RADIOCOMCASTWARS: John Gonzalez and Mike Missanelli Exchange Opening Salvos

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We frown upon stereotypes around here, but I can’t wait to enjoy the fallout from this one. BRB, grabbing a margarita, sombrero and a comically small guitar.

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70 Responses

        1. Collen Wolfe worst nose job in sports media. John Gonzalez, biggest no talent in sports media. They make a great pair. They both have the personality of drywall to boot.

  1. Urban dictionary:

    a much less vulgar, more acceptable alternate word for the female genital area.
    Elex: Allie, are you a virgin?
    Allie: No, why do you ask?
    Elex: Cuz your foof is major tight.

  2. It’s hilarious that Missanelli, self-appointed guru on modern race relations in America, would have this sort of dumb stunt on-air.

    Stick to mediocre sports programming and pretending you used to be a lawyer.

    1. Yesterday Missanellis running joke was that MannyPacquioa made’ $100 M and that he was worth more than the Phillipines. An obvious slap at a 3rd world country, bad joke/poor judgement.. A caller who was Filipino let him know that it was offensive and Missanelli laughed him off.

      Missanelli has lost about 20 mph off his fastball over the past year or so. He used to give a solid opening segment before he started getting repetitive and boring. Now you rarely even get a good intro.

      Go Dodgers.

  3. This is a perfect example of why Missanelli is such a piece of shit. 1) its super hypocritical to do this racist nonsense when he’s the one always advocating for the “brothers” as he usually puts it and 2) acting all superior when someone questions him in any way.

    “Ha, I don’t even need to respond to that criticism because Gonzo is so far beneath me.” – basically what that Tweet said.

      1. Completely irrelevant. St Patrick’s day is an Irish holiday. Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday. Do Peruvians celebrate Cinco De Mayo? How about Venezuelans? Spaniards? While lumping all Hispanics together in honor of Cinco De Mayo is not racist by definition, it fuels a stereotype that is regressive and disrespectful.

        1. The politically correct police need to shut the fuck up. If they keep getting their way, we’ll be left with a humorless world.

        1. Bill Simmons does it with his Reggie Cleveland All Stars. Relax, bro. There are far bigger things to worry about in the world and in the black community.

    1. agree 100% . the guy is the worst kind of hypocrite. he is such a piece of shit.

    2. Missanelli needs to shut up on all things regarding race and ethnicity.Hes simply not bright enough to walk that fine line.

  4. I have a deep hatred for Missaneli, obviously this is a lame bit, but is he really reasonably offending anyone?

  5. The only thing that’s offensive is the lack of creativity when it comes to 97.5s daily programming. “Hey guys were still gonna talk about nick foles, mariota, and wins and losses for the eagles. You know because the season is only 4 months away.”

  6. And also someone should tell Mike that gonzo is on Comcast several times a week on multiple shows. Not even a fan of gonzo but more people watch that than his shitty Philly feud show.

  7. Miley Miss is awful. I agree, I don’t see the big deal in this game, but I do think that Missanelli is a condescending know-it-all who wins arguments against mentally challenged callers because he speaks faster and louder, and when that fails he just changes the question. Myrtetus or however you spell is name is even worse because he has no knowledge about sports or pop culture, and proves to be no challenge for Missanelli’s idiotic views.
    Please, someone give me a reason to like him other than the fact that he’s not Innes.

    1. Because Meyrteus wife is hot and has a pretty decent body for having three kids and Missaneli is/was banging Caitlin Roth and I would take either of them over Coleen Wolfe’s massive forehead.

      1. I agree Myrtetus’ wife does have a nice pair of bigguns.

  8. Dont know about that but mayes and Shander are just as bad. Mayes sounds like he is in a coma and Shander is brutal.mayes was awesome when he was Bruno’S SIDEKICK but sounds like he would rather be at home. Should of just kept brace and ran him with mayes and called it off the zoo chain.

    1. You’ve obviously never listened to Lombardo and Staszak. Best show on that station is Joe DeCamra.

  9. Ok, so I always thought Mikey Miss’ sidekick/producers last name was Martinez, am I just hearing everyone pronounce his name wrong?

    1. It’s Myrtetus, a greek last name I believe. A while back some old dude was ripping him and called him Martinez because he didn’t know any better. And the name stuck from there-though I’m sure he’s had the mistake happen before.

