RADIO WARS: Old Man Twitter Fight Edition


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    1. HALLELUJAH! Friday …and another afternoon of sports radio on WIP without stroking Josh Innes. Jody Mac and Tony Bruno for 5 hours of real sports talk radio. Just wish Innes’s love partner, Andy Bloom, would put out a notice when Innes is absent, so sports fans can once again return to 94.1. Jesus, no Houston talk, no LSU, no Cardinals, no GrandMa, no girlfriend, no trivial BS.

      1. After I heard that Jody was on yesterday, I took a chance today when I got home from work on the off chance Innes would be out again and Hip Hip Hooray! Jody was on again. What a difference and Tony got to speak longer than a minute! Great combination.

    2. Jody has blown your doors off. He knows how to work with someone else.

  1. No doubt mike miss was drunk as a skunk when he tweeted that

    1. Look within, Bro. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go turn up the Imagine Dragons.

  2. MM-1

    BTW, Eskin always deserves to be trashed.
    So Peskin, since people aren’t insulted by cheating during a game they only have half a brain? Is that what you’re saying???

    Hmmm? Maybe they are just smarter than you and know that you shouldn’t be insulted by this? You douchenozzle.

    1. That’s not even close to what Eskin said.

      But good effort!

      You tried.

        1. Yes, “Anyone with half a brain” is an idiom.

          And I’m fairly certain that anyone with half a brain can see that you don’t know what it means.

          1. Yes, an idiom. Which can be either figurative or literal. His idiom would be a figurative one which is meant to imply someone is dumb if they weren’t insulted by Brady and his cheating. Just what I criticized him for. What’s your stake in this? I’m trying to understand why you would try soooooo damn hard to actually put another meaning onto what was said by Eskin. This is strange to me. You are a strange one Bobvin Bobroe.

  3. Is it really true Bolaris fucked Susie Celek at the roast ???

    1. Yea. If you call me watching Bolaris put his junk in his hand and call out Russian female names.
      I’d go back to Brent before doing a weatherman.

  4. This isn’t even a radio war.

    Eskin’s show has the same reach as static and MM is so over the hill even Glen Macnow is starting to see him.

  5. Mikey Miss sticking his nose in the King’s business? Bitchanelli should be worrying about his own sagging show ratings and his non-sports gimmicks, General Knowledge Wednesday and Newsday Tuesday. Today, he will introduce Girl Friday programming. And unveil Funday Monday next week.

    1. Josh Innes you fat mothafucka stop posting under these false names dude we know it’s you.And btw it was certainly refreshing hearing Tony Bruno getting a chance to talk without you rudely interrupting him,which happens every 30 seconds.Wherever you’re at keep your fat smelly ass there because you definitely wasn’t missed yesterday with Jody Mac on the air and judging by the tweets most people would agree.

      1. Turned on the radio driving back to work after lunch. A familiar voice resonated, could it be…It is! Tony Bruno his own self, unplugged. Jody Mac at least is confident enough and pro enough to just sit back and wait his GD turn to talk. Looks like it’s Day Two of the no-Josh experiment.

    2. Hey Josh, are you still doing your own worn out schtick about Mount Rushmore? People in glass houses etc.

  6. “Radio Wars” is clearly dead.

    Most smart people have realized there is no “side” to take and these guys (on both stations) are ego-maniacs who know no more about sports than my alcoholic Uncle Ned.

    They make predictions that rarely come to fruition and just continue to bash each other similar to middle school kids on a playground.

    It’s pretty fucking sad, almost as sad as the state of sports in this city.

    None of these assclowns could touch Preston and Steve on MMR and thats because they simply lack talent and go with the same schtick day in and day out.

      1. don’t forget to say “gadzooks” first. then wait for the homer simpson button. EVERY major city has the same generic crappy radio show. I’d rather drill my ear drums than listen to those idiots read stories off the internet and interject the same tired jokes every day.

  7. ya boy mikey miss got dat old ass cracka eskn last night…listen 2 me call 97.5 and say whatever I want…dem cracka ass cracka hosts 2 scared to cut a black man off…that’s why we fuck all ur women cause you white pussies never stand up to us ya heard

  8. Did that hair dying douche little Mikey miss think of that joke all by himself?? Wow what a comedic genius! Maybe when he gets fired from this job, he can start a stand up career.

  9. Hey guys just a reminder. Don’t forget about Sunday…in other

  10. “Miiiike, you stop being mean or I going to stop calling. And I’ll take Arthur, Angry Al and that guy that says ” As always, Plano got love for you” with me”

    I love you Mike, Bob.
    Did you get my email? I got us tickets to the Line-Dance Challenge in Mid-Mississippi, Pa.

    1. and then I will eat your ass, just to be sure that you learn your lesson. Maybe twice actually.

  11. Even i like Tony and Jody better then the Josh innes show and I sucked the aids off of Josh’s aids dick .

  12. How in the hell did 97.5 put together a morning show more annoying than that crap hole show on WIP. Gargano actually thinks he is a football authority and that a team should hire him to be in the front office, Marks is a screaming little box troll who looks like Bud Bundy and MCW can’t read the updates.

    1. It’s basically the Cuz doing a monologue. Jon has taken a backseat. This is just a really bad mix of people. I like Ant and Glen and Ant and Rob. This just doesn’t work.

    2. So true about Gargano. Tries to sell himself as an expert analyst on sports even beyond football. I’m surprised the area coaches/managers haven’t tweeted him for advice. He’s so friggin full of himself that when he goes into his schtick, it just becomes unlistenable. Once he starts his contrived syntax/voice, it’s time to move the radio dial.

      1. Turned on 97.5 Morning Show a week ago and I heard Duh Cuz say I’ m not a big 8 guy.He was talking about Marcus Mariota uniform number. How bout you johnnie marx you an 8 guy? McW you an 8 guy. He wasnt talking about Mariota but rather the concept of a QB wearing the number 8.

        Really riveting stuff. I havent listened since.

        Go Dodgers

        1. That’s because Cuz only gots 4 and a half. Trust me, I know. It tastes like a Primo too!

        2. What a fat slob simpleton greaseball. Gives a bad name to Italians everywhere.
          His gurgling goombah delivery makes wigged Brace sound like Walter Cronkite. Marks may actually gang himself one of tbese mornings

          1. Put the Cuz and obvious merit hire Josh Innes on overnight and watch them eat themselves into oblivion. I am also a better batter than Chase.

      2. Da cuz is a true football guy, didnt you see that pic of him and baldy together with the caption- cuz and baldy, 2 football guys!!!

  13. anyone notice how glenn and ray have become big daddy?>, half the show is selling bullshit plays, books, trips, giving away a beer mug from glenns shit bar?, wtf, get a fuckin clue more than half your listeners don’t know who tommy mcdonald was? anyways, goin out tonite to see ava, big daddy’s daughter play quizzo at lou turks

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