Stephen A. Smith Is Mad about the Sixers’ Ballin’ Ben Logo

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Stephen A. Smith, the only man on Earth who believes sports have no right to be fun, is very mad about Ballin’ Ben. “It’s quite corny,” Smith said of the corny but awesome (and widely-beloved) Ballin’ Ben logo. “Not to mention the fact that when you’re corny, and you have the history of perpetual losing, that makes it even more alarming.” Alarming? What the shit is he on about?

Smith continued, because the camera was still pointed in his general direction:

“The Philadelphia 76ers shouldn’t be concerned about changing logos. They should be concerned about updating their roster. That’s what they need to concern themselves with. This is one of the top five markets in the United States of America, and you can’t get marquee free agents, despite the fact that you’re young and you’ve drafted well, you can’t get marquee free agents to consider coming to Philadelphia? That’s unheard of.”

[Editor’s note: Burned myself reading this take this morning.]

The fact that Stephen A. Smith, who presumes to know basketball, thinks there is any cross-over at all between Sam Hinkie’s office and business executives and the people who design logos, is insane. And being mad that the Sixers “can’t get marquee free agents” is also straight from Smith’s own hastily written fan fiction, since the Sixers haven’t attempted to get a big free agent. That’s not how they’ve chosen to build the team. It’s like being mad at small child for not being able to color in the lines. He’s perfectly capable of doing it, but right now he’s just working on not pooping in the diaper. So please stop yelling at him, Stephen A., he’s just a kid.

Do I know that top free agents would come to the Sixers? No. But it’s not like it’s common knowledge that they won’t, becayse the Sixers haven’t attempted to get any recently. And if Stephen A. honestly thinks (secondary) logos and mascots have anything to do with free agents going to a certain team, then he knows less than the very little I thought he knew.


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  1. The word “because” is spelled b-e-c-a-u-s-e not b-e-c-a-y-s-e.

    Jim, you really suck.

    1. Thank for your’re concert. Hear at Crossing Borad, we take poof reading very serially. We try to aim four the higher level of professionalism. In fart, it is something we tale very serious. But sometimes in hour rush to get the knews out first, we make small miss steaks.

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      1. LOL, that’s some effort right there.

        THE ERROR IS STILL THERE! It’s so small but jesus christ how unprofessional and lazy are these two idiots? Earth to Kyle and Jim, this is among the reasons nobody respects you.

  2. Stephen A. is so dumb. I feel like I lose most of my remaining brain cells every time I hear him talk. And the only reason he hates Running Ben is because Ben Franklin wasn’t a black athlete.

  3. I think this is the first time I agree with this jerk off. The logo is def corny and I wish they would worry about not tanking.

    1. Every time this asshole opens his mouth/rectum, I want to shove a broom in it. Does that make me gay?

  4. This fuckin’ asshole is mad because he thinks it should be Mighty Joe Young dribbling the blacksketball!

  5. You could easily post a daily, “SAS yells about ___________ and is an A-hole because________”

    Low hanging fruit really. Not that there is anything else to post besides the latest train carnage anyway.

  6. The analogy about the kid makes absolutely no sense. Little kids with diapers are completely incapable of managing their motor skills to the extent that can color in lines. It makes absolutely no sense. Don’t CHASE the funny…let it come to you.

  7. Steve is pissed only because the logo isn’t Dr. J or Will Smith or Michael Nutter or Jesse Jackson or Freddie Gray.

  8. If they have Ben ballin its corny, we put a ball in the hands of Frederick Douglass its racist . I hate this planet. Steven A is a piece of shit. p i i i e e c ce e of sheeeeeet

  9. Peoples of Philadelphia the problem is not that Ballin Ben Franklin be cornry, it’s dat he white. Now I say dat if I’m elected Mayor I’ll change Ballin Ben to being Black like Mr Steven A Smith wants. I’ll also fire Chip Kelly and replace him with Marcus Vick.

    1. can u hook mah fam up wit some dem food stamps? Mr. streetz. We fin ta bbq out chea

  10. Is Stephen A. that short sighted that he doesn’t see what Hinkie is doing? The free agents come after you build through the draft. Once everyone see’s that Mudiay, Embiied and Noel are the real deal, they’ll come here.

    Yes, they’re drafting Mudiay.

    1. Can we at least see Embiid make it through a summer league game healthy before anointing the next big thing.

  11. I KNOW what I”M talking ABOUT. I work for ESPN! I’m a JOURNALIST. I make sure to SHOUT and ANNUNCIATE some WORDS so I sound MUCH SMARTER than I ACTUALLY AM. At the END of the DAY that’s what it’s all ABOUT.

  12. In all fairness to Ben Franklin, his time in France proved that he is fit for the title of “baller.”

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