Maikel Franco Has Been Called Up, Does Anyone Give a Shit?

Photo credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Zolecki:

The Phillies announced this morning they have recalled Maikel Franco from Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Franco is the No. 54 prospect in baseball, according to He is expected to be at third base tonight for the Phillies’ series opener against Arizona at Citizens Bank Park.

Franco’s arrival became imminent Monday, when the Phillies optioned third baseman Cody Asche to Triple-A, where is learning to become a left fielder.

54th-best prospect. Cool. Not taking anything away from Franco, who could turn out to be a great player, but his arrival on this putrid Phillies team is about as exciting as late night cable fare after the proliferation of residential broadband. Like, yeah, you’ll leave the channel on for a few extra minutes if you flip by, but it’s not exactly appointment viewing like it would’ve been years ago. And it’s made all the more mehhhhhhh given the Phillies’ inexplicable lack of foresight to, you know, see this coming, which led to their curious decision to send Franco’s mildly-heated corner predecessor, Cody Asche, to Lehigh Valley to learn a new position instead of just letting him do it on the AAA team that plays at One Citizens Bank Way in Philadelphia.

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39 Responses

  1. I don’t think they are far off, to be honest. 2017-18 may be realistic when Howard and Utley and Ruiz are gone.

    1B – Franco
    2B – Herrera
    SS – Crawford
    3B – Galvis
    OF – Dugan
    OF – Quinn
    OF – Owens(?), FA or next year’s 1st RD Draft pick when we pick #1
    Rotation: Biddle, Lively, Eflin, Windle, Nola

    I trade Hamels, Harang, and Papelbon to Boston for Vazquez (C), Owens, Devers, and Bradley

    Perhaps they can be fixed after Amaro is gone following this season.

    1. In your defensive alignment, if you’re talking about Henry Owens from the Red Sox, he’s a pitcher, not an outfielder.

    2. What are you smoking with that lineup/rotation.

      Franco, Crawford, and MAYBE Quinn have a chance to be everyday players. Galvis is having a nice start, but I won’t be shocked if he goes back to being the .230 hitter with a plus glove.

      Biddle? Biddle stinks. He’s a player they reached for because he went to Germantown Academy. He’s not a top 10 prospect at this point for any other club.

      Vasquez is hurt and can’t be traded, if Owens was worth a shit the Red Sox would call him up into their putrid rotation, Jackie Bradley Jr. Is a .190 hitter who it was just reported the Red Sox offered to the Mariners straight up for sub-par reliever Furbush, and Seattle rejected the trade.

      That lineup and rotation is Hinkiesque.

      1. First off, Biddle went to Germantown Friends, not Germantown Academy. The Inter-Ac is a pretty good high school conference….the Friends League? Not so much. Either way if Biddle becomes a #5 starter now it’s a success.

        Secondly, Franco is an above average 3B and his bat plays well there. 1B need to absolutely mash in the majors and Franco isn’t that type of hitter. Maybe 15-20 HR in his prime but with superb defense he’s probably 3-5 WAR year player…I wouldn’t move him. Dugan (and Altherr) are probably your bench OFs, with Quinn or Tocci as a starting CF. They still need corner OFs…and top rotation pitchers. Nola, Eflin and Lively round out a good 3-5 but they need an ace…Franklyn Kilome has that potential but he’s still really young. I would like to see Galvis moved to 2B when Crawford comes up or even traded this year…you figure his value is never going to be higher than it is now…maybe you can get a couple prospects back.

  2. “Does Anyone Give a Shit?”

    Kyle, you, like most of the readers and commenters on this site, are not real baseball fans and only care about the sport when the Phillies are contenders. You and most of your readers never saw the Phillies in the 80’s and 90’s when they were awful because you are too young to know what bad baseball is like.

    It’s clear you don’t have any patience when it comes to watching baseball. I highly doubt you have even watched one baseball game this year, let alone a single Phillies game. Your ignorance of baseball is par for the course for your generation.

    1. Bob Kyle is what people refer to in today’s sports world as a front-runner,and mark my words Bob if Maikel Franco starts off on a torrid pace,piece of shit front-runners like Kyle Scott will be the first one to say how he’s been fully on board since day one.

        1. Franco ‘n’ Beans

          Franco the Tanko

          Francoford Ave.

          Francos for the Memories

          Francosgiving Day!

    2. A real baseball fan would hate the Phillies shitshow even more than a casual fan, methinks.

      1. Got that right. Worst part of it? No sense of direction, no plan, just throwing shit on the wall and hoping some of it sticks. Can’t wait to see which 35 year old pitcher Rube picks up at mid-season to stick in the rotation…

        1. See the 35 year old washed up pitcher is the only thing Ruben has done right the past two years.

          Sign Carmona-Hernandez, deal him at the deadline for prospects.

