Pat Gillick Says the Phillies Haven’t Traded Hamels because They Haven’t Had a Fair Offer Yet

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Hamels, currently sporting the beard of a comic book henchman, is still a Phillie. Many thought he’d be gone by last year’s trade deadline, or by spring training, or by opening day, or by now. But nope. Is it because Ruben Amaro is utterly incompetent? No (maybe). According to Pat Gillick, they just haven’t been offered a good enough deal yet.

“We’re not trying to make the perfect deal,” Gillick told CSN  Rob Maaddi of the AP. “People think you make a deal to take advantage of someone else. No, that isn’t the case because you want to go back and have repeat business with that person. When you’re making a deal, you want to make a fair deal.”

That’s a fine strategy, and as Gillick says, it’s just that they aren’t being offered those fair deals. “We haven’t got an offer that’s commensurate with his ability,” Gillick said of his ace. “In some places it’s been portrayed that we’re looking for an overreach and the reason Ruben hasn’t made a trade is because we’re overreaching … at this point, we don’t think we’ve got a proposal that we feel is (right).”

Ideally, once that offer is presented, the deal will be done. Because Ruben’s gotta strike while the iron is hot. Or, in this case, while it’s two degrees above room temperature.

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23 Responses

  1. All the other GMs know there is a fire sale with the Phillies, everything of value must go and Amaro is no Billy Bean in the brain’s department and can be taken.

      1. I don’t believe anyone “graduates” from Mensa, you just become a member if you score high and attend gatherings if you choose so… least that’s what Missaneli told me from his experiences

          1. “Graduating from Mensa” is part of the vernacular?

            Do you also call hamburgers “steamed hams”.

            1. SKINNER? What is that bright light coming from your kitchen?!

              Uh…Aurora Borealis?

              Aurora Borealis? At this time of year, in daylight, centralized ENTIRELY in your kitchen?


              …Can…can I see it?

  2. Help is on the way for the Phillies. Maikel Franco will be called up this weekend and is tearing it up in Lehigh Valley. If you go to the Ironpigs website and look under the team video highlights, it’s all Franco destroying pitching. Very impressive. For a medium-sized player, he’s got surprising power and he can flat out hit.

    Hope is on the horizon. Be patient.

    1. Franco’s swing is too long. MLB pitchers will frustrate him – much like Dom. I hope he does well but I’m not optimistic.

    2. Hey guys, i just got back from vacation!!!

      There is no way Maikel Franco is going to make this a winning team. Let’s look forward to 2021! Go Phills!

  3. Let me tell ya something. Ok! Eventhough Pat Gillick should be sitting on a rocking chair on a porch in Sasquatchme Washington he is 100% correct here. You don’t trade Cole Hamels unless you are blown away.

  4. Hamels is the only one the Phillies should wait for a good deal in return. Howard, Papelbon, Utley, Chooch, Harang, Sizemore will all probably be gone by the deadline and just take what you can get at this point and just go with the young guys like the Sixers did.

  5. Is 97.5 seriously talking to bradfords HS coach right now? Are they that desperate for content? Or just absolutely obsessed with the Eagles and nothing else?

    1. Sportstalk Radio jumped the shark during the winter with the Mariota trade talks. The trade was never going to happen, but every idiot journalist wouldn’t let it go so many fans took it hook line and sinker. I tweeted every moron journalist who thought the Eagles had a chance and asked them directly, “Why would Tennesse move down from #2 overall pick to #20, as nobody has ever done that in the history of the NFL draft?”

      The problem is they all changed their scope of sportstalk to talk about the Eagles 24/7 and they have totally killed it for fans like me who love the Eagles but don’t want to talk about them 365 days a year.

  6. Phuck the Phils ……….and the Rube and Gillick ahole team

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