona apologize in advance for the rant everyone but you let me down shady. For any reason you mite be reading this #25, it’s Ant from south philly. You and I had a good conversation last year at your king of Prussia autograph signing so I’m sure you’ll remember me. I had some personal stuff going on with the wife and I told you that the birds had kept me going strong and that the snow bowl game was one of the best moments of my life. You told me good luck and go eagles, and I’ll never forget that and still thank you to this day. Today though, I feel like your not the shady that I grew to love and admire. As a kid from south philly I got all friends from all different backgrounds and I have always taught my son…don’t treat anyone bad cause you don’t wanna be treated back bad that way too. I just hope you were blowing off some steam and this came out wrong.

  36. Jesus dude what is in the water in S. Philly that makes you people sound like you’re mentally retarded? You sound like Gargano’s slow second cousin.

  37. Can we stop calling this fucktard, “Shady?” His name is LeSean. We’re not his “boyz”… stop being a starfucker, throw out your 25 jerseys and grow up.

  38. Where there’s smoke, there is usually fire. Ever since Chip came to my Eagles, he was on my race-dar. The way he “created his own buzz”, and almost walked away from the Eagles, the way he bulldozed over Howie w/threats of leaving, released a playmaker like Desean Jackson for his swag (we got nuthin but an even trade for him), kept Riley Cooper (so much for code-of-conduct-if you’re not a Black playmaker, you get to stay) and his crazy off season trades and aquisitions. Doesn’t he know Eagles are a federally protected species & it’s illegal to even try to kill them? I loved Shady & nothing he says about inside the locker room will change that, he just confirms what a lot of us already believe anyway. No playmakers, no strong opinions, just “Chip Kelly & The Eagles”, not “The Philadelphia Eagles”. For someone who has never won an NFL title or has a proven track record, he sure is power trippin. Shady proved himself over and over and was always a fun-loving game-changer til the “Chip-on-his-shoulder Era”.
    Shady, be well and prosper, thanks for the insight. There are a lot of us who miss you, Desean & Maclin et al.

  39. Final thoughts…

    When a defining moment presented itself to Coach Kelly over this whole matter nearly two years ago, he fumbled away a golden opportunity to convey to the team, the organization, the entire league and society as a whole that the “Riley “I’ll kick every…” Coopers of the world wouldn’t be tolerated.

    However, he chose not to. That decision–his own wasn’t the fault of Desean, LeSean, Tra Thomas or Stephen A. Smith.

    It’s reasonable to wonder why without getting sidetracked by blaming everyone else but the decision maker himself.

    Window dressing (adding even more black players, black coaches, serving meals in disadvantaged black neighborhoods, etc.), won’t erase the fact that when the defining moment actually happened, it was fumbled away on a bad decision. Not made by anyone else.

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