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I know– what balls I have to ask you to fill out yet another survey. But I do this once every year or so to get a feel for reader demographics. It’s partly for advertisers, but mostly just because I want to know. There are six questions– it’s quick and easy. For your troubles, I’ll send you a 15% off code to use on anything you want in the Crossing Broad Store (give me a day or two to send out all the emails). Thanks!

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29 Responses

  1. I would be more willing to provide you with valuable information if you throw in Amazon Gift Card just a thought.

      1. I would pay for $10,000 a month to let me watch you and Jim have “bathroom time” and for pictures of Jim’s nuts!!!

      1. Wrong side of the ruler dipshit, turn it around. SMFL….

        1. If you don’t believe me just go to “hardcore manhandling dot com”. I’m the one in the red gimp outfit.

          1. Holy shit you are pretty well hung. But those dudes in the video who are giving you double anal have to be at least 13 inches.

            1. That’s actually nothing man, I’m used to having 3 or 4 of those monsters inside my turd factory!

  2. Most people won’t pay for blog content even from nationally known sports “experts” son. I’ll fill out the thing anyway though. After my drunken bridge club gets out anyway.

      1. I wish my ratings were as fat as Josh.

        Unfortunately for me they are as thin as I image Steve Fredericks is right now.

  3. I wouldn’t pay for what’s essentially news. Maybe add a forum? You need people to keep coming back and what better way then letting assholes converse with assholes.

    1. This guy just solved the internet. If you aren’t running a company somewhere … you should be. Bravo!

  4. I think KYLE is getting ready to sell this site. Hence all the adds, extra shity posts…. He’s checked out. Anywho, good for him. I hope he gets a good price.

  5. Don’t worry, Kyle. Nobody would ever accuse you of having balls…

  6. hey kyle here is my social security number too. btw i still have dial up…you’ve got mail…15% off shirts from cb

  7. Who in their right mind would actually answer the questions accurately? Also, please just put in a fake email so that Kylie has to spend her day sending out coupons to a bunch of non existent email addresses. Unless of course you really want the 15% off coupon to the CB store. And if that is the case, please find the nearest building and jump off

  8. If u have to pay to visit this site. I would never come here again

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