NEWS WARS: Lester Holt Anchored NBC’s Nightly News Live from a MF-ing Helicopter above Philadelphia

pic via (@xthiggs)
pic via (@xthiggs)

This is easily the most interesting thing Lester Holt has ever done. There he is, flying over Philadelphia’s “north side,” reporting on the train derailment from NBC 10’s SkyForce 10. I’m surprised that ABC’s David Muir, also in Philly tonight, wasn’t coming to us live from atop a moving locomotive, Van Damme-style, or that CBS’ Scott Pelley (yep, Philly) wasn’t… eh, what does he care, no one’s ever going to watch CBS’ nightly news broadcast anyway.

The Twitter reaction to Holt – which you can see after the jump – was hilarious. Sometimes, the Brian Williams jokes just write themselves:

Voila_Capture 2015-05-13_06-59-13_PM


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    1. How would you know! If in fact he does have a big dick, it sure as hell doesn’t match his pee brain!

  1. Wow people were killed and some are still missing but now it’s funny? Okay.

  2. NBC 10 is pimping “Sky Force 10” all of the time. I bet their news director begged Lester to broadcast from the chopper, so they could use it in future promo advertising.

  3. “Look out at the corner of 14th and Elm I just dropped my bagel”

    1. “When’s MY right time KENT?? When’s MY RIGHT TIME?!”

  4. I wanted to make sure Bolaris knew he was my bitch

  5. I understand all the anchors are outside the studio doing field reporting but all 3 of them could have at least worn a tie. The crash scene is a place of death for several Amtrak riders. Show some respect and look professional. A tie and jacket for just 22 minutes isn’t so hard.

  6. I’m on Amtrak now, left Philly at 4:40am on way to DC and am miserable. Lobbying Congress for IVF funding with my wife and mom.

  7. Aaaaaactually Kyle, Lester Holt has reported from a helicopter in Afghanistan during an air drop. Dude is the baddest assed nerd known to man.

  8. Truly brilliant reporting live over Philadelphia in a helicopter. One of the best in reporting. Thank you Lester Holt for this superb broadcast!

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