          He’ll do the same this year with Harang.

          If you’re in a rebuild, that’s one of the best moves you can make. Sign veteran injured/struggling starters, see if they pan out into major league starters again and ship them off to stock more in the farm system.

    3. Preach it Bob! I remember when the Phillies clinched the basement in June. I watched them when Gene Mauch was the manager! I grew up with a bad baseball team but I love the game and always watched. I saw truly great players (on the other teams) players that excelled today’s players by far. Saw Bob Gibson as a rookie, Henry Aaron break Babe Ruth’s record, Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle in their prime. I could go on but my fingers are tired. But I always hoped one day my dreams would come true and the Phillies would be an elite team. For awhile that dream came true and I am glad of it; nowadays is just a revisit to the team I grew up with, LOL!

  3. The answer is yes. The one great thing about when a sports team in Philly is bad is you get to see who the real fans are, and how many bandwagon fans we have. That is why I used to get annoyed when the Phillies Management and Announcers would pound their chest in 2009, 2010, 2011 at the sellout streak at CBP. We all knew that once the Phillies run ended, they would be getting 20,000 a night like they did pre-2007 or pre-the opening of CBP. I’m glad that the bandwagoners stay at home as I can get my food and get back to my seat in 3 minutes compared to 2010 days when it would miss an inning or two to get crab fries.

    1. Yo Dave , nobody wants to watch a pathetic 100loss phils team!! Phils have the worst GM in modern day history with one of the largest payrolls in mlb.

      Go Dodgers !!!!!!

    2. No. Sports is entertainment. The teams don’t give too shits about you. I’m not paying to go see horrible entertainment, whether that is sports, movies, concerts, etc. You’re an absolute moron if you think paying to see a sub par team play is admirable. There are better things to do with your time until the team is competitive again and actually entertaining/exciting.

      That is what religions and cults play to, the belief that if you’re loyal, you get something in return. You get nothing. Call me a bandwagon fan all you want. It doesn’t offend me. It’s actually a complement.

      1. It has nothing to do with loyalty, its just the fact that I enjoy watching Baseball whether the Phillies are bad or good. Now don’t me wrong, its alot more fun when they are winning, but sports is all cyclical and don’t understand when people get their panties in a bunch during the down years. We had a great run of 5 years along with Parade on Broad Street, so now were going to have some down years and we just have to put up with it.

        As for going to the games, I go to the same amount of games when their good or bad which is a handful. I usually go to about 4-5 games a year (even during the World Series years) I buy on stubhub, and watch the rest of the season on Comcast.

        I have no problem with fans who want to be bandwagons like yourself cause its a free country, but on the other hand I get annoyed to hear our Philly sports fans are the most rabid and most passionate there is. It just isn’t true by the way the Sixers/Phillies attendance is.

    3. The negativity about the Phillies situation is ridiculous with you Kyle. They suck, no shit, something you can finally report on with a high level of confidence? For me personally, it was a blast watching Rollins, Utley etc… in the pre-playoff years. Sure, Rube’s a boob, we get that but at least Gillick is around and everyday Monty get’s closer to retirement and Middleton gets closer to a larger say in day to day ops… This kid gets called up and this is the CB post he gets from a fraud who has/had season tix with daddy? You are a fuckface.

  4. Apparently Crossing Broad does since they decided to post an article about it. Freakin sock cuckers!

  5. People probably care a lot more about this than your stupid Jason Kelce posts.

  6. Any truth to the rumor that Kaicee McD0nel is dating the 1st baseman on the Royals?

  7. Speak for yourself. Phillies fans are looking forward to watching Franco play.

  8. Yeah, I kinda do give a shit since he might be the only good thing about this team this year.

    I know they suck terribly and all, but you could stop going out of your way to gleefully bury them whenever you get a chance.

    1. Kyle has been hanging around the anti-Philadelphian Josh Innes too much. I’s rather watch the Phillies play at their worst than hear about Josh’s ratings.

  9. Considering it’s mid-may and nothing else is going on in this city, yes I’m looking forward to it. Unlike some people in this city including sports radio and other media members, there are other things to look out for other than the Eagles. The Eagles don’t start for another 4 months I think we can all take a little break from them and check out other things like the Phillies prospects. Sixers draft, etc. Unfortunately the media is so obsessed with the eagles, the fans don’t get the chance to express how they feel about those other things

  10. Kyle, I’d appreciate if you could clean up your bad language. Be like me and just say crap. For example, “does anyone give a crap? Stay away from this crappy team. My competitors are crap. CRAP!

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