Man, Riley Cooper Is Getting All the Big Sponsorship Deals

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Wonder how much that video cost him in career earnings?


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  1. Poor coop can’t catch a break with shady & Steven A on his back

    1. Dude, you are so annoying. All of you dirty fairies need to go kill yourselves. Bunch of unemployed losers…

  2. Proof he’s a racist. He’s riding a bike, implying that a black kid will steal it.

  3. Not only are my ratings cratering, but nobody is even talking about me in the CrossingBroad comments section anymore.

    How fat, dumb and stupid do I have to get?

    1. Let me enlighten you, Josh. Best WIP sports radio in months occurred this afternoon (Thur) …just so happens YOU were home …sick. Jody Mac and Tony Bruno blew you away, dude. Don’t think I heard one reference to Houston, Saints, Cardinals, your GrandMa, your girlfriend, stroking …. . Dude, your radio show sucks because you’re a douche bag, with marginal knowledge of sports and preoccupied with nothingness. You and Andy Bloom should just start a reality tv show and hold hands to proclaim your love for each other.

      1. It’s like they have been doing it for years. They should definitely said the other guy back to Houston with a one way bus ticket.

        1. Dammit! Innes was sick today? I would have known that but I never listen to that douchebag. I am so sorry to have missed jodymac and Tony. Maybe Josh has whatever is wrong with Cataldi and will be out again tomorrow. I’m going to check it out.

  4. Are you planning a review of Cuz and Jon Marks? I enjoy the show, wanted to get your opinion.

    BoB is growing on me, I wish that they could radio simulcast it.

    1. I’ll review the show, standard Philly morning sports show, something called “MCW” destroys the flow of everything with the most awful voice I have ever heard. Can that person as fast as possible, maybe send them to wherever Sean Brace is at this point (a gutter possibly?)

      1. MCW has a tough voice and even worse delivery. Pure amateur. Wonder who she’s blowing?

        However, may I direct your attention to worst voices in Philadelpia media:

        1. Leah rahimi: Monotoned, nasally mush
        2. Jen Daniels: nasally, shrill and Philly dialect
        3. Cbs3 am traffic girl Victoria: horrendous philly dialect. It’s sad. “Wooder” “skew-kull”

        1. Awer yew twying tew say that I tawk funnee? Fawk yeww!

        2. Reminds me of that annoying sounding girl marissa on Preston & Steve

          1. She was also the only competition for California Chrome for biggest “look at me” attention wh0re in Philly media. Check her Twitter page its selfie after selfie.

          2. That Marisa chick is annoying as fuck. Attention wh0re who acts like she’s entitled

      2. This has to be the only reason she was hired. If you have ever seen a picture of the “Bro” you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    2. The Cuz and Johnny Marks show sucks. Gargano hasn’t learned anything from his layoff — still a fraud blowhard who still wipes the asses of his special guests. Stills trumpets his fraudulent S. Philly schtick. Still stuffs his big mouth with Primo Hoagies. Still celebrates the turds from Littl Ant. He has no friggin clue why his radio persona sucks. Just speak with a normal voice and talk sports.

      1. I am still toweling off from Cuz blubbering all over “Coach” Franklin this morning.

    3. We are the best in the business.
      BoB sucks ass.
      So does Innes.
      Review of the “new” 97.5 Morning Show with Anthony Gargano: Blows.

      Have a nice day.

      1. (Sniff) Maybe it’s not the freckles, Jillian…maybe it’s just dumb old you!

      2. You might want to ask the plastic surgeon who worked on those lips for your money back.

        And its widely agreed upon in the CB comment section that Dawn Timmeny has the best rack on TV.

  5. That’s awesome! It’s good to see Riley Cooper advertiseing for these motorcycles. Riley Cooper is one of my all time favorite eagles. He plays football the right way. He is like Chase Utely, if Chase utley played football and had a ponytail. Riley Cooper is much better receiver than that pie$e of CHIT DeSHawn jackson.

    Last year, I went to see Lesean McCoy $how at the Chicky;s and Peter’s. And he would not sign my t-shirt. So I called him a racist peace of $hit and a$$holE. Police had to throw me out!

    1. Your satire might make sense if white people actually liked Riley Cooper but they don’t. He’s a universally reviled bum.

  6. Thank you god this f-ng putz is still on the roster. Where would the eagles be without their athletically handicapped widereceiver that has the hands of Padre Pio?

  7. I would kill for a bicycle shop sales job. I’d be all like, “Yo dis bike has it all, homey. Pedals, breaks, and an adjutsable seat!”

    1. Seriously Sean, stop playing with your phone at work.

      Last warning.

      Get back to work. Someone dropped a deuce in the urinal, go take care of that.

      1. Yo boss man you better know dat I have an interview at Best Buy tomorrow and will quit dis lousy job if dey make me an offer.

        1. Dear Sean. We have canceled your interview. We feel your skills would be better utilized at Blockbuster Video. Could you also call Josh Innes and tell him his interview is canceled as well. Also please tell him to stop having his father call to get him a management job.

        1. Must feel pretty good to sit behind a computer and make fun of a guy for being unemployed. I been out of work for 2 years, and this is coming from a guy with two kids. I wasn’t lucky like some of you to have mommy and daddy pay your way through college. Nah, I’m just a guy from south philly who served his country and is struggling to grasp bills. So before you guys post stuff, think how would you feel if you were in that position.

  8. I’m around the corner from there. The bikes are overpriced if you’re a novice. Don’t waste your time unless you’re one of those hardcore gays with gel assed speedos and stupid helmets blocking everyone’s driving lane as you and all of your gay buddies ride 3 wide just to fuck with motorists. Warning, I want to run you over if you are. Real bad.

  9. Careful, blondie, women that hang out with Howie have been known to end up dead.

  10. Meeting tonight at my house. Bring your hoods. Riley, make sure my shit is ironed.

  11. Hey There Reilly cooper. Wanna hang out tonight? I only date white dudes

  12. I always make sure to make a point of “dissing” Riley Cooper to my African American friends. I go, “oh he’s so bad, why he still here ?” I feel they have respect for me when I do that. I also quote Kevin Hart a lot as an ice breaker.

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