Ruben Amaro Clarifies Comments, Says #NotAllFans are Terrible


Ruben Amaro angered a bunch of hungover and probably sunburnt people this morning, who were really not in the mood, when they found out he said all the fans do is “bitch” and they “don’t understand the game.” But he wanted to clarify those statements on WIP this morning to Howard Eskinugh — just to say #NotAllFans.

“I didn’t say they don’t understand,” Amaro said. [His exact quote from earlier: “They don’t understand the game. They don’t understand the process.”] “Some fans don’t understand. It’s not all Philadelphia fans.” Ruben then back pedaled so hard he was tumbling on the ground just tossing out “some” and “not all” and “those fans” until he stopped spinning:

“That was not the purpose of it. It is some fans who think that bringing [Zach] Eflin and [Aaron] Nola, for instance, to the Major Leagues at this time is the right thing for the organization. It’s those fans that really quite, don’t know—or bringing young minor league players to the Major Leagues before it’s time for them to really be ready to reap the benefits of being in the Major League. It’s those fans that really don’t understand.

When I said that, it’s more about the fan that really doesn’t understand the process—and it’s not all fans. There are just some who feel like, ‘Let’s just bring this guy because he’s a young player and it’s OK, we just wanna see him.’ That’s not how the process works. And you know, when I said the fan, that’s not all the fans. I know that there’s a lot of knowledgeable fans. There are those loud, minority of fans that believe that we should be doing x, y, or z and we have to do our work based on what’s important and what we feel is right for the organization as a whole …

I think it’s important for the fans to understand that what we’re doing is ultimately for the fan. When we develop those guys properly, we should be in position to be able to entertain the fans the way we want to on a perennial basis. We can’t make decisions based on what the fan wants from us. It’s ultimately about putting our organization is position to get us to the point, where we can entertain the fans in the best way we can.”

Fan count? Seventeen. “Those” fans? Three. “Some” and “not all”? Six. So you see, it’s okay. Ruben didn’t mean all the fans just bitch and complain. It’s only the ones who don’t understand Ruben’s plan and process. And since this is the first we’ve heard of Ruben actually having a plan or a process, it’s all fans. Better?

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44 Responses

  1. The worst part? He’s right.

    We all know a decent portion of the Philly sports fans are morons. And I am hearing many people say to bring up Nola, Eflin and even Crawford (seriously, WTF?!). Those fans DON’T know how baseball works (funny enough, neither does Ruben).

    He’s a fucking moron, and should have been fired 3 years ago. But he’s right on this point. They shouldn’t be bringing those guys up now if they aren’t ready. If they get eaten alive because they’re not mature enough/ready for the bigs, they could have their confidence rattled for good. That would be bad and a great way to prolong having a terrible team.

    It’s not like we have a great developmental manager, he’s an idiot. The clubhouse might be better than last year but I bet it’s not exactly conducive to development and/or winning. What would bringing these guys up do, besides give fans young, not-ready talent to get pissed off at when they aren’t superstars?

    1. Probably has more to do with service time than anything else. No point in starting the kid’s clock during the first of several rebuilding years. He’ll likely get his cup of coffee in August and then come up next year in May just like Franco. Team ends up with an extra year of control.

    2. That’s the funny thing. He’s absolutely right. But you just can’t say that type of thing.

    3. Who exactly is pushing to see these guys up? 2 dopes who yell at him at the stadium? The fans are so much smarter than him I don’t even know where to start. We wanted a plan 5 years ago while he spent money and prospects like a drunken sailor. YOU GET a vesting option and YOU GET a vesting option and YOU GET a vesting option.

  2. He’s not wrong.

    Aaron Nola is doing great at AA Reading, so that must mean he’ll just stroll into the big leagues and become our next ace starter, right? We’re going back to the playoffs!!!

    Um, no.

    Anyone seen Dom Brown lately?

    1. Disagree, pitchers only have a certain amount of bullets no reason for an advanced feel guy like Nola to be wasting them in AA.

      1. Don’t you tell my daddy he’s wrong! My dad knows everything!

        God is great, right dad?!!

    2. Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Joc Pedersen, Stephen Strasburg, Matt Harvey…all would STILL be languishing in the Phillies farm system and proving their philosophy of how to handle farm hands is antiquated and insane. Let’s wait until our prospects die on the vine and are 28 years old before they occupy a spot on the Phillies bench.

  3. Well, what if no fans understand his plan? What if no fans, no beat reporters, no baseball analysts, no advanced stats analysts, No other GM’s, and no active players understand your plan Ruben?

    Do those bitches not understand the game either? The going consensus says just that, pretty much.

  4. That fatass called in after Ruben was done and proceeded to be fat and stupid.

  5. Anyone heard these “IT’S COMING!!” promos on the fanatic? Asking you to stay tuned. Wonder what they are talking about. I’m assuming its not Mikey Miss giving MCW warning before blasting away

  6. Ruben always looks to me like a relative of that 80s children book series the critters.

    1. You’re just jealous that I’ve been chatting online with hot dudes, all day…

  7. Do you really think any ownership cares about winning or losing? For you Al Bundy’s of the world, the real game is off the field/court. From Forbes:

    Josh Harris knows how to make money even in the most distressed situations. His Philadelphia 76ers had the second worst record in the NBA in 2013 and tied a record for most consecutive losses, but the team’s value is still up more than 25% since he and a group of investors paid nearly $290 million for the team in 2011.

    1. The value is directly tied to the huge television contract the league signed. They reaped the collective benefit.

    1. Heard that Mike Missanelli is lobbying to bring back Sean Brace as his producer,and give Jason Myrtetus his walking papers as Mike is growing more and more frustrated with Myrtetus and his pro-Flyers stance.Even heard that Mike Missanelli is trying to bring in 97.5 producer/Sixers beat writer Davon Givens into the mix as a part-time producer,since he’s more in touch with the nba,and Myrtetus is anti nba,which annoys the heck out of Mike Missanelli.

  8. As much as I think Ruben is a terrible GM, he is 100% right that most Philly sports fans are idiots. In fact, most sports fans in general across the country are idiots. The reason is they literally look at the moment for anything that goes on with their teams so every opinion is reactionary. I guarantee if you talked to most Phillies fans a month ago they would have wanted the team to just release Ryan Howard. Now he is actually hitting and is somewhat appealing to an AL teams who are looking for a DH, that we may actually get a prospect at the trade deadline for him if we pick up most of his salary. I also guarantee that most fans didn’t want Utley traded last year or even over the winter, and now he is hitting under the Mendoza line and lost all good value.

    I just think Ruben goes on talk show too much and does no good to help his standing with the fans. The fans will judge him on wins and losses and not whether he is a nice guy on a radio talk show. Hinkie and Kelly do very few interviews, and alot of the media fans don’t like that about them. But if they bring home a championship here, then the fans will love them. Just look at Charlie Manuel and how the fans thought he was a buffoon in his first season, and now he is outright beloved here.

    1. You have zero idea what most fans did or did not want. You know what a few callers to the garbage sports shows said and maybe what the dude at the bar said. None of that adds up to most fans.

  9. I think it’s safe to say we’ve maxed out at the usage of the Amaro middle finger picture, no?

      1. If you’re talking about the New Yorker Eytan Shander,who pretends to be a devout Philadelphia sports fan when he’s really a Knicks/Yankees/Giants/Rangers fan I agree with you.


  11. I am knowledgable about signing fat contracts and dropping a chocolate carvel in the morning from 6-10.

  12. In honor of peanut reduced suites night all fans should bring big bags of peanuts to game.

    1. If you can’t handle the peanuts get out of the kitchen.

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