  10. Ok Mikey Miss is a toolbag and he’s the last one that should be doing this since he always sticks up for the jungle bunnies but there isnt a bigger ballsack in this city than Gonza, he suck a creepy little wetback who should be mowing my lawn

  11. I don’t know if gonzo is calling racism or just pointing out how stupid this “game” is.

  12. I did think it was weird that Mike Miss, who is so overly sensitive about race, would do this on his show. He cries if someone says he eats Italian food since to him it’s racist. The guy is a fucking disaster, hope he gets canned finally.

    1. He’ll never get fired but if you want him suspended for a week just call in and refer to him as a meatball,I guarantee you it’ll get his Sicilian/African Moorish blood boiling.

  13. What is the difference between “select” and “choose”. Select is when you make a decision after reviewing your options and choose are something worn on the feet of Mexicans.

      1. I have a hint: It’s right above your Mothers Hoof. You fell out of it on your birthday.

  14. Saw spike Eskin walking with a smoke show blonde this afternoon in old city. Wonder who that fine piece of pussy was he was with strolling down market st

  15. Guess we will have to go around around and collect all the fake mustaches, maracas, and $4 Corona Specials which always pop up this time of year too.



  16. Dude, that game was hilarious. It was almost as good as my impression of Giselle Bundchen talking with a Spanish accent even though she’s actually from Brazil. Or that time I called a dude a “latent hom0s3xual freak.”

    I’m allowed to make fun of any minority I want except the brothas, and I can still accuse everyone else of being racist. Isn’t that great?!

  17. Mike is fine, decent show, funny and smart sometimes.(although not recent) Seems like decent guy. But why the hell is he so sensitive? That was such a unnecessary response to gonzo.

    Also, the game was not offensive or not. The goal was to guess if a person (famous) was Hispanic or not… How does that hurt anyone’s feelings??

    1. Seems like a decent guy? You and the rest of the world have very different definitions of the word “decent”.

  18. So many hypocritical things spew out of this man’s mouth. How about when Ingy called and after he hung up with him, he called him an “Angry Asian” on-air? Seriously dude?

    MM has no room, in my opinion, to ever speak about race. Just because you know some movies only “the brothers” would know doesn’t mean you’re a good guy or the “Voice of Race Reason” or have the right to make a mockery of hispanics or asians.

  19. Who cares what spics think, you go Mikey Miss, love ya homie

  20. I took more offense to Mikey’s contrived Tuesday programming gimmick — Newsday Tuesday. He’s heard to listen to anymore, but still better than the motor mouth Innes on the other station. Sports radio in the afternoon is in a sad state in Philly. I’m liking 610 AM with their ESPN programming now. As an aside, Anthony Gargano still sucks. He didn’t learn a thing during his layoff – still over the top, still unlistenable.

    1. “Yo, my man Learned Grammar. If I was to give you that name on the air every time you called in .. “it’s my man Learned Grammar from Margate. What’s up, Learned?” maybe you can change your opinion, Bo. You could come down to Little Ant’s tee ball game and watch him strike out, or maybe help me pry a turd from his butt when he eats too much mozzarella and gets backed up. Okay, Bo? I can even get you a shot at this skank MCW if you want. Got a mug on her like five pounds of capagool, but hey, Bo, free is free, right my man Learned?”

      1. Ok, Cuz …thanks for extending the Olive branch. What a great day it would be watching Litl Ant teeing it up, while we watch scarfing down Primo Hoagies. Maybe your childhood friend BOB can join us. And maybe you can give the crowd one of your famous Goooooooooood Afternoooooon Everyyyybooodddy just for old times sake.

  21. i only listened for two seconds yesterday or maybe Monday when i was coming home from work. This is the bullshit Mike Miss does. He was saying how the fight was terrific and we are stupid not to appreciate a good fight. He takes arguements that other people disagree with and tries to prove you are stupid. Just talk sports. That fight was a joke and ruined boxing by the way. Such a boring fight. He does that with Lebron, Shady and Chip kelly. He is just a douche

  22. Sorry you guys don’t understand humor. Myrtetus loves my humor! He also enjoys giving me footjobs under the table after every “that’s good work out of you” comes oozing out of his mouth. I also enjoy calling women that are way out of my league fat and unattractive

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