The Phillies Have Won Six-Straight Games

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Here’s how bad the Phillies are: They have just rattled off six consecutive wins, which represents a full 15% of their schedule– that’s almost 1/6 of their season! And yet, they are still the sixth-worst team in baseball.

Oh god, Ruben Amaro is going to be a buyer isn’t he?

Negative. I think Ruben Amaro is very dumb, but I don’t think even he’s that dumb, to think this team is even remotely competitive. If anything, this “success” might actually increase the market value of Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon.

In his last three starts, Hamels has given up only four earned runs in 21.1 innings. He’s struck out 24 while walking only four. He’s 3-0.

Papelbon, who made things interesting last night but still recorded the save, has four saves in the last week and has only given up one earned run since May 8.

Now would be the time to sell high.


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  1. “Here’s how bad the Phillies are: They have just rattled off six consecutive wins, which represents a full 15% of their schedule– that’s almost 1/6 of their season!”

    6/182 does not equal 1/6 of their season you stupid prick.

    1. 182 games?

      You’re calling others stupid pricks?

      Look in the mirror Einstein.

        1. It never helps to disprove a statement with another false statement.

          1. I was not wrong.

            6/182 does not equal 1/6 of the season.

            You cannot disprove that, it was not a false statement.

            1. you’re all jackasses… the 15% was of the season to date. 6 wins in 40 games (17-23). 6/40 = 15%

    2. Guys, he obviously meant 15% of their schedule so far, as in, the games they’ve already played. They’ve played 40 games and 6 is 15% of 40.

      1. Even if he meant 15% of the games already played, which is 40, he then goes on to say that’s nearly 1/6 of their season. 40 games would be 1/4 of their season. Kyle blew this one!!!

        1. Ya’ll need some god damn reading comprehension.

          6 out of 40 games is 15%.

          1/6 of the season, to date, would be 16.67% of the season, so the 15% is nearly 16.67%, exactly as was written.

          Both numbers were supposed to represent 6 games’ share of the 40 games played.

          Redding iz herd.

          1. It iz ethpethially when doz werdz iz not dere. Nobodee gets it when werdz ain’t dere dichead.

            1. I did, CBGA up there did. Why not try thinking critically for once in your life?

  2. Looks like the basketball team isn’t the only overrated thing at Villanova.

  3. C-Bear, Mayfair, and Kyle’s Math Teacher must all be the real products of Philly public schools. They’re all wrong.

    The Phils have played 40 games.

    6 is almost 1/6 of 40. More accurately, 6 is 15% of 40, as Kyle said.

    Kyle is a lot of things, but in this case, he’s right.

    1. That said, Kyle, you could’ve made it more obvious to the knuckle-dragging dumbfucks who frequent the comment section. For instance,

      “They have just rattled off six consecutive wins, which represents a full 15% of their schedule THUS FAR.” (emphasis my own)

      That would’ve made it clearer… although I’m assuming what these intellectual midgets understand what “thus far” means.

      1. Make it more obvious? Or just write it properly. I have nothing against Kyle in general – or even Jim unlike most of the slobs in the comment section – but for a site that throws jabs at everyone from Missanelli to the Phillies social media page for every conceivable mistake, this is the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. In Kyles defense he did use the word ” almost”..#sixisalmostthirtyone …#imakesixfigures..#mybuisinessisworthamilli

    1. Joe
      I know you are not licensed in my state, but I would love to talk to you or Michelle Ferrera


      PS I do get a little turned on by your adorable accent

      1. Yea, seriously, what is up with your inability to make a clean read through an update? I mean the pitch and tone of your voice make it impossible to listen to you but then throw in the stuttering and it’s a nightmare.

  5. And the award for the worst sentence ever written in the history of sports journalism goes to Kyle Scott for this entry:

    “They have just rattled off six consecutive wins, which represents a full 15% of their schedule– that’s almost 1/6 of their season!”

    The words “thus far” could have helped.

  6. Seriously when’s the last time you saw the word “Papelbon” written anywhere without the phrase “made things interesting”?
    Doesn’t fucking happen.

  7. It’s getting very crowded up here. Soon there won’t
    be any room for you.

  8. It’s nice that they’ve been watchable, but it obviously isn’t sustainable with their rotation.

  9. I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit when at the end of each game that fat bald mess T-Mac tells us how many games out of first they are. I know he is the epitome of a homer, but even he can’t be that dumb to think they will sniff 1st place anytime in the next decade.

    1. BUT THEY ARE ON A ROLL!!! WOOOOOO! HOME RUN RYAN HOWARD!!! Sorry, I got carried away. And I’m dumb. The Phillies still have a chance folks!

  10. This is the precursor for the upcoming 13 game losing streak. Ruben, how do you still have a job?

  11. So now that we have figured out what Kyle was attempting to say about the Phillies having won 6 games in a row, and that is 15% of the games they have played so far this year, what is the relevance of that?

    Is performance in 15% of games played some sort of new stat?

  12. His point was that normally at this point of the season a 6 game winning streak (at 15% its a relatively significant portion of the total games played) would be something that would lead to a significant jump in the standings. However, the Phillies have been so bad and lost so many games that this winning streak had a very small and meaningless effect on the standings.

    tl;dr version: the winning steak has been fun but its ultimately meaningless.

    Did no one read the first part of that sentence where he said “Here’s how bad the Phillies are:”?

  13. Hamels they can hang on to for a few more weeks. Trading Harang should be the priority right now. Dude is seriously overperforming his career numbers and will probably fall back to earth rather soon. Ship him out of town while he’s at peak value.

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