No One is Going to Phillies Games but Please Keep Your Shirts On


Look, guys. I know there’s no one at these games and #dadbod and all that, but please, don’t. Wear a shirt. It wasn’t even hot yesterday. You’re better than this. We’re not Chicago.

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25 Responses

  1. I’ll go ahead and get this started.

    I don’t know her, I’ve never met her, but something about Marisa Magnatta makes me think she’s the absolute worst form of quasi-celebrity we have to offer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go yell at the neighbor kids for being too happy.

  2. Can someone explain what Marissa Magnatta actually does ?

    She is the Assistant Producer of the silly PS Show. Does a radio show in these days really need more than 1 of these?

    I give this girl some credit. She has made herself a mild celebrity ( C List?) by not really having to do much to accomplish this.

    So can someone really tell me what she does for a living besides tweet and IG herself?

    1. My sense is that her “Job” is to make appearances and otherwise maintain a relatively high social profile.

      She’s basically a brand ambassador for preston & steve. And yes, the fact that she’s parlayed that into an (assumingly) profitable career is beyond demoralizing.

      1. Why would you say its demoralizing? Or better yet, why does her success bother you so much? She’s making a living, and probably a pretty decent one for a girl her age. What does she do? Fuck if I know or care really, but producers do a ton of behind the scenes stuff. And she clearly supplements her income with all her appearances and what not. Lighten up, have a few more Toms.

        1. Fair points across the board. Can we all agree though that MCW is in fact, the worst?

          1. i still can’t understand why 97.5 did not have a local morning show until gargano became available. my choice in a top 5 market is cataldi or gargano…WTF.

        1. I’ll chime in here– I have absolutely nothing against Marisa, nor do I know her personally, but I can’t stand her crowd: the small group socialites and local notables who attend. every. single. “charity.” event. just to have their picture taken. Seriously, I have no idea how any who attends those things on the regular has the energy or time to do anything even remotely productive the rest of the week. It’s seriously the saddest thing in Philadelphia. I guess it’s the case in every city, but at least New York, Miami, LA, San Fran, and maybe Chicago have actual important people who show up to those sorts of things. Here, the big events are usually MCed by an Action News anchor and feature a city council member or some half-assed former athlete as the guest of honor. I get the press releases for most of these and I might just start a running tally of who does nothing but attend D-list parties, er, charity events, for a living.

          1. I’ll be honest, if I got invited to a party where it was a near guarantee I’d get to drink with Vernon Odom and hear him spit game — I couldn’t rsvp fast enough. But I hear you.

              1. Vernon Odom doesn’t “bang,” wood yi. Vernon Odom “makes love”

                But yes. Vernon Odom put a P in a V at the roast.

          2. This “charity” events are the worst. More power to her if she has the energy to attend. They all seem to be the same, come up with random cause, invite washed up TV personalties and claim them as celebrities, add food and booze and presto, instant charity event in Philly. Zzzzz

          3. I think it’s her job to go to all of those events and promote the show. I actually give her credit for having to do that. Now, if you can tell me what Nick does on the show, I’d love to know.

            1. or Kathy…Nick is ehh, but at least the guy makes some attempt to contribute to the show. Outside of the traffic (which is just reading) Kathy does absolutely nothing.

              1. It is strange. I always wonder how much they (those other than P&S) are paid. I imagine they supplement a lot with their appearances.

          4. The winner of that prize should go to that Papadakadakis daughter. Her only claim to fame (if any) is being the very rich daughter of the former Prez of Drexel. She shows up all the time at every friggin’ event, the majority of which are NOT events of any significant.

            I agree with you regarding not having anything against these women either, but at the end of the day (sorry to use a cliche) they really are not overly interesting or compelling enough to warrant any sort of attention

  3. Looks like phansofphilly ran a Phillies bus trip with 6 dudes leaving from Janos Pizza

  4. Marisa can come topless, and Natalie Egenolf.
    That will get em fan back in seat!

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