Pretty Sure Charlie Manuel Just Hit Jim Salisbury with a BJ Joke

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If you would’ve told me just a few years ago that, today, the Phillies would be the worst team in baseball and Charlie Manuel would be sending impressively self-aware, sophomoric Tweets to Todd Zolecki and Jim Salisbury from an empty press room in Clearwater, I… got nothing. I’m speechless. This is amazing.

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14 Responses

  1. Remember when most people initially hated Charlie Manuel??? Then he won a World Series and he was just a sweet old man…..Maybe the same thing will happen Sam Bradford, the guy everyone hates and laughs at for no reason wins the city a championship

    1. And then you woke up from your dream ya moron.

  2. Love how mike miss is telling all his minions on twitter that him losing in the ratings is a lie. I understand not wanting to admit it but why accuse everyone else of lying. It’s really sad how bad he’s gotten over the past few years.

    1. I emailed Miss asking basically why he is in denial and keeps dismissing the ratings And I’m awaiting a response. 1st his excuse on Twitter was it goes in 3 month blocks. Now it’s don’t believe the nonsense. Well clearly the ratings are out there and he lost 2 out of 3 months including the last 2 progressively getting worse for him. Losing the key demo 25-54 by 60% to WIP and finishing 5th overall is horrendous.

      1. Well said. I don’t give a shit about these ratings. Until they find a way to measure them accurately, they don’t mean anything whatsoever.

        I know the Innes & Bruno show sucks and agree with all that Mike Miss is trending downward.

        Stick with Dan Patrick podcast until better local options show up.

  3. You’re just finding out now that Charlie Manuel is good at Twitter? Tell you what, just drop the pretense of this being a sports blog until one of the teams makes the playoffs again.

  4. I doubt that Elmer Befuddled realized that he was making a double entendre. That’s giving that old fool wayyy too much credit.

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