Media Vultures Hound Girl Whose Cousin Died in Amtrak Derailment

Voila_Capture 2015-05-13_10-59-43_AMThe death toll from last night’s Amtrak derailment has risen to six, and hopefully won’t go any higher, but media vultures were already all over one girl who tweeted that her cousin had died in the accident. She’s since deleted the Tweet that led to these feverish responses, and obviously she was broken up by it all:


While all of those responsesare terrible and unnecessary, at least there’s some grace in a few of them. “Please follow me so I can send a DM” is not one of those. Not surprisingly, it came from a CNN reporter.

Social media has made everyone more accessible and easy to contact, but that doesn’t mean you should always do it.

And in other Tweets, THINK OF THE JOURNALISTS:


Once again, guys– some grace.

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28 Responses

  1. If you don’t want to hear the public’s response, don’t make your private thoughts public…

    1. Exactly. Like the whole world needs to know your cousin died? You obviously posted it looking for sympathy/attention.

      On another note. I wish someone would tweet that a relative died, have a reporter contact them, and then give them a totally made up name/story about the person and see the reporter run with it.

      1. Yes I’m sure she was looking for Symphony/Attention from her 125 followers…..fools.

        1. Dumbass, obviously tweets can reach more than just your followers. As proven by the story above.

          1. Yes I’m well aware asshat but I doubt she tweeted with the intention to go viral so she would get attention.

            If that was her plan, why would she then complain about all of the reporters instead of taking at least one of them up on their offer.

            Think a little dumbass.

  2. These reporters are awful, and I feel bad for the family of the victims, but I don’t understand posting to twitter or any social media site about it.

    No one ever accused David Murphy of being a journalist.

  3. The whole use of social media after a tragedy like this is just weird and distasteful. I saw one former-PA congressman posts photos inside the train right after the crash. Seriously??? People are doing interviews on TV last night getting their 15 minutes of fame? What a society we live in.

  4. Kyle Scott here from CrossingBroad. You know? Philadelphia’s Most Irreverant sports blog. Can you please DM to discuss a possible TShirt idea on the train derailment.

    1. Picture of the crash on the front

      “Crashing and burning here won’t get you better draft picks” on the back


  5. At least that yutz Joel Mathis from Philly Mag didnt play up his “credentials” about how its all about the journalists…

    Kudos to Kyle for calling out these worms,

  6. Kyle posting updates about a fatal train accident…on a sports blog…for clicks…isn’t much different. And I am sure he would reuse any quotes these journalists published…again for clicks.

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