The Sixers Get Only One Lottery Pick: 3

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The Sixers didn’t get a second (or third) lottery pick, but they did get the third pick… as predicted earlier in our 40-simulation run that came back with an average of 3.25:

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Cue Howard Eskin’s faux outrage.

UPDATE: And there it is:


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  1. Draft Larry Brown’s boy from China. Ohio state guards never pan out a la meep meep Evan turner, Jim Jackson, Eric snow etc ..

    Fuckkk i wanted towns

  2. We own the board. If the a team wants a second round pick they have to visit the Sixers.

    1. We need that white dude from Iowa State if he is still available at #3

    2. I detect a jealous Flyers fan upset because the Sixers are getting more attention than those mediocre Flyers.

  3. This is fine. The Sixers now own the rights to five first rounders over the next 2 years. Package those 5 picks into 2-3 higher 1st’s, bring Saric to PHL in a year, draft Russell this year. We’re cookin’ again on the hardwood in Philly baby!

    1. Not saying you can’t find some good picks in the second round but the picks have no currency value. They are just additions in a trade for a primary piece. No one is trading a first round pick unless it is the very bottom of the first round. Maybe #30 for three second rounders and that would be if the team picking 30th absolutely hated what was left.

      1. I was talking about trading the five future firsts to move up for 2-3 higher firsts. I didn’t say anything about 2nd round picks.

        For example (all these are just random guesses):

        2016 Sixers 1st @ 11th overall, 2016 Lakers 1st @ 6th Overall and 2016 OKC 1st @ 17 overall. Trade the 17 and 11 pick for the 7th or 8th pick.

        2017 Sixers 1st @ 20 overall and 2017 Heat 1st at 7th overall. Trade both picks for the 5th overall pick.

      2. Actually the Golden State Warriors are interested in trading their 30th pick along with the expiring contract of David Lee,so they can clear enough cap space to resign Draymond Green and get below the nba luxury tax.

  4. Its not all bad, we already have bigs, we need other positions. This makes our pick so much easier

  5. Remember Big Country Reeves? Whatever happened to that guy? He was a beautiful specimen of a man. So sexy. Hung like a chandelier too

  6. D’Angelo Russell should be available at pick #3. And the Sixers should draft him there.

    It’s time to start building a TEAM. The first two picks will be gone. Unless I am mistaken, those picks will be used to draft Towns and Okafor.

    1. I agree but you never know with Sam Hinkie I mean it wouldn’t shock me if he drafted another foreign player and stash him overseas,which would send disgruntled Sixers fans jumping headfirst from the Walt Whitman bridge.

  7. This is simple….Minny is taking a big and LA is obsessed with Towns and i don’t really blame them for being so. Just draft Russell at 3, He can shoot better than pretty much anyone on the team and is a phenomenal passer, plus he wasn’t a dumb player in college and showed a lot of leadership qualities which this team is in desperate need of (I think Embiid will be a star but will lead more by example). Don’t get desperate and sign some free agent to a max who doesn’t deserve it like Draymond Green, just let the guys we have now play and keep the team around 25 wins for next year (just like the Lakers still will be, and Heat won’t be much better) and the sixers could have 3 picks between 5-15 next year to supplement a starting 5 consisting of Embiid,Russell,Noel and Saric who should be coming over after next season

    The one downside to Russell is that he isn’t that skilled at driving the lane when compared to Mudiay, but i would much rather have the guy who can shoot

  8. So what happened in the ol’ lottery tonight? My pops put me to bed early. He always pulls this shit when that bitch MCW comes over. If she could only read updates like she moans from my dad’s room, we might be on to something. I always hear him say “How do you like me filling your A-gap”. Anybody know what that means? My mom moved out, which SUCKS! Said something about going to get a Primos and she never came back. Weird.

    1. Im fucking MCW as well. I think all the loads she has swallowed is taking a toll on her speaking abilities. Nice little cum receptacle.

  9. I can’t believe this shit!!!! I just heard my pops in his bedroom ask MCW if she wants the pearl necklace now. Aren’t those things expensive? That son of a bitch. I asked him yesterday for a hulk action figure and he said his paycheck bounced and he didn’t have any money. This shit never happened when he worked with Uncle Glenn.

  10. Things couldn’t have gone better for Hinkie. If the Sixers got more picks then people would expect them to fill out the roster and start to turn things around. That starts the clock on his tenure. Now he gets to play the two years away from being two years away charade a little longer. Hinkie collects another piece while selling us on his collection of future picks.

  11. So, lemme get this straight… 97.5 Philly Guys are from Bristol and South Jersey? Totally makes sense.

  12. Look Dicksin we’ll have 4 1st round picks next year. If it was up to you Doug “limp dick no 1st round picks havin'” Collins would still be running this team into the ground. Btw AI has this message for you …….DEEEZ NUUUTS!

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