Report: The Eagles Are Among Those Likely Showing Interest in La’el Collins

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

La’el Collins is dealing with some things. He was projected to go in the top-15 picks in the NFL draft, but police wanted to question him (though they kept saying he wasn’t a suspect) in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Collins tried to withdraw from the draft and enter the supplemental draft but it was too late and he slipped right past every single team in the seven-round draft. Now, he’s officially a free agent, and teams are proceeding with extreme caution.

The police’s interest in Collins may just be bad timing. He could have nothing to do with the crime and it’s just unfortunate that they asked to speak with him right around draft time (yes, it’s the least unfortunate part of the story, but still). The only person who knows if it wasn’t is Collins. And teams want to find out. Last night, Collins ate with Rex Ryan (perhaps one of the only meals in which Ryan got out-eaten). Other teams are also likely interested, according to the Indianapolis Star, including the Saints, the Giants, and Chip Kelly’s Eagles. Collins was ranked as one of the best offensive tackles in the draft — an area where the Eagles could use some help — but it’ll take a lot of work to see if Collins’ is a much-lauded “culture fit.” Chip said Collins wasn’t on their draft board, but it doesn’t seem like any offensive linemen were.

UPDATE: Some terminology was changed in the post for clarification.

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38 Responses

  1. are you fucking retarded Jim? Do some fucking research before making a shit article. Eagles worked him out during the pre-draft process at one point and that’s it. Misleading clickbait bullshit title, they’re not showing nor reportedly showing any interest in him at all. There is nothing to this article. Just fucking fire him already Scott

  2. The only conversations from his legal mouthpiece is that they can prove “he wasn’t there”. That does not constitute that he wasn’t involved. Somehow, he does not seem to be a Chip ” culture” guy.

    1. Fuck Chip and fuck his culture.Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson won multiple super bowls with players with character issues(Michael Irvin Erik Williams Nate Newton Leon Lett Charles Haley)Patriots coach Bill Bellicheat won multiple super bowls with players with character issues(Rob Gronkowski LaGarrett Blount Ty Law) former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs won multiple super bowls with players that had character issues(Dexter Manley Timmy Smith) but yet drunken ass Eagles fans whose team is on a 55 year title drought are concerned with character issues(fuck outta here with that bullshit).

  3. I’m surprised kyle has had one of hissy fits over the roast comments. What is there to say. It’s all been said already. That’s his usual cop out. But I guess that doesn’t work in this situation

    1. Not with the way he endlessly posted about it leading up to it. Then once it happened he has acted like he has no idea what anybody is talking about. It was an absolute shit show probably and Kyle doesn’t want to say anything negative for fear of losing some inside sources or some crap along those lines.

    1. Pretty much like “Lyle” just with a little more emphasis on the second “l”.


  4. Should have just drafted him in the 7th rd over one of those loser cb’s they got.

    1. Because when they find the killer(s), and they will, and these guys cut a deal and rollover on him (and they will), it will be hard for him to play from cell block C.

      1. 7th round picks rarely make the team anyway.

        The only reason this guy wasn’t drafted is the league office told teams not to do it. He was worth a 5th round pick easy.

      2. The franchise isn’t going to fold on a 6th-7th round pick. Its a position they need some depth at. Worst case is what you stated above and he gets locked up, even though the police have said he’s not a suspect, best case is you get a guy who was a first round talent and can anchor your o-line with Johnson for the next 10years. Instead you select a DB from that football powerhouse Kansas that won’t see the field after the pre season.

  5. This site is awful and its writers are hacks.
    And if you’re wondering why I would came to a site that I think is garbage, it’s because I clicked a link posted in the comment section of a great blog, not realizing it would lead me here. Just thought I would share. Have a great day.

    1. With all due respect the only roasts I’m concerned with are the beautiful rump roasts of Nicki Minaj and Serena Williams,the latter of which salad would totally be tossed by me(with chocolate syrup of course).

    1. Yes my tongue and lips along with chocolate syrup combined with Serena Williams’ beautiful rump roast equals endless hours of salad tossing on my part,and Serena Williams becoming my wife.

  6. You want some news on the roast? Well we got it! Our roast pork sandwich is rated #1 in America!

    Come on down to reading terminal and we will give you all the roast you need!

  7. The commenters are 90% of the reason I come here. RadioWars is the other 10%.

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