Running Tweet Updates of Train Derailment

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In reverse order:

This was earlier in post– woman tweeted about retrieving her violin from derailed train:

11:50 p.m.: Engine completely separated from train.
11:48 p.m.: No word on what exactly happened.
11:47 p.m.: Fire department says six critical injuries in addition to many more minor injuries.
11:44 p.m.: “Disastrous mess. Never seen anything like this in my life.”
11:41 p.m.: Mayor Nutter speaking:
33 fire trucks, 120 firefighters responded. Considered a Level 3 mass casualty. At least five dead. Jesus.

11:32 p.m.: Man, many of these injuries being shown on news look a lot worse than general scrapes and bruises. Lots of blood. Stating the obvious, but one bad injury after another.

Drive an Uber? You’re up:

11:18 p.m.: Local media is nearly hysterical right now. 6 ABC speculating about explosion, however cautiously, when, by all accounts, it seems like a derailment. People saying cars near back were fine– one of the reasons I always try to get on back half of train. Just seems like it’s safest spot if hit something or derailment.
I can’t imagine there weren’t major, major injuries or worse here:
Leave it to NBC to overly sensationalize:


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  1. Looks like Jennifer Kim deleted her rather inappropriate tweet. Worrying about a violin in a mass casualty event!

    1. Yeah, maybe she should have just let her violin get trampled on by everyone and towed to the salvage yard with the rest of the train. I hear violins are kinda worthless.

    2. People were pissed at that tweet. She did it fast, didn’t understand the human toll yet. Her violin is probably worth thousands of dollars though and is her livlihood.

      Still, dumb tweet.

    3. have we not learned from chairman mao, japanese pow camps, kim jong un – asians could care less about human life – thats laughable to them next to a $30 violin thats made in taiwan. when you have billions of people in your country human life is not so precious.

      1. You do realize 300 people died last year on a ferry in korea? or how about the lives that were lost during the malaysan flights? or the earth quakes in nepal? the sunami in japan? your post is rather ignorant and pathetic , having said that she’s pretty dumb to tweet that

        1. The Point

          Your Head

          … did you think that person thought no one ever dies in Asia? Or en masse?

          I don’t agree with their point, but Jesus you couldn’t have missed any more if you tried.

  2. When I heard about a train wreck in Philly, I thought they were talking about the Phillies game. Fire Amaro and Sandberg.

    1. Nah that train wreck you hear is the Eagles quarterback situation.

    2. charlie manuel sucked as a manager – id take ryne sandberg any day – at least he gets on howards ass when hes not hitting.

  3. Trenton train will be suspended for couple weeks . It’s really bad

    1. Nice try. This was funny a few years ago when it was read on the news, not so much now.

  4. “Disastrous mess. Never seen anything like this in my life.”

    I guess Nutter never drives through Kensington. Even the rats have graffiti on them.

    1. He was saying that about Kensington, he hadn’t arrived at the scene yet.

  5. Leave it to some clueless fucking Asian orchestra nerd to post something outlandishly awkward and inappropriate. I swear to god theater and band people are all on the spectrum.

      1. Flat though. I notice that ugly loser white dudes like Asian gals because of the submissive stereotype

  6. Any chance… least on this story….that we could all refrain from being our usual douche bags today???

  7. Explosion or just poor infrastructure? I heard both at various times during the evening.

  8. Ten seconds before the crash…….Watch this. Look how fast I can take this curve.

  9. I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve been busy coordinating the triage at the scene, even during my calls into MSNBC, CNN, 94WIP, local internet blogs, the Farmer’s Almanac….. even got some photos out on my Twitter… because that’s me, an American Hero.

    1. How’d this guy not keep his elected office? He seems like exactly the type of attn whore that we deserve as Americans.

    2. To Patrick Murphy,

      I am proud of you kid. You forgot to add that local native gunfire contributed to the crash, and that the train took incoming shelling in an area that I.S.I.S. would not even tread.


  10. “Disastrous mess. Never seen anything like this in my life.” – Mayor Nutter after entering City Hall Station on the Broad Street Line

    1. disastrous never seen anything like this in my life – mayor nutter when he saw north philly.

    2. “Disastrous mess. Never seen anything like this in my life.” – Mayor Nutter after seeing Milton Street’s press conference yesterday on a street corner at Broad and Erie.

  11. Prayers sent from south philly to all those affected. God bless our first responders.

  12. Holy shit, Kyle CAN post after 6pm!

    Glad you’re on this story, Kyle. We wouldn’t have any access to info or 1000x retweeted pics absent your breaking updates.

    Are you and Patrick Murphy dating yet?

  13. To all the brothas and sistas that died, I’m pourin one out for you.

    For all the crackers, whatever.

  14. Saw some coverage last night…there was a couple hugging, they surely were on the train. Anyway, so she’s got him in a tight grip, very upset, and this dude, with one free hand, is texting like a teenage girl behind her back. I’m sure he was sending texts to his family saying he was OK and whatnot, but man, it looked really awkward, like he was perpetuating the stereotype that millenials have social media so far embedded in them that even in the midst of a catastrophe they are posting on Facebook/twitter etc.

  15. Amtrak thanks a lot for derailing my train. Can I please get my bottle of Jack back from the bar car of the train?

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