RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno and Josh Innes Crush Mike Missanelli in April Ratings

Photo: Josh Innes' Twitter
Photo: Josh Innes’ Twitter

We have obtained a portion of the April local radio ratings – 2-6, Men, 25-54 – based on share, according to Arbitron PPM (people meter) data. WIP finished first in the market, ahead of, in order: WMGK, WMMR, WRFF, and WPEN (97.5) among men 25-54 from 2-6. In fact, WIP held about a 60% lead over 97.5 in terms of share (number of turned-on radios tuned in) compared to just slight leads in February (the first month, recently, that WIP beat 97.5) and March. Their lead grew substantially in April– measured as March 26 to April 22.

On the air today, Innes said Bruno-Innes were number one overall in the market among men 18 and over.

Side note: Got a million Tweets and emails about Innes possibly being suspended two days last week. My neighbor thought it was because he went all Stern on some woman. Most readers think it’s because Innes dropped a “pussy” on the air in a rant about LeSean McCoy on Wednesday. And one sports talk radio source, in an email, thought it was because my “favorite radio guy got suspended for being a racist.” Another source (and Innes on the air today) said it was genuinely because Innes was sick with a sinus thing. I kinda believe the latter since WIP doesn’t seem averse to “suspensions” given the fact that they staged a fake one for Innes before the new show launched. Innes admitted (not surprisingly…), however, that certain higher-ups were upset with his on-air rant about McCoy. He was presumably referring to tight-ass CBS big wigs in New York, whom I’ve heard aren’t particularly fans of this site either.

Meanwhile, the latest ratings include a few days worth of morning show (comparison) numbers. But you’re gonna have to wait for the next post to see how 97.5’s new morning show did. TUNES:


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    1. I listen to them because they’re the best of the worst sports radio Philly has to offer. I really do not care for Missanelli at all, but I will change to him when Josh becomes unlistenable. Which does happen frequently.

      1. So true! The bar is incredibly low for sports talk in Philly. For both stations, much of the programming is CLOWN show quality — the worst being led by innes and Cataldi …and a close second by Gargano and Missanelli. And for different reasons. These four CLOWNS wouldn’t last a minute in a NYC sports market setting.

    2. It’s more about how terrible/a jackass Missanelli has become rather than Innes being any good.

  1. I used to listen to his nighttime show, he developed quite a following with the under 15 set.
    He had a few child regulars who used to call in.

      1. There’s been discussion on this board about how the numbers are crunched and disputes about methodology. To me it’s a great big meh. Til I get Sirius re-upped I’m listening to 1290.

  2. Congratulations to another week of being #1, Josh and Tony! Clearly the most entertaining sports talk show in Philly. Continued success!!!

      1. Why does everyone keep saying Innes is #1? He just beat Mikey Miss, who was never #1 either. There are several stations ahead of them.

        1. Please show me the ratings where you see that?

          WIP is #1 Men 25-54 during from 1-6 or 2-6.

  3. Gotta love the haters. Get used to it. If you don’t like the show then you don’t like talk radio.

    1. I am not interested in talk radio, but sports talk radio. Emphasis on sports, with some actual sports knowledge.

      1. If you’re relying on local sports radio for actual sports knowledge, I feel sorry for you. None of these hosts know any more than any regular fan. Some less. You don’t listen to a radio show to get “piping hot takes” on sports topics. That’s a joke. It’s entertainment, and it’s exactly why the “serious” hosts with “actual sports knowledge” like Ellis and gargano were replaced. They are stale. Nobody really cares what those guys think, and if you do, you are misguided.

        1. What does Gargano know other than his kids tball team?
          The only thing I remember is him guaranteeing the Eagles would go to the Playoffs and Shady would have well over 2000 yards last year.

          He became too much of a mouthpiece for whoever came on his show.

        2. You’re right – I shouldn’t expect to get any real sports talk on a sports talk radio show. I should expect conversations about bottled water, Josh’s insecurities, Josh’s waist size, Josh’s girlfriend, Josh’s grandmom, Josh’s dad, Josh’s fight with encephalitis, Josh’s ratings, Josh josh josh.

          How stupid of me!

          1. sounds like cataldi’s show and this market has been listening to that sh!t for 25 years.

        3. So because YOU don’t think anyone cares about what they think then everyone else must be “misguided?!”

          Seriously, if it were possible to post a more narcissistic comment I’d say you have Josh Innes beat in that category, but since you are that fat-fucking blowhard, Josh Innes, I guess we’ll just have to settle for the confirmation that you’re the most important person in the world, according to you.

        4. Back up the train there, fatty…

          Who died and made you the boss of everyone else’s listening preferences?

          Why should anyone give a shit about what you think they should be listening to?

          Sound to me like you’re trying to project yourself as some sort of authority on the subject.

          Are you that fat turd, Josh Innes, just posting under some lame pseudonym?

          What a hefty load of insecurity you are.

        5. Actually, Gargano was replaced because that stupid act he puts on was never really good radio. When people call in, EVERYTHING’S AMAZING!

          Hey Ant, I just took a duece in my pants


          You can only listen to that crap so long.

  4. The ratings don’t matter. Missanelli still has the #1 SPORTS radio show weekdays from 2-6. Right now Innes and Bruno are talking about different brands of bottled water. What a fun, fresh, edgy (non-sports) show.,.not.

      1. You obviously missed my point. Bruno and fat ass barely talk about sports, and it’s supposed to be a sports talk show. So edgy!

        1. Mikey never gets off topic. Two more days to general knowledge trivia Wednesday!!! Or how about some Gary the Retar….err Bernie from Broomall!!

          1. Thanks for commenting, Josh. Look forward to your next reply during your next commercial break.

          2. Don’t forget about an entire week each year devoted to getting celebrities to call into my show to win someone Eagles season tickets because I can’t get any famous guest on my own merit.

            The season is almost here. Can’t wait for the most exciting week of my show!

            1. I especially loved the year when someone got Erin Andrews to call in and you acted like a total dick, also known as just being yourself, towards her and tried giving her fashion advice about the dress she had on at the MLB All-star game to show how “edgy” you are.

              Stick to having every angry black man call into your show everyday to talk about how everything and everyone is racist.

    1. I forgot there’s so much going on in Philly sports. We’re missing out on five hours covering the eagles off-season, the Sixers and flyers playoff runs , oh and don’t forget about the Phillies. That would be truly entertaining radio.

      1. Debating bottled water. Awesome topic!

        Not like there are any big stories in the NFL to discuss, right? Ever heard of Tom Brady?

        NBA playoffs? NHL playoffs? But we get bottled freaking water.

    2. #1 one in terms of audience and listenership? No

      #1 in terms of you liking the show better then innes and bruno? Maybe

      You can’t dispute the ratings that the radio industry lives and dies by…Innes and Bruno are #1.

      If I could post a file, I would pull the most recent ratings and show you.

  5. This is everyone’s fault except mine. My show has only gotten more fresh and relevant over the years.

    There is no truth to the rumors that I have slowly morphed into Howard Eskin.

    1. SLOWLY?? I would argue that happened at least a year ago and you are worse than Eskin ever was!!!

  6. Guess I’m out of the norm. When they first started, I would swing back and forth, but I don’t touch 94 at all anymore.

    Of course, I tuned out of 97.5 too recently. Soooo boring the whole sports scene.

    Been listening to NPR actually.

      1. It’s actually extreme boredom with anything else I can find. At least what they’re saying is new every day.

  7. People can’t stand mike miss white guilt shows. Can’t listen to dat shit

  8. Can’t wait to see the ratings for those two horrid morning shows, both of which decided to employ a woman who can’t read her own copy. At least hire a hot chick like Sheena Parveen so we can imagine her hot ass and breasts.

    1. Whoa, relax, don’t talk about my side piece like that.

      Go get a Primos and calm down.

  9. You’ve never written a review of the new Cuz show. Is one in the works? I’m surprised that you haven’t given your Radio Wars posts.

  10. I wanted to be R H E A but I was passed over. It’s the way A N G e L o wanted it. But it was not the way I wanted it.


    Opiate for the masses.

  12. who are these fucking retards that listen to Innes? You have to be brain damaged to enjoy this fat ass.

    1. who even fills out an Arbitron book anymore? Guessing fat retards.

  13. I really wanted to see 97.5 push Cataldi out the door, instead we got the meatball in the morning. At least, maybe, Inne

  14. Really sad day for the city. I’m serious.

    Innes is one of the worst things to come around ever on WIP. He’s a fat insult to the station, sports and the city. Not that Captain Hair Dye over on 97.5 is anything to get excited about, but Innes literally makes me cringe when he speaks. I find him gross, obnoxious and stupid. I was hopeful Philly would agree with me, but it appears they haven’t.

    Oh well. There are bigger things to worry about than who has the afternoon show on 94 WIP.

      1. I find Ang to be entertaining…..huge difference from Innes who I want to push off a cliff.

        But I can understand why people wouldn’t find Ang appealing, but to me he’s an institution in this city.

          1. I know, I know. I don’t go to him for sports information….I don’t value his opinions at all. The show to me is still entertaining though.

            But I do flip back and forth to Gargano, who is a grating marbled mouth mess, but he does know sports.

  15. It’s obvious that Bruno is the reason. I like Innes at times but see where the complaints are justified. But it’s extra sweet that Bruno beats missanelli bc of the way mike treated him. Bruno has done way more in his career than mike can even dream. But for some reason, my guess jealousy, Mike constantly talked down to him and behind his back.

    1. You’re right …that’s why I refer to the p.m. programming as the Bruno and innes show. Tony is still popular in the Delaware valley. Partnered with anyone, Tony’s ratings would spike for a while, and the show is still relatively new. I listened today for about 20 minutes, and heard innes celebrate HIS ratings. But, then it was the same old innes — LSU, Houston, his personal issues. The slob will never change. He backstabs anyone in his way. He is preoccupied with his GrandMa, his girlfriend, Houston, LSU, Cardinals … . He tries to dominate airtime, over his partner, constantly interrupting. The ratings “win” will be shortlived.

  16. Anyone think boring on broad will last through the summer?? Show is bad man

    1. I hope so…otherwise I’ll be at Avalon all summer and they’ll never fade away.

  17. We’re celebrating at Cheerleaders tonight. I’m gonna try to get my fat ugly ass laid for the second time in my life.

  18. I’m gonna start a peaceful riot. These rating are racist because they know I’m homies with the brothers.

  19. missanelli’s tweet to gonzo last week is all you need to know to understand why the market is turned off by that d-bag.

  20. Another example of the man trying to keep the folks down.

    Gonna call Reverend Al and we gonna git to da bottom of dis.

  21. Coming up on the big tits I mean big board, radio wars with a bunch of wanna be athlete geeks.

  22. Yo Bo’s. Good morrrrrning. I wanna start my show off a little different today. I was just playing with little ant in the back yard. He’s so awesome. Did I tell you he’s playing tball now. anyway…………………………shady…………………………little ant………………………….awesome………………….really?………………………………cuz…………………………….yo bo……………………………..awesome…………………………………….the birds………………………………chip…………………………………little ant………………………………..t ball…………………………………..Great show everyone.

    1. Thanks for that impersonation Josh. We all know your dad passed off those great skills. Maybe you can do the pilot bit again.

  23. Show’s over, time to “earn” my airtime. Do I have to take care of Jon again too?

  24. Mike M,
    Would you now please take this to heart and SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?!?!?
    You are absolutely the most annoying, pompous individual this area has ever been subjected to and you just need to GO AWAY!!!!
    In your mind (and only in your mind), you are always correct and each and every caller who disagrees with you is 100% incorrect. I got some news for you – you aren’t always correct.
    Please just do us all a favor and simply go away.

    1. Come tell it to my face tough guy. Well, maybe not to my face, it takes away my chance to sucker punch you.

  25. My Girlfriend………my girlfriend………… girlfriend.

  26. Not suprised Mike miss is failing. Between the white guilt, trivia game shows, and obsession with what he calls alt music, he has become unlistenable

  27. Is mike miss really going out with Caitlyn Roth ????

    1. We both went to PSU. She was impressed by how well I warmed the bench for the baseball team.

  28. Who cares? Does anyone care about radio ratings besides radio advertisers? Even then, it’s no secret that the Arbitron People Meter ratings program is a complete scam. It samples roughly 2,000 people in the Philly market listening area who are hard-up enough to get paid to carry around the People Meter device. So, great, according to less than 2,000 people sampled, who are mostly unemployed and sit home all day, or are complete morons and nitwits who make less that 20K a year, listen to the Innes and Bruno show more than any other show. Who fucking cares and it’s fucking meaningless fodder.

  29. that don’t listen to Innes & Bruno seem to be able to recite exactly what they are doing on air. Must just be a coincidence.

    1. this right here ^^^^ everyone hates Josh but knows exactly what he said about LeSean Mccoy….fucking FRAUDS

    2. No. People listen because it’s all there is. Missanelli sucks just worse enough than Josh.

      If it weren’t for Tony Bruno, I’d probably never listen, though Tony barely participates anyway. It should be Innes^2 and Bruno.

  30. I love how many comments on here say something to the effect of “Josh fuckin sucks..I just listen to hear justification for that..” thanks. You all helped them become number 1. Id like to leave Tony out of it because Tony genuinely is a radio guy…but everyone that says Josh fuckin sucks but still listens are FRAUDS..your doing exactly what Andy bloom wants you to do..he doesn’t care that you hate Josh. In fact, he loves that you hate Josh. Because it means your going to listen to Josh to get more material for the comment section of this site..and more listeners or in this case, number 1 in the afternoon, means more $$$$$$ which means a high salary for all corporate fucks at CBS… guys sure showed Josh. Lol fuckin’ Losers

    1. Man STFU. Im tired of hearing your endless moaning . Go stroke yourself under the 8th Street Bridge.Jive turkey.

      1. You are one of the people mY comment is directed at..your a fucking joke.

        Live turkey? What the fuck does that even mean?

  31. Why is everyone surprised that I’m a OBGYN? I’ve kept that pu$$y Mike healthy for years.

  32. Look at those old great sports debate shows. I was a pencil neck geek with coke bottle glasses. Now I’m fresh and cool. Woo yea. I’m down with the brothers and have it going on. I punch producers in the face and I take no crap from anybody. Ya feel me. I’m tough, i’m fresh, i’m cool. the brothers know me.

  33. Once again the ratings are in and Innes trumps missanelli. I enjoy the fact that they don’t shove recycled sports stories down your throat 24/7. Do you really need a sports radio host to help you form an opinion on every topic all day? It’s nice to take a break and hear talk about something else in life other than the shitty sports in this town right now, and it also helps neither Innes or Bruno feels the need to give a morality speech to each caller like someone else, hell the callers are the worst thing about sports radio. Also i love how every nitwit in this comment section always say how much Innes sucks, yet follow up that up with telling us exactly what the topic of his show today was…..Thanx for helping his ratings guys!!!

    1. Yep..this right here. Everyone thinks they have the perfect radio matching or perfect way to do radio. you guys don’t know shit and your frauds. “Josh sucks so much, I mean did you hear what he said about Mccoy today?” Fucking embarrassing

  34. I go to all of their shows, but they never show up. Just Conklin and Big Duddy.

  35. for trying to sneak in that this site is legitimate?

    ” He was presumably referring to tight-ass CBS big wigs in New York, whom I’ve heard aren’t particularly fans of this site either.”

    Don’t worry Kyle, no big wigs are really concerned with a pseudo sports blog

    1. Let me tell something OK Ok Ok? You don’t know what you are talking about Pal. Ok Ok OK Kyle is a big deal. Smart enoough to make a living off of slackers like you.Kyle you rock man.

      1. Thanks for the support man!

        Would you like to buy one of my T-shirts?

  36. Jillian Mele is strong, ya know what I mean? Cool. Love short fragments.Im out!

    1. Gargano should bring back “The Five”

      “Give me your Five favorite stories about Little Ant”

      1. He was doing this on Friday I think. I love hearing callers on the line for 7 minutes.

    2. Jillian probably gets annoyed as shit she has to do sports research

      1. Have you watched that shitshow? I don’t think Jilly, or anyone else is doing any research at all, other than looking at want ads to prepare for when that borefest gets aborted.

  37. Shady is right, Chip is completely racist towards us.

  38. Related but unrelated…

    I THOROUGHLY enjoy Joe DeCamera’s show at night, from 6-10 on 97.5. I always enjoyed him when he was 6-7 before The Logo, and you can’t deny the chemistry that he and Trott have when they do their Eagles show weekly during the season.

    I think that guy (DeCamera) is highly underrated. He takes calls, is insightful, and really makes you think. He delivers his thoughts in a clear and concise manner, and is 100 times better than Sludge on 94.1 in the same time frame (who loses out to Phillies games anyway.

    I am not saying he can take an afternoon or mid-day gig, but for the time I get to listen for a few hours, his program is a real gem hidden in between these massive ego-heads.

    1. Nobody wants to think when listening to sports talk radio… Come on man. We want to be told how great we are, how great the show we’re listening to is and we want to hear about the host’s girlfriend’s gynecologist appointment.

      No one wants to be made to think. It’s not cool or fun or hip. So just stop.

  39. Josh and Tony have good ratings. Big Fucking Deal. So does:

    American Idol
    The Voice
    The Big Bang Theory
    Cataldi Show
    Modern Family
    The Simpsons

    There are a ton of examples besides these of shows on TV or radio that get good ratings and suck ass. If they didn’t suck at first, they do now, or they always sucked and got ratings anyway, like Anus and Bruno.

    That show sucks. Gargano sucks. Cataldi sucks. Missanelli sucks.

    1. Big Bang Theory is funny as fuck. Guess I expected too much from a fucking white trash kenzo whos never heard of the word “atom” before.

      1. Since the only reason you watch that crap show is to jerk off to the girl that played Blossom….tell me what an atom is again……

  40. Mike Miss- What river in Mongolia did Ghengis Khan jerk off in?

    Bernie From Broomall- The Yangstme?

    Martinez- Unbelievable.

  41. Everytime I hear Josh Innes’ ranting and raving about how he has better ratings, saying Bitchanelli, and the like, I chuckle a bit inside because I realize that despite being years younger than that insecure little (figuratively) bitch Inness I already have much thicker skin than he will ever have. He’s ridiculously self-conscious about what people think, as evidenced by the constant attempts at self-deprecating humor, chest beating, and posting to comments here. He talks about Missanelli the way an ugly high school girl would talk about the popular, more attractive girl. Don’t be fooled either, I’m not a big Miss fan, but Innes’ level of insecurity is stunning to me for someone who acts like he’s a big time radio host.

    Despite his attempts to seem unaffected by all the hate directed at him, his actions show his rampant insecurities. When a caller challenges or insults him his usual defense is to start responding sarcastically with something like “oh yeah, you’re definitely right.” because he’s not intelligent enough to think of a better response. The best part is, I know he’s going to read this and know that I am right. He won’t admit it though, he’ll just keep talking about his ratings (which are a joke of a measuring stick only used to sell to advertisers) and how fat he is. I gave his show a chance fora few weeks, could not believe how much of a background Bruno is and the constant Innes whining. I did catch his attempt to sound “hard” by ripping Shady the other week, he sounded like a little boy challenging an adult to a fight, so funny you can’t take it seriously.

    1. Hey, I’m going to pot down the input to the phones so you can’t hear me talk shit about you while you’re on the air.

      It’s my bit.

    2. “(which are a joke of a measuring stick only used to sell to advertisers)”

      Also known as the only important thing in radio

      1. The replies from guys that assert the previous post is from Miss or Innes was cool about 7 months ago.

    3. Like it or not, Josh will be hosting in the afternoons today, tomorrow, and every day until the ratings dictate otherwise. His show is attracting viewers more so than any show on WIP has in years. If you don’t like it, Don’t listen. But don’t cry about it .

  42. What will Captain Hair Dye do with his sagging ratings

    a) Punch a producer
    b) Fire Martinez
    c) Change up his tired old shtick (General Knowledge Wednesdays, etc.)
    d) Do a live remote from Jamal’s Chicken Shack
    e) All of the above

  43. Will somebody tell Josh i rather eat my own poop then get in the bath with him again. He uses my fur to wipe his body down with. Please, somebody call Animal Rescue, i can’t take it anymore

      1. Kind of guy that people just ignore because his opinion stinks. I thought the dog was funny

          1. Dude above does not realize that half the population does not use periods at the end of sentences.

  44. I want the Cuz to give me that huge meat rod while AvaIon Bryan films it

  45. Josh Innes the king of aids boner sucking has sold his soul to the aids dicks of the illuminati leaders for rating card ratings .

  46. Hey lil’ skip, look within. Don’t be a bigot, use second level thinking and learn the game. Don’t be a yout.

    Oh, and relax Sidney, have a cream soda….

  47. I’m surprised that nobody has started a twitter war on Missanellis account yet about the ratings. He mentioned after the 1st month that advertisers look at 3 month blocks which I believe is true. Well, that’s 3 months and WIP is dominating him in the coveted 25-54 demo. 60% higher??

  48. Hey guys. Don’t forget to watch Howard Stern on letterman tonight!

  49. Innes is horrible, and Missanelli is a pompous ass so I would waste my time with either of them. Get satellite guys and tune to Howard Stern 100 and 101 as they play all day, so you never have to listen to Philly sports talk radio again.

    Can I ask what they are talking about since the Eagles weren’t able to move up to draft Mariota?

  50. You got CBS on the ropes Kyle!!! I’ll get the rest of boys ready and we’ll take this city. Pulitzer and Hearst, they think they got us. Do they got us? No!!!!!

  51. Innes is simply intolerable. While I prefer Missanelli, he must be aware of the ratings slide because he’s been bitchier than normal over the past few weeks. The best afternoon show(s) I’ve heard in months were those two days with Bruno and Jody. That’s the pairing I want.

  52. WHATS UP CUZ? Been waiting on those ratings for my show brother. C’mon don’t leave me hanging like that. I gotta report back to my boy SPAGSSSS